Why our website unique

Let's make it simple, there are plenty of gaming websites and blogs per today. So, what would make our website different and worth following? Let's find out!

We post often

We post at least once a day (usually). We are not talking about a simple gaming news post, but a well detailed one that you'll make your day for sure!


We make sure to post high quality gaming related articles. That means no promotional stuff, no thin posts or one that has been posted 100 times elsewhere already. We also provide a reliable partner to download the latest PC games for free, it's one of the most trusted and quality websites online, which you can blindly rely on!

Helpful articles

We don't just make posts for the sake of another post. We try our best to make an addition on each of our gaming articles and make it worth your time! If you want to keep it with the gaming news as well, you can always give a check to our partner website ig-games.download, it does have a very promising games downloading section coming up as well!

About LeRebond

Our website is a startup website that was made just to make a difference (even a small one) in the gaming world. That means, you’ll actually get stuff that you’ll change your way of thinking and your vision toward video-games.

It’s not just that. Our website is kind of hybrid between both  news and blog style, making it unique and making you able to be up to date and have more knowledge at the same time!

Of course, such a nice gaming website would need a nice team to organize it. After all, any magic needs magicians and any great website need professional writers, a good manager & an CEO to handle all of it together.

Byron J Gaillou


Byron J Gaillou is the CEO and founder of our website. He's a 33 years old guy originated from Île-de-France, Paris, France. Byron is also a good leader and does help and motivate us to be the best gaming content producers.

Benjamin M Charest

Website manager

Benjamin is our lovely and friendly manager. He's a big brother for us. Benjamin help us to keep things on track, fixing any actual problem or eroor in the website and making sure that we're including the right parts in the content. He's a 25 years old guy from France.

Philip Laderoute

Content writer

Philip is a great content writer and a gamer. He's passion for games has made him one of the best content writers in the gaming field without any doubt! He's only 23 years old guy that enjoy his life and work by playing video games and writing about them. He's originated from VIRY-CHÂTILLON, France.

Karolin P Reiniger

News reporter

Karoline is the only german and female in our website team. She's really friendly and a nice person. Despite that she doesn't love playing video games too often, she loves writing about anything news related, which makes her perfect for our website idea. Karoline is 26 years old from Freistaat Bayern, Germany.

What our readers say about us

Of course, something great is not really great if it doesn't work for most of people. For that, we make sure to take our readers reviews and mostly from the famous gamers and video-games related people!
Bernardo Chavez

Bernardo Chavez


I'm not gonna lie about this. But LeRebond is one of the few websites i do care about reading them. The fact that the content is not promotional for any kind of ways, makes it perfect for me to follow.

Alvin Irwin

Alvin Irwin

Gaming Youtuber

I'm a professional Youtuber, and to be professional, you really need some reliable and genuine resources to rely on.
By following this website, not only I can keep up to date, but I can actually get ideas for my videos.

Cindy Kinsey

Cindy Kinsey


News and videos games Information, what a lovely idea to make a website about! This is just too suitable for anyone within the gaming niche to get inspired and keep himself up to date, i really don't need anything more!


Read about the latest gaming news and learn about new related stuff at the same time! Why would you read both separated while you can get one for all?!