12 Black Friday TVs and gaming monitors on sale for console and PC gaming

The screens, whether embodied in televisions or monitors, are usually one of the main actors in the sale of Black Fridayso much so that these sales continue into the days leading up to the event in question, a moment we would like to take to present you with some of the most interesting TVs and monitors for gaming that we have seen on offer today, 11/23.

TVs on sale for Black Friday

12 Black Friday TVs and gaming monitors on sale for console and PC gaming

Of the two categories that we are going to cover today, TVs are perhaps the most interesting in this 2020 due to the recent arrival of new generation consoles as TVs are their natural habitat in terms of screens. As we’ve warned in other writings, some of the links below have some sort of affiliation, but the measure by which we selected the offerings, as well as the ultimate goal of it, was how interesting we found the discounted model to be. or how big the reduction was.

  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4S (55 inch) for 349 euros (new price 449 euros). We open the list with an affordable model in its range that seems even more accessible to the average user with the current discount. We’re talking about the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S, a television with IPS 2160p panel that has good color representation and adequate contrast, slightly enhanced by the use of HDR10. It’s a no-frills model with no gaming features, but at a lower price point than most next-gen consoles, we think it’s a very worthwhile option.
  • Samsung Q60T (43 inches) for 499 euros (new price 699 euros). The Samsung Q60T makes our TV picks for the new generation of consoles, and it does so to offer excellent picture quality for its price, as well as some interesting features for new consoles; however, it is not compatible with the HDMI 2.1 standard.
  • Sony KD-AG9 (55 inches) for 1,699 euros (new price 2,799 euros). With a significant leap in price and performance, we have this Sony OLED TV that stands out for its powerful image processing and features designed for gaming, as this model is part of what Sony has dubbed the “Newcomers’ List”. console generation”.
  • LG NANO 866 (49 inch) for 599 euros (original price 899 euros). Another of our recommendations in televisions for the new generation of consoles, which offers impeccable image quality within its technology, as well as full HDMI 2.1 compatibility up to 4 of its ports and a high refresh rate within its range, making it one of the most complete options for its price, the is now reduced.
  • Sony XH90 (55 inches) for 799 euros (original price 1,119 euros). This Sony model has an interesting discount that brings it under the 900 euros that we have seen in recent months. It features a VA panel with excellent contrast that behaves very well in high dynamic range due to its FALD backlight. It won’t have direct HDMI 2.1 support until the next hardware update, and the VA tech can offer somewhat limited viewing angles, but it’s still a great option for gaming on next-gen consoles, and it’s a lot with the current offering Cheap .
  • Samsung Q95T (55 inches) for 1,199 euros (original price 1,999 euros). Perhaps one of the most interesting additions to this list at its current price point, this TV represents Samsung’s premium 4K resolutions and is therefore packed with interesting features. For gamers, some of them might support HDMI 2.1 or FreeSync Premium natively and have a very short response time.
  • LG OLED GX (55 inches) for 1,699 euros (new price 2,398.99 euros). It comes from a reduction that left it at €1,799 and is now around €100 below that price. It’s one of the most complete LG models of the moment, with an excellent OLED panel, compatibility with HDMI 2.1, G-Sync and other advantages that make it a great option for gaming.

Black Friday Sale Monitors

12 Black Friday TVs and gaming monitors on sale for console and PC gaming

The monitors still have some quirks that make them the preferred choice for PC gamers, as well as many console gamers who are blinded by their benefits. These are some of the models that we liked the most in these sales:

  • LG 27GL850-B for 359 euros (new price 499 euros). The Nano IPS panels that LG uses in some of its recent monitors strike us as some of the best panels out there right now, so the monitors that use them are of course often among our favourites. This is the case of this GL850, with a QHD resolution, a refresh rate of 144 Hertz and direct compatibility with G-Sync, it is a complete model which, although it already has a successor on the market, is a very interesting offer and rightly so have now.
  • ASUS VG279Q for 205.99 euros (original price 299 euros). This monitor with IPS technology, good color representation and a refresh rate of 144 Hertz has an excellent price for its equipment; In addition, its FHD resolution makes it an affordable model in terms of performance.
  • Philips 288E2A for 255.99 euros (new price 299 euros). A basic monitor with an IPS panel and 4K resolution at an affordable price. It lacks features for gamers and elements like HDR or similar; However, it’s one of the cheapest ways to play in native 4K, especially at the price as of last sale.
  • Samsung S34J552 for 299 euros (new price 449 euros). This ultra-wide model with high-contrast Va panel and QHD resolution is currently available at a great price. It has some features that players can use such as: B. FreeSync compatibility or around 4ms latency in GtG, so with its current reduction it can be an interesting option.
  • Samsung C27RG50 for 311 euros (new price 349 euros). One of the most interesting options that we can currently acquire if we are looking for a 140 Hertz monitor is this Samsung model, since in the competitive environment it has very useful features that are also interesting for the usual game, such as B. the compatibility with G-Sync or its high contrast is the result of using the company’s VA panel. Unfortunately, it’s not the best price it’s had lately, but it’s the best it can find these days, about 40 euros below its usual price.
  • Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ for 2,199 euros (new price 2,498 euros). For those obsessed with acquiring the most advanced monitor on the market, the Asus Rog Swift can be found around €300 less than the usual price, leaving the model at an unreachable €2,200; For them we get an ultra-panoramic QLED panel with a refresh rate of 200 Hertz, WQHD resolution, a response time of 1 ms GtG and compatibility with DisplayHDR1000 and G-Sync, which is one of the most complete models on the market today.

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12 Black Friday TVs and gaming monitors on sale for console and PC gaming

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Additional offers off our screens

12 Black Friday TVs and gaming monitors on sale for console and PC gaming

As on other occasions, in these days of promotions, offers and campaigns, we add some additional ones at the end of our texts. On this occasion we receive these promotions from Amazon and we believe some of them may be of general interest to our readers:

  • 30 days of free Amazon Prime for new registrations. For those who have not yet been part of the Amazon Prime service and its benefits when shopping on the famous digital marketplace, the first thirty days of this service are free for new subscribers. After that, the usual rate of 36 euros per year applies.
  • 90-day trial for Prime Student. If you’re a student, Prime Student is a discounted payment format for Amazon Prime that retains the benefits of the original service at a slightly lower price. If you identify yourself as a student, you have a whopping 90-day trial before using the service or not. We therefore strongly recommend that you take a look if you are interested in the benefits of Amazon Prime.
  • 3 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited. While Amazon Prime users have instant access to Amazon Music, those looking for something more have access to the Unlimited version of the service,…


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