20 great games of 2020 to give away this Christmas for less than 30 euros

We continue with our Christmas texts, all with the aim of bringing in ideas for the most undecided. Now it’s the turn of video games, the absolute protagonists of the environment in which we find ourselves, which are also at the top of the wish lists of many of our loved ones.

We know nothing we write can weigh more than a direct request for a gift, but for those who know they’re looking to gift a video game — or themselves — and don’t know exactly why to go, have one we prepared this list of titles for this 2020 from our own recommendations; Also, to make it harder for us – and to make it easier for gifting – we’ve compiled the list so that None of the included items have a price higher than 30 euros.

Since many of the featured titles have different prices from platform to platform, we have refrained from highlighting the price, but we hope that the €30 limit is a sufficient indicator of what to expect behind each name.

  • Hades (PC). Hades is available on the PC for just under 20.99 euros; But in the case of one of the games of the year, as well as one of the nominees for that honor at The Games Awards, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to highlight it on this list.
  • Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a Lost Past Edition of Light (PS4). The first edition of this fantastic Square Enix RPG is available for PS4 at a very reasonable price now that we have the definitive edition with us; although we think it’s just as interesting.
  • Spelunky 2 (PC and PS4). The sequel to the fantastical Spelunky brings back everything that made the 2008 original one of the indies of its generation, and expands on those foundations with new mechanics and settings. It is available on both PC and Sony console for a very low price.
  • Yakuza 0 (Xbox One, PC and PS4). Released on PS4 in 2017 and on PC in 2018, this great prequel to the Yakuza saga will explain the origins of two of its most popular characters; but it had only seen the light of day on the Microsoft platform that year. Still highly recommended.20 great games of 2020 to give away this Christmas for less than 30 euros
  • There is no game: Wrong Dimension (PC). This odd indie specifically tells us there’s no game in it, but we know there’s something hiding behind those pixels to mash buttons, so why not look for it? Half homage to the medium’s classics, half collection of fourth-wall jokes, this indie will delight those seeking irreverent and simple play in its forms.
  • A short hike (PC and Switch). The premise of this title is already implied in its name, we simply have to move through the small Picohalcón Park, either on foot, flying or climbing, until we reach the top. A simple and cheap title that we think is ideal for relaxing on a good day off. It’s available for PC and Switch through its eShop.
  • Kentucky Route Zero (all platforms). This episodic game started its journey in the distant 2013 and hasn’t finally ended until this year; With a clear evolution in its forms and themes through its chapters, we can get the whole story for just over 20 euros on PlayStation 4, on Microsoft consoles and on Nintendo Switch; as well as on the PC where it was originally released. A very interesting title for those who like video games for their narrative. We leave you this text from our colleagues at Vida Extra in case you want to know more about it.
  • Person 4 Golden (PC). It took a long time for the fourth part of this Atlus JRPG to come out of its original platforms, but it’s still a very entertaining title, both for its story and for its complicated systems.
  • Cuphead (all platforms). This was the year for PS4 players to enjoy this fantastic title, which is no stranger to PC gamers, Nintendo’s hybrid console or those with an Xbox console.20 great games of 2020 to give away this Christmas for less than 30 euros
  • Streets of Rage 4 (All platforms). The return of one of the most beloved sagas of the beat ’em up genre to the ring is cause for rejoicing for any fan of the genre, and with an excellent title that’s also available for just over 20 euros on all platforms, from the Sony’s PS4 to Nintendo’s hybrid handheld. Of course, it can also be enjoyed on Steam and Microsoft platforms.
  • Risk of rain 2 (all platforms). This fantastic rogue-like skillfully combines loot and team-based mechanics with three-dimensional action – something the first installment lacked – the console version is very cheap on all platforms and includes the first title, while the PC price is slightly higher.
  • Hunt (PC). This fantastic 2D action title has a strong arcade spirit that serves as a hallmark of identity and presentation, highlighting the enormous variety of enemies with their own distinctive features and their revitalizing unbridled action. If the person who will be delighted with the gift is a fan of titles like Broforce or Hot Guns, they will enjoy this one too.
  • Mainfold Garden (all platforms). In addition to its good approach, this gravity-based space puzzle title stands out for its beautiful and impressive staging as well as its meditative and relaxed character. An experience worth savoring and sharing in equal parts. It is available on all platforms, from PC to Steam or Epic to Xbox One, through Nintendo Switch and Sony platforms.
  • Bioshock: The Collection (Switch). Although this compilation is not new, the version for Nintendo Switch was released in the current 2020, now it is available at a very good price and is an excellent way to enjoy three of the most influential shooters in the single-player video game. the last times.20 great games of 2020 to give away this Christmas for less than 30 euros
  • Spiritfarer (All platforms). A beautiful title, both visually and in relation to the theme that surrounds it, which has some curious management mechanisms that make it a slightly longer and more complete experience than you might expect. You can find the best price on the Sony console, but it’s also available on PC via Steam and on Switch via the eShop; For Xbox players, our recommendation is to opt for the Game Pass as it currently costs one euro and includes this title and many others.
  • The Pedestrian (PC). Platforms along with puzzles, a mix that isn’t unconventional at all, but when we mix it with two moving rooms through which to solve them, things become both complicated and interesting. To fully understand it, we recommend you watch the presentation trailer on Steam at the link we provide.
  • Ghostrunner (all platforms). We really liked the mix of first-person arcade action with platforms that this One More Level indie offers us, which is why we didn’t want to miss out on recommending it here. It’s available on all platforms, including PS4 through the PlayStation Store, Xbox through the Microsoft Store, and Nintendo’s hybrid console through its virtual store.20 great games of 2020 to give away this Christmas for less than 30 euros
  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC and PS4). Mediatonic’s title was the hit of the summer, and while some interest in it seems to have waned, it’s still a fun experience for those who haven’t played it, especially now that new content has been announced for it. It has been available for both PlayStation 4 and PC since its release.
  • Call of the Sea (Xbox and PC). Call of the Sea cleverly mixes the object interaction puzzles we’ve seen in titles like The Room with a typical walking simulator format. The result is an interesting game – and sometimes difficult when you lose the thread – that becomes very entertaining. We can enjoy it on both PC and Microsoft gaming platforms.
  • Among Us (PC and Switch). We’re going to cheat terribly on this latest title since it originally launched in 2017 and we only saw a Switch release after its sudden success, but given the phenomenon of this multiplayer title being full of lies and deceit, we wanted the Don’t miss the opportunity to highlight the work of the InnerSloth guys here.

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