5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

the Screens they are a recurring item in our buying guides, not for free, every gamer must use them to enjoy the fans that unite us; and this experience can vary tremendously depending on which one is being played. This isn’t the same on a next-gen 55-inch TV as it is on a mid-range 25-inch monitor. We will require different standards from each one, they are designed for different applications, and are best used on specific platforms or scenarios.

Today we want to focus on one of these “specific scenarios”, that of the monitors; and more precisely, in the 1080p resolution models that we believe can be particularly worthwhile In mid-2021, a year in which we already have the next generation consoles with us, the predecessors of which are still very present in our gaming areas and not so long ago the PC received a new generation of hardware that is ready, part of NVIDA and its RTX Ampere or AMD and the new RDNA2 to be exploited.

Why buy a 1080p monitor in 2021?

5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

1920×1080 pixels seem a long way off, with consoles that can easily move nearly four times as many pixels and computers aiming for similar resolutions at high frame rates and even higher pixel counts, the previously all-powerful FHD is a thing of the past .

However, there are still many players who do not feel the need to switch to higher resolutions, partly because of their gaming platforms they don’t allow it said movement, or because they do not find the pleasure of paying more for a larger definition, while sacrificing additional features or value for money; Each of these options is valid and depends on the tastes and capabilities of each player. However, if you need some reasons to understand why it might be interesting to get an FHD monitor in 2021, these are our reasons:

  • You have a wide range that meets all gaming profile needs, from inexpensive and competent monitors to competitive models.
  • Its price it is usually much lower than that of an equivalent model in higher resolution properties, especially if we pay attention to long ranges.
  • Not all gamers have hardware that can use higher resolutions to the FHD. PlayStation 5 doesn’t allow native 1440p gaming, so we’ll have to go for FHD or UHD, while the Xbox series – especially in its S model – does particularly well in this resolution; On the PC, the Nvidia GTX 1060 remains the most popular graphic, followed by the GTX 1650, both of which should shine in this resolution.

These reasons don’t have to convince you, but if they do and you want to know which of our favorite monitors are this year, please keep reading the list below. On the contrary, if you are looking for more information on what an ideal monitor is for us or what features to look out for, we recommend you take a look at our text on the best screen options of 2020 that we published a few months ago.

Our favorite 2021 FHD models

5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

As in our last buying guide for this peripheral, our intention is to include in our range the model that we liked best for various reasons and to introduce it in a few paragraphs. The models selected are ranked by price, with the exception of the last one, which is an ultra-wide monitor and therefore “technical” does not fall under the definition of FHD, which we wanted to highlight for its relative popularity, however. Models and similarity their dissolution with the rest of the models presented.

MSI Pro MP241

A simple proposal that offers a good image5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

I’d like to start these kind of buying guides with an affordable proposal that sums up “the minimum” we’d ask for a mid-2021 monitor that we’re all in. Previously, that option was the 24-inch Philips V-Line, and while it still seems like a good option, its $ 110 increase in price made us consider more options, not because it seems expensive, but rather because it is at that price there are many equally interesting models.

5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

After several models, we decided to highlight the MSI Pro MP241. The main reason for this is that it is a 24-inch monitor with a panel with IPS technology, which has a good color representation with a coverage of 102% sRGB, surfaces relatively similar to our previous model and good software that the monitor works fine. This is not a model to play withAs its 60 hertz and fast response time show, it’s a good, affordable option for the average gamer.

AOC monitor gaming 24G2U

It’s still our favorite monitor for its price5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

For us it was impossible Remove this AOC model from our recommendations. Although there are currently other monitors with relatively similar functions in a price range close to this model, it still has an excellent IPS panel with good color coverage and a response time that is more than sufficient to play on this model without any perception whatsoever Problem; especially considering the refresh rate of 144 hertz that this model has, it is also a well built model. Although its aesthetics are not to everyone’s taste, its base is solid and has generous height and position adjustment, which is very much appreciated on a model with these characteristics.

5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

However, when we play on current generation consoles, we may not be able to take full advantage of this model, despite all its virtues, as much of the features it offers cannot be used correctly on these platforms. for them, as well as for PC gamers who don’t mind paying the surcharge for an even more comprehensive feature list, we have the following model.


A feature-rich model at an acceptable price5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

The AOC 24G2 listed above is an example of the good range of high refresh rate FHD monitors available in the current market at an acceptable price; Therefore, the higher the price, the more demanding we have to be in terms of properties and specifications; We have to ask ourselves What does the X model give us? that either of the two we have already shown does not, as well as if this inclusion in the price is justified. For us, this natural step is encapsulated in the BenQ Mobiuz EX2710, a feature-rich model that is reasonably priced primarily because it is an FHD model.

5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

Going a little closer to its properties, it is a monitor with a fast IPS panel with a response time of around one millisecond in GtG, a refresh rate of around 144 Hertz, a contrast level that is acceptable for an IPS panel and excellent color rendering. approx. 97% sRGB without adjustment. In addition, it has several gaming technologies of interest to us, such as HDRi – slightly lower than what we see on current TVs but very valid – and FreeSync Premium, one of our most popular adaptive refreshment technologies right now its great versatility and can be used with the new generation consoles. Its construction is perhaps its weakest point; correct, but not outstanding.

BenQ Zowie XL2540K

Competition for each of your pixels5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

After the 144 Hertz limit, we entered the competition monitors completely; an area in which the image quality itself does not predominate, but in which maximum fluidity and the least number of physical obstacles between the game and the player are achieved. FHD monitors have an interesting selection of monitors in this area, so it is difficult to select an “absolute champion” here. For us, the model that comes closest to this position, if we pay attention to price, performance and intentions, we believe it is that BenQ Zowie XL2540K.

5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

The intentions of this model, as we dropped it, are clear: It’s a monitor to compete with and do your best. His panel uses TN technology to achieve response times of less than a millisecond in GtG and a refresh rate of around 240 Hertz on the PC and 120 Hertz on the console with the appropriate configuration. It no longer has any overhead or technologies beyond compatibility with adaptive refresh from AMD and Nvidia as many of them can put a strain on the panel’s response time. It has an acceptable color display, which makes face-to-face use a good experience, although it cannot compete with panels from other technologies.

If our intention is a mixed use At this resolution, the Alienware AW2521HFL is perhaps a more attractive option – it was one of our big contenders here – although it is slightly more expensive than this model. On the other hand, both are characterized by a flawless and highly adjustable construction. If the Samsung C27RG50 is priced well, it can also be an acceptable option, especially if we are looking for a monitor for mixed use.

LG 29UM69G-B

It’s our favorite 1080p ultra widescreen5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

Not a lot of ultra panoramic options let them be from us I like the 1080p resolution, especially when we’re going to play with this model; Fortunately, the LG 29UM69G is still available at a similar price as in our previous buying guide, so we’re listing it again as our favorite ultra-wide model in this resolution.

5 1080p monitors for under $ 350 that are a great option for gaming

The model itself is not …


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