5 PC gaming components for less than 100 euros to give away for Christmas

As we said in our gaming laptop and computer buying guide, desktop computers usually benefit from careful research and selection of components that work evenly below a certain price point. because of this, It’s usually not a good idea to give away a random component for a player’s team, since their selection usually responds to the balance mentioned and without the necessary knowledge you don’t know what your relative’s team needs.

However, there are certain components that, due to current standards, will work without any problems in any modern desktop, and in order not to leave the players of these teams out of our Christmas buying guides, we wanted to create this short but functional list that we put some of these pieces that be less than 100 euros and whose compatibility is usually general. However, as a precaution, please take a look at the comment next to the purchase link before gifting one of these items.

ARCTIC liquid freezer II 240

One of our most popular tabletop liquid coolers5 PC gaming components for less than 100 euros to give away for Christmas

We’ve talked a thousand times about the importance of maintaining stable temperatures in any electronic device. When it comes to our CPU in this task, our current favorite is this pre-configured liquid cooler from Artic, as it offers excellent performance in a typical and simple form factor, which translates positively into the price. It is compatible with all AMD Socket AM4 processors, as well as all consumer Intel processors, so we should only encounter problems if the receiver uses a high-performance processor. Its main limitation when it comes to putting it in a box is the tower’s own space and its exits, which we must consult before acquiring.

Corsair Revenge RGB PRO

Two 8Gb 3200MHz modules with good looks and good performance5 PC gaming components for less than 100 euros to give away for Christmas

Over time, these Corsair modules have become one of our favorite main storage options. The reason for this is simple, as these are two highly compatible modules with good speed and acceptable latency, including adjustable lighting, and without being unobtrusive we found it easy to fit them into almost any configuration, although otherwise they don’t offer nothing special. These are DDR4 memories, so the device must be compatible with them in order to use them. If you remove this, a priori only a bad combination with modules other than the highlighted pair or space problems can cause problems , which we have already said are not common in this model.

Thermaltake Riing Trio 14 RGB TT

A pack of three very complete fans with smart lighting5 PC gaming components for less than 100 euros to give away for Christmas

Although not to everyone’s taste, many gamers are known to really like dynamic lighting for their rigs and gaming environment, this Thermaltake PC fan set has excellent performance, a proprietary driver for easy installation and control, and an anti-vibration system that makes you are a very good option as the main air outlet in some configurations. However, we must keep in mind that these are 140mm fans, prepared for high pressure flow, so are not designed as main input fans unless there is some kind of obstruction there, but to be exhaust fans, preferably housed are in a radiator.


Our favorite M.2 SSD for gamers5 PC gaming components for less than 100 euros to give away for Christmas

It appeared not so long ago in our text dedicated to this memory, since it is an M.2 format SSD prepared to work particularly well under load in video games, they have good speed and durability and a lower price than other proposals have high performance . Its peculiarity, given the fact that it must be watered without fear, is that the device is compatible with the M.2 standard, easily finding information about the motherboard model of the lucky gamer who receives the device should be.

Phanteks Eclipse P360A

One of our most popular ATX towers5 PC gaming components for less than 100 euros to give away for Christmas

If we are looking to give away a new ATX tower to house the components of the equipment, one of our favorite options below the marked price range is the Phanteks Eclipse P360A, which in the absence of stock for the P300A Mesh model, is one of the most similar options in terms of price and performance that we found; although we must say that practically all of the towers that we deal with in our last text devoted to them could fall into this category.

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