5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

Peripherals are an essential part of any gamer’s leeway as they provide the ability to communicate with the video game. But still, not all the peripherals normally found on a desktop perform this function, some serving multiple purposes, many of which need not be for gaming per se.

It is the case of the microphonesthat serve as a means of communication both inside and outside of our video games, yet are widely used in our game rooms. The reason for this? The way we communicate while playing today. Either with our teammates, in the form of a relaxed chat while we play something, or with the aim of developing some type of content, these peripherals are the most widely used in gaming environments.

Because of this, we have covered several lists of our favorite models on several occasions. Half a year has passed since the last time, so we wanted to use the start in 2021 renew said list, this time at an even more restrained price than the previous one. Our 5 most popular desktop microphones for less than 60 euros.

USB microphones for less than 60 euros

Image: Razer.Image: Razer.

Without further ado, we come to our list of recommended USB microphones; The list provided is for the models we like best, in no particular order and without necessarily being ordered.

Fifine K669B

It’s still one of our favorite USB models5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

There’s a reason this microphone featured in every one of our buying guides for this peripheral – it’s very difficult to find a USB condenser microphone that performs better than this Fifine model at a lower price, especially if we sell it for under 40 euros can be found sometimes.

5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

The microphone itself is a USB condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, metal construction and integrated audio control. It offers our ears a much clearer sound than most headphone microphones on the market and with slight adjustments can deliver very good results outside of initial calls and chats. In general, this K669B will be a straight recommendation as long as we can find it at a price similar or lower than the current one.

Behringer C-1U

A simple model with great recording quality5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

In line with our previous microphone recommendation and also from our previous recommendation list, we find this model from Behringer, a very long-serving German brand in the audio sector, which offers us a condenser microphone with very good specifications at a lower price of 40 euros.

5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

To focus more on the specific specifications of this C-1U, like our previous recommendation, it is a large-diaphragm cardioid USB condenser microphone; We highlight its excellent performance – for its price – when recording vocals, especially when we adapt its values ​​to our needs.

Marantz Professional M4U

Versatility according to the flag5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

One of our most peculiar recommendations on this list is this Marantz model, as it is actually a condenser microphone that enjoys an XLR connector for audio input, but has an external USB converter to be used over that connector without the need anymore Hardware than is included with this model.

5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

Its specifications are very correct in our eyes; It features a cardioid pickup pattern, beautiful metal grille construction, and excellent sound pickup, especially vocals. If we had to work out one weak point, in addition to having another piece of equipment on the table, it would be that this model doesn’t have any kind of foot or support, we have to get it separately; for the rest, it’s an excellent and very versatile option.

Blue snowball ICE

The benchmark in this price range5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

When we’ve made a list of recommended USB microphones so far, we’ve avoided the Blue Snowball as much as possible, not because it doesn’t seem like a good microphone, on the contrary, but because we wanted to show that there is more life than this blue model in its price range; However, since this is a smaller price range, we didn’t take it amiss for listing the well-known spherical model.

5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

If we pay attention to the specs, it’s a slightly shortened version of the original Blue Snowball, a cardioid USB condenser microphone that primarily excels for its ability to pick up vocals, especially spoken words, making it a perfect choice for occasional recordings or conversations at the desk.

Razer Seiren Mini

An excellent microphone from a well-known but unexpected brand5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

To many, it might be strange to find a Razer product on this list, even violent, considering the number of great options on the market. But let’s say that for the price we currently find the Razer Seiren Mini is a very solid option for anyone looking for a USB mic for voice or live recording.

5 USB microphones for less than 60 euros for streaming games with the best sound

The main reason we say this is because this little Razer model, while not having any particularly noteworthy features as we are again facing a cardioid USB condenser microphone, has an excellent setting for voice pickup; as well as powerful software that enables us to equalize the sound according to our wishes and that is perfectly integrated into this model. Within the price range that we manage, this seems like a very notable option to us.

What do we find outside of the USB connection?

Image: Jorge Guillen.Image: Jorge Guillen.

USB condenser microphones are our preferred option for gamers because of their simplicity and good performance, as we can provide good distribution for recording and recording our audio over a single connection, especially when we compare the capabilities of these microphones. in terms of the microphones that are usually found in our headphones.

However, if we have an audio interface, or intend to get one, we can choose too excellent opportunities in this price range; Without going any further, one of those of us on our list, the Marantz Professional MU4, has the option of connecting to an external audio interface via its XLR connector. If we don’t have one, it’s hard to stay within our budget if we add the price of interface + microphone; But if you have to, one of our best options might be the Behringer U-PHORIA UM2, which sells for around 34 euros on Amazon, or the M-Audio M-Track Solo, which sells for around 45 euros, and accompanies it with a dynamic microphone like the Neewer NW-800 and even everything, depending on the price of that model, we can break that budget.

If we already have an interface we have it a lot easier With our maximum price of 60 euros, we can easily get hold of a Shure SM-48, a reference microphone for all kinds of vocal recordings; or a model like the Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 if we can find it at a good price and we don’t mind offering some quality at a cheaper price. We recommend both options, as well as the Marantz MU4 mentioned above.

What should be considered when buying a microphone

Image: Fifine.Image: Fifine.

As with any specialty peripheral, there are a variety of factors, features, and specifications that help determine the performance of a peripheral such as a microphone. In our previous guide on these devices, we talked about some of these properties that we need to consider. Information that we will share here. So, for the purpose for which the microphones in this list are intended, let’s assume that must take into account the next:

  • Frequency range. As with other devices in the wide audio world, the higher the frequency range, the “richer” the sound picked up by a microphone; although, in the moment of truth, the adjustments made to the microphone may be more crucial.
  • The recording pattern. It is also known as “directivity” and refers to the direction in which the microphone picks up sound. Speech and vocal microphones usually have a pattern Cardioid polar pattern, that is, they capture the front of the microphone; but omnidirectional or bipolar patterns are also common.
  • The sensitivity. In the case of a microphone, the sensitivity, usually expressed in negative values, relates to the electrical voltage of a microphone.
  • S / N ratio (signal, noise). This measure determines the sharpness of the sound recording by a microphone. Usually, the higher the ratio, the less noise in the sound.

In addition, items such as the correct placement of the microphone, the settings for your recordings, or the sound treatment of the room in which they will be placed can be important factors to consider when using these devices. We could have the best microphone out there if not …


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