8 PC accessories you didn’t know you needed for less than 50 euros

We will present this text as honestly and sincerely as possible: you probably don’t need None of the items we are going to list here, many of them don’t even have any real use, while others of the lists may be indispensable to some. In contrast to the other buying guides that we usually carry out, the aim of this text is nothing more than to highlight certain objects that, due to their functions or other properties, are interesting enough to indicate their existence, but for whatever reasons we do not justify an individual text for them. In short, a text for the objects that want to give our space “that touch”.

Since this is the first time we are proposing a “Buyer’s Guide” from this perspective, we wanted to keep things simple and so we set a spending limit of around 50 euros on buying these accessories, and we have limited our scope of action to our PCs, a common gaming platform. So without further ado, let’s start our little list of accessories that you didn’t know you wanted, but that can add a lot to your play area. Let’s go there!

Divoom Pixoo pixel art frame

A little bit of light and color for your desk8 PC accessories you didn't know you needed for less than 50 euros

Perfectly embodying the spirit of this text, we find the first item on this list: the Divoom digital panel, the only function of which is to give you that special touch to our personal space. It’s a frame with a number of independent LED panels that are matched to our liking to create the most attractive pixel scenes. This coordination takes place thanks to its software that allows us to create our own samples with the help of a smartphone or to download those prepared by the community of users behind the products of this particular brand. Everyone shares this love for pixel art. To complete the accessory, not entirely useless, we can use it as a digital clock, content viewer, notification panel for our devices and even just as lighting.


To avoid possible jerking8 PC accessories you didn't know you needed for less than 50 euros

The function of a bungee is simple: hold our mouse cable at an angle so that it doesn’t annoy you while in use it is not a problem many gamers face, especially due to the normal routing of our desk cables, but for those who want and want a more elegant solution than a bit of tape on the back of the monitor, these accessories are just that , what you need. Among them all, our favorite in terms of performance, construction and price is the CAMADE II from Zowie, a brand that has established itself around competitive gaming. The accessories themselves are simple: it consists of two movable adjustment parts, an elastic bracket and a non-slip base; but its effectiveness lies in this simplicity. Simply lay the cable the desired length and place it somewhere on your desk with enough space.

Syba Sonic DAC & AMP

An easy way to amplify our audio8 PC accessories you didn't know you needed for less than 50 euros

While the headphones with high amperage do not multiply There are many gamers in the gaming market who deny this, largely due to the multitude of devices that are usually connected to headphones that are used to play games the good it can do a decoder amplifier to your audio. We covered this topic briefly in our last buying guide for this accessory; But when we wrote it we had not yet tried Syba’s Sonic model, which despite its price of around 50 euros that is in stock, has stood out for its quality – its main problem is its lack – in stores. For those who are more into the topic, there is a Texas Instruments KM358 amplifier, a small two-channel AMP with enough power to handle any gaming headset, and the CM6533 chip as a converter, an input range suggestion, that gives good results. Those who are better prepared won’t find anything new in the Sonic, but for those looking for a first-time DAC-AMP, we believe it’s a very good option that we didn’t know about until recently.

MSI Vigor WR01

Give your wrists a break8 PC accessories you didn't know you needed for less than 50 euros

We cannot stress the importance of it enough adhere to certain standards Position and ergonomics at our desk, especially when we spend many hours in front of it. In this type of scenario, our wrists are usually the parts of our body showing the most carelessness, many of which can be avoided with the correct height and position; To achieve this status, a palm rest is usually a useful tool, and if our keyboard doesn’t come standard with one or we don’t convince us, few of us like it better than this suggestion from MSI. The accessory itself doesn’t have much; It’s a soft piece with a velvety feel, considerable padding, and good workmanship, but we find its interest in small details like its non-slip base or gel padding, especially its price.

PBT HK Gaming Pudding Key

A material upgrade for your keyboard8 PC accessories you didn't know you needed for less than 50 euros

And now that we’re talking about keyboard accessories, it’s surprising how often mechanical models over $ 150 and full of features are crammed with features they don’t decide on details like using PBT material keys for their keyboards in favor of ABS, cheaper and easier to shape but with poorer grip and less durability. For this reason we wanted to use this text to introduce a range of PBT keys for our keyboards. The chosen one is the HK Gaming Pudding, a two-piece set, the lower half of which is in a translucent material this allows the light from our keyboards to pass easily; If the subject of lighting doesn’t convince us, there are equally interesting suggestions – or more – for all types of distributions; but not all sets have the keys for the ISO distribution we use in our language. Keep this in mind when venturing into other sets.

Support for monitor value

Not all monitors have a height stand8 PC accessories you didn't know you needed for less than 50 euros

Returning to ergonomics, one of the most easily ignored features when buying a monitor is its construction and materials, a major flaw that, if supported, can greatly limit the use of this class of equipment, it cannot adapt to our game space. Fortunately, standards like VESA for mounts and other accessories can solve this problem. This monitor bracket is just that: an elegant solution and economical – in terms of space and cost – to give our monitor an additional customization and adapt it to our scope as we deserve it. It’s built of metal, with plastic cladding, a cat handle near one of the edges of our desk, and reinforcements for the base and monitor bracket.

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim Multi-Charger

A single charger for all of your devices8 PC accessories you didn't know you needed for less than 50 euros

As the number of wireless devices we have in our home increases, so does the number of chargers we accumulate, and in many cases we use them in our home at the same time. Reached a certain point it can even be weird the number of wires we need to pull from our trusted power strip or plug. A good solution for this is this Anker multi-charger, which is not only compatible with multiple inputs, devices, and charging capacities, but is also small in size, which makes its placement and placement on our desk a bit trivial. It has up to 45W charging power per output, so no device – except a powerful laptop – should be able to withstand it.

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

The first step in always having the right tool8 PC accessories you didn't know you needed for less than 50 euros

Yes, for the most part, Guarantee is our best ally when it comes to electronic devices that are no longer working properly, but there are times when we have no choice but to roll up our sleeves, take out the tools, and play around ourselves . A practice that we always want to carry out with care and relevant knowledge. However, when those conditions are met, in addition to these tools we talked about, you should have a number of tools like this one from iFixit for these type of situations a great ally. The set itself contains a number of basic tools for electronic devices, including an ergonomic screwdriver with interchangeable head, angled tweezers, various opening tools, and other additions that we will find useful in due course. It’s not exactly an “accessory,” but we wanted to include it on this list because it’s so often useful.

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