A good TV to play on PC? Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

The tradition in the video game world is clear: the televisions are for consoles and monitors are intended for computers as these are the imaging peripherals for which they are designed. This custom has been more than a simple custom or tradition for many years. Consoles have always been adapted to the capabilities of the televisions of their time, while slightly more powerful computers have monitors ready to reproduce their potential.

But like anything in life, nothing is forever, and over time we’ve seen the consoles grow in power and how his audience was demanding gradually features that have always been inherent in the PC as a gaming platform. We believe that much of the blame for this can be traced back to the proliferation of competitive titles, the “professionalization” of many of these video games, and the mass phenomena they represent around us. The result is clear, however: Because of these requirements, televisions have gradually become a more comprehensive option for the gamer who demands “a little more” than a good picture to play back.

Because of this, it is easy to wonder how compatible these peripherals will be with the PC as a platform, considering that it has been traditionally used a dedicated option, almost exclusively to her and her peculiarities; Of course, there are reasons why this change has not been made generally, but today we will stick with the first part: when it is possible to play with TV on PC without rejecting everything that the monitors offer, and when it is, what are our best options.

Our favorite TVs to play on PC

Image: Samsung.Image: Samsung.

We then listed our favorite models for the associated task. As usual in our current buying guides, these models are they are not arranged in any particular order, in our eyes they are all valid for their purpose, range and price range, which is why they appear on this list. The models are as follows.

TCL C715

Inexpensive QLED with low response timeA good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

We open the list with a model relatively unknown from TCL, an Asian brand that has a good presence in our countries but still cannot compete with the big ones in our market in terms of popularity; Perhaps for this reason the C715 is presented as a television, the biggest advantage of which is the price of its label, which is currently around 600 euros. For this price we get a VA panel with QLED technology for colorimetry, which is usually encapsulated at higher prices; Because of its application, this model has very good image quality, especially with some calibration. The C715 does not have a high refresh rate or specially achieved HDR effects, but due to the technology of its panel it has short response times, which makes it a very good option for PC gaming in our lounges.

A good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

Samsung Q70T

High-end at a reasonable priceA good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

The Samsung Q70T is a recurring pattern In our featured TV lists, the main reason for this is that we believe it is one of the current high-end TVs with the best value for money, as well as one of the most visually beautiful QLED panels on the market today. The use with a PC is interesting because of the high refresh rate of around 120 Hertz within the resolution, the emergence of technologies such as FreeSync Premium and an excellent color display replace possible problems that arise when compared to a monitor, for example its response time is average around 11 milliseconds, or the inability to exploit the full potential of its HDMI 2.1 ports with up-to-date graphics and still wait for an update that enables the standard.

A good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

Hitachi HAK5751

The cheapest model on our listA good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

As the cheapest model on our entire list and one of the most thrifty in its features, we have this Hitachi HAK5751, a simple television, but due to its size and performance it meets our requirements as gaming peripherals for our living room. As with the previous ones, it is a VA panel with direct lighting, however it does not use the QLED color technology that we have seen in our previous models, but a simple and common RGB filter that this model does without being spectacular be a very competitive price even among 4K monitors with similar characteristics. Its refresh rate is around 60 Hertz and it has access to certain gaming technologies; But the most notable feature besides the correct image is its relatively low response time, which is around 9 milliseconds in GtG, one of the lowest on this list and which rivals some simple monitors in their spectrum.

A good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

LG Nano 91

Top features at a reasonable priceA good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

One of the suggestions more completeAccording to our criteria, within the available models, this LG Nano91 is a model somewhat superior to any other of the TVs that we have recommended the most recently in terms of its range, resolution and price; As in your case, this model is characterized less by its still excellent image quality than by its multitude of features in the price. These properties are framed by an IPS panel with colorimetry based on the eponymous nano cells; its FALD backlight can give a great result with this set, although if we compare it “screen against screen” to more powerful models, we can see the shortcomings in the contrast of the IPS panel, in exchange it has a refreshment of 120 hertz, Not inconsiderable response times of an estimated 10 ms GtG and the emergence of technologies such as G-Sync or FreeSync, which are valued by PC gamers.

A good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

Sony XH90

Designed to keep playingA good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

The model with which we decided to complete this list is also a recurring one in our current recommendations as it is one of the panels from your OLED rangemore advanced and feature rich from Sony; as well as a TV that is “bespoke” to connect to your new console, making it a feature-rich model that you can play with too. Of its advantages, the best is the backlight, as it uses the FALD technology in its VA panel, which together with its colorimetry based on the Triluminos technology – relatively similar to QLEDs – ensures this model a rich and vivid color representation. albeit difficult to compare for clarity with high-end models. Additionally, its high refresh rate, relatively low response time, and associated technologies make it a very comprehensive option to leverage our team’s capabilities.

A good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

Why a TV as a PC monitor?

A good TV to play on PC?  Our 5 most popular TV models for the computer

At this point, many of our readers – especially those less involved with the idea revealed – are wondering if this is really a valid option, the monitors after all fulfill their function perfectlyThey have more ranges than televisions on the market today and a wider variety of resolutions. These reasons alone would make televisions completely undesirable as an option, especially outside of the already common 4K, where monitors shine the most.

However, the proposition of televisions as output peripherals for PC images will gain strength if we stay within 4K resolution and we look at the available offer. Many of the 4K monitors on the market today they fall short with the advantages in the middle and lower range, especially in the price range compared to equivalent televisions; the high-end, on the other hand, shows large, in some cases hardly justifiable, price differences compared to equivalent televisions.

Within 4K, provided we have a team capable of making the most of this resolution, and always outside of pure competitive scenarios, televisions offer a range of more interesting features for their price, at the expense of the versatility and response times enjoyed by the Monitors display two characteristics that the average gamer can easily be overlooked.

We would therefore like to conclude that, although we will never recommend a television above a monitor for viewing on the PC outside of the current 4K range, within this resolution we find interesting alternatives for this purpose – in our case the ones listed here -.

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