As you have seen on the home page, this is a blog in which we are going to talk about the world of video games, but you have already seen that. If you were careful, you could also notice, written at the bottom, in small, that there are only three of us to keep this site, we are, in addition to that, quite young and amateurs.

So, if we see a spelling error here and there or if the article on the new game is not perfect, it is not a big deal! Here, we are not at JVC and I repeat, there are only three of us and we do that for the fun (but still a little serious).

Lerebond website is a place where gaming and high-tech experts advise and guide players. It is also a space where we create the best possible video-games recommendation articles. Our website provides the proximity, advice and services expected by players looking for the latest gaming or high-tech products.

Lerebond was refounded in 2021 to be the best destination for computer and gaming enthusiasts. We want to be the main IT retailer. Our post line includes different types of video games of different consoles, desktop systems and components, gaming peripherals, laptops, networking products, projectors, office supplies and other electronic devices.

Lerebond is the first gaming website that recommends officially licensed products from the world’s leading gaming brands. This, in order to guarantee exceptional quality, genuine products under the manufacturer’s warranty and the technology that the gaming industry offers.

In addition to the online website, we also have a physical meeting space in the centre of Île-de-France (VIRY-CHÂTILLON, 104 rue Marguerite). We plan to have more physical spaces in other cities in the near term. is owned and managed by LeRebond, a company with a capital of 100,000 EUROs, registered in Île-de-France, France.