Black Friday ahead of time? The 20 best pre-Black Friday gaming deals we’ve found

Open your mouth in the face of this Black Fridayas well as hoping to bring our readers something of interest ahead of such turbulent dates, before our coverage of the given dates for buyers we wanted to run a selection of offers for players, among which we have add Games, accessories, hardware and even gifts to get that “thing we wanted so badly” just before Black Friday week’s onslaught of quick deals and rock-bottom prices, without even having to stop to check out store after store what they have available.

Our selection of offers ahead of Black Friday

Black Friday ahead of time?  The 20 best pre-Black Friday gaming deals we've found

For warming up engines, we received the following offers in no particular order; Below you will find items of all kinds, from different stores, some with some kind of affiliation and others that we simply liked for what they offer, since the last idea is to offer you the best possible preview. We hope you like it:

  • Razer Viper Ultimate mouse for 99.99 euros (original price 148.77 euros). For many gamers this is the best mouse out there right now and we can see why; The model is wireless, with a high performance sensor, light weight and fully configurable software. Its form factor is ambidextrous, with no preferred grip, although we found its riser to be ideal for claw grips. At the usual price, the purchase is prohibitive, but the current discount cuts it by more than a third.Black Friday ahead of time?  The 20 best pre-Black Friday gaming deals we've found
  • Blue Snowball ICE microphone for 54.99 euros (original price 64.99 euros). While it’s not a spectacular discount this blue mic currently has, given its appearance on this list, its popularity and good performance deserve our attention. At its normal price, we think there are better alternatives for a marginal amount of money, but under $60 it’s an almost unbeatable deal in the USB microphone space.
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones for 99.99 euros (original price 139 euros). And why not switch from a good microphone to great headphones? The ATH-M50X has been a reference for many gamers who have decided to step out of the gaming offerings when it comes to getting headphones, and they have been for their excellent sound separation and relative listening neutrality. It’s quite a surprise to find it under 100 euros.
  • AOC C32G2ZE monitor for 299.99 euros (original price 358.99 euros). While FHD screens with a refresh rate of 240 hertz are not very difficult to find, they are a bit more difficult for panels outside of the TN technology. Based on VA technology, this AOC monitor has excellent contrast and reasonable brightness and negligible GtG response time.
  • Phanteks Eclipse P350X ATX tower for 44.99 euros (original price 69.99 euros). This Phanteks tower belongs to the Eclipse series, which is one of our clearest references when it comes to recommending affordable and powerful PC towers. As one of the members of this series, the P350X excels in the core items we always recommend when it comes to buying a tower PC, which is why we wanted to include it in our listing.Black Friday ahead of time?  The 20 best pre-Black Friday gaming deals we've found
  • MSI Trident X Plus for 1,799.99 euros (new price 2,299 euros). If we look at the components of this desktop PC in a reduced format, we can easily conclude that it is a powerful piece of hardware, capable of the new generation, although both its processor and its graphics card have more modern substitutes; However, and for this reason we want to understand that this device has a price very similar to what we could expect if we assemble it piece by piece, it has a reduced format and a global guarantee.
  • Watch Dogs: Legion (Standard Edition) for 44.59 euros (original price 59.99 euros). Ubisoft is on sale due to the upcoming dates, allowing us to find many of its titles at a reduced price. Among them, we found Watch Dogs: Legion particularly interesting for its novelty in the video game market. The sale is active for all platforms while stocks last.
  • Logitech G Pro X headphones for 99.99 euros (original price 138.99 euros). Although the Logitech G Pro X may seem a bit pricey at its original price for what it offers, at the current discount it’s undoubtedly one of the best sounding and mic wireless headphones in its price range, at least in the wireless crowd. For that alone it deserves our attention.
  • MSI GE66 Raider 10SGS laptop for 1,999.99 (original price 2,699.99 euros). As one of the most powerful laptops in MSI’s current lineup, the GE66 Raider does not skimp on components, including an i7-10875H processor, a GeForce RTX 2080 Super main graphics card, a 240 Hertz FHD display and a spacious body .well cooled as main weapons. Now it has an interesting discount that makes it a little more moderate than usual in price, although still out of reach for many.
  • Razer Blackwidow Elite keyboard for 99.98 euros (original price 179.99 euros). Although the quoted offer may seem absurd, that’s because it’s applied to an already significant discount. The new price of this Razer mechanical keyboard is around 180 euros, so if you can find it in the vicinity of 100 euros, that’s a reduction of almost half its price; Since the Blackwidow Elite is one of the most complete keyboards from the Viper company, we think it’s worth highlighting here.
  • Gigabyte AORUS G15 laptop for 1,469 euros (original price 1,799 euros). This Aorus laptop review is one of our favorites in the Gigabyte offering as well as the high-end laptop offerings. It features an elegant and well-built body with adequate cooling and a combination of mechanical keyboard and high refresh rate screen that is appreciated the most. The CPU-GPU pair is from Nvidia and Intel, with the processor being an i7-10750H and the graphics card being an RTX 2070 for laptops.
  • LG CX OLED TV (55 inches) for 1,499 euros (new price 1,999 euros). For us, the LG CX is the best TV for gaming on Xbox Series X as well as one of the most interesting for gaming on PlayStation 5; So it’s a surprise to find it with such a big discount in the days leading up to Black Friday that we didn’t want to miss it. It’s an OLED TV with 4K resolution, a 120 Hertz refresh rate panel, G-Sync/FreeSync compatibility and HDMI 2.1 support. The model we’re highlighting is the 55-inch model, but the 65-inch model has also seen a significant drop in price, which might interest you if you’re ready to buy the model.
  • LG OLED BX TV for 1,149 euros (new price 1,499 euros). It’s the model just below the LG CX that we highlighted earlier. It features a panel with OLED technology at 4K resolution, G-Sync/FreeSync compatibility and many of the technologies of the previous model at a lower price; In return for this drop, it omits the high refresh panel and some interesting additions, but it’s still a very valid and slightly cheaper option, especially with the current offering.
  • Cougar Surpassion RX mouse for 44.95 euros (original price 69.95 euros). We have before us another case of a peripheral that seems very good to us, but whose usual price makes us not usually recommend it. In this case, that peripheral is Cougar’s Surpassion RX mouse, a wireless model with excellent construction, wireless and a good sensor, the PMW 3330; which we add here because it is at a reduced price.
  • Genesis Holm 200 RGB desk table for 89.99 euros (new price 159.99 euros). To be perfectly honest, the RGB of this desk is no saint of our devotion as it makes a very good item more expensive, bulky, with heavy elements for gamers and with facilities to keep our gaming and working environment clear; Fortunately, the current discount solves the problem of inflated prices.Black Friday ahead of schedule?  The 20 best pre-Black Friday gaming deals we've found
  • HP Pavilion Gaming 16 laptop for 1,099.99 euros (original price 1,399.99 euros). The immediate inferior model of this HP Pavilion was one of our recommended gaming laptops. Having found its superior model at a similar price, we didn’t want to pass up the offer without distinguishing ourselves from our items. It’s a relatively thin computer with a well-sized chassis that houses a GeForce RTX 2060 along with an i7-10750H and a 144 Hertz FHD panel.
  • Gigabyte G27QC monitor for 279.95 euros (original price 399.95 euros). Of the many gaming monitor models Gigabyte has recently launched, this is one of the most complete, with a 165 Hertz VA panel, built-in speakers, G-Sync compatibility, and a decent response time. At the current price, we think it’s a good proposition.
  • Internal SSD Samsung 860 EVO (500GB) for 64.90 euros (new price 75.99 euros). The direct predecessor price was around 69 euros, but that was already a discount compared to the original 76 euros that this device cost; Taking both discounts into account, we can see that this device has significantly reduced its price, being one of the fastest SATA III format SSDs on the market, despite not being equipped with …


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