Black Friday week deals on PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass and PS Now

The landscape of the video gaming world has changed a lot since the appearance of the first subscription services, many of which have already matured to offer more focused and interesting content than before; This applies to the Xbox Game Pass and its enormous range of games, Xbox Live Gold, which Microsoft has been developing since the days of the Xbox 360, also the PlayStation Plus, which was so criticized in its early days, and which is now an integral part of Sony consoles. These services also have a small pre-delivery gap Black Fridayan area we wanted to emphasize given the scale of these services on our consoles.

Black Friday subscription offers

Black Friday week deals on PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass and PS Now

In these days leading up to Black Friday, Sony has made its biggest bet in terms of deals on its subscriptions; while Microsoft offers us a unique but powerful proposal.

  • PlayStation Plus (12 months) for 44.99 euros (new price 59.99 euros). Sony’s premium online service is offered both on the official website and on purchase platforms such as Amazon or xtralife. Only the 12-month option seems to be reduced, fortunately it is the most interesting of those that offer it.
  • PlayStation Now (12 months) for 44.99 euros (new price 59.99 euros). Likewise, Sony’s cloud gaming service is now available at a reduced price both on its official website and on shopping platforms such as Amazon or the aforementioned xtralife. in addition to the typical free trial period if we are not already part of that service.
  • PlayStation Now (3 months) for 18.95 euros (new price 24.99 euros). If you’re still not convinced of PS Now but want to give this service a longer chance, the three-month package is also discounted. We found the best official price on xtralife, while on Amazon we also find it discounted.
  • Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) for 1 euro (original price 12.99 euros) for new users. The Ultimate version of Game Pass includes access to all PC and console content from the above pass, plus additional content and services such as Xbox Live Gold or xCloud. For a single euro, it’s difficult to fight Microsoft’s proposal these days, even if it’s just for a month. Of course only if you are a new user; People who already have an active subscription will not benefit from this promotion.

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Black Friday week deals on PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass and PS Now

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