Configure your gaming PC at the best price and in three different ranges with these Black Friday offers

At hardware level this year 2020 is a very busy yearAnd we’re not just saying that because of the recent release of next-gen consoles, but because of the many changes we’ve had in the desktop PC landscape. From graphics to processors, to storage and even stopping cooling, we’ve lived many generational leaps in the world of PC gamingsome changes that many expected as an invitation to renew or change in their team, for the former we have prepared this text in which we review them three settings which we think are really interesting to face up to the new generation.

  • How we built the configurations. Our builds follow a typical layout where we specify three budgets that embody the low, mid and high end of the modern gaming PC; Our ultimate goal is to achieve a balanced and efficient team. In other years, we’ve listed Intel- or AMD-based configurations for every budget, but given the current state of AMD processor pricing, availability, and performance versus Intel’s, this year’s list will focus on red with few exceptions corporate processors.
  • About availability issues and upcoming releases. We recognize that many of the items of most interest to PC gamers are currently limited or unavailable until further notice. We are aware of this, so in the following lists we have prepared two hypothetical teams; an ideal one, with all the pieces we want for it, even if they’re not available now; and another with parts that we can easily buy today and with the possibility of updating or skipping some of them to acquire them later. This second configuration aims to get the maximum possible performance for the given budget with parts that we have now, even knowing what will be released later.

Discover the advantages of PC gaming

Budget: 610 eurosConfigure your gaming PC at the best price and in three different ranges with these Black Friday offers

In the range of 600 euros we have the opportunity to get hold of it a simple but strong teamthat it has room for upgrades given the new mid-range processors and graphics that are due to arrive next year; but that by then it will be able to let us play absolutely anything on the market in Full HD resolution from 2020 onwards.

To achieve this, we built the team around us a powerful mid-low range graphics. In this case the choice is yours Radeon RX5500XT, a board that is growing in popularity due to the gradual disappearance of Radeon’s own RX 580 and GeForce GTX 1650 Super, as well as the cost increase of other alternatives; Luckily, it’s powerful graphics that work tremendously well FHD resolutions with few adjustments; accompanying them we have them Ryzen 5 2600a regular part of our equipment lists that continues to be an interesting proposition to offer adequate performance and open the doors of the AM4 platform and its inter-generational intercompatibility, in this case made possible by the B550 chipset we have chosen.

The idea behind this team is to have a solid foundation on which to build a stronger team after the release of future mid-range graphics from Nvidia and AMD or those who will release them later, as the team has plenty of power for the current panorama in FHD resolution. When the Ryzen 5000 processors come out, we’ll be able to make the jump too, but then again, knowing the limitations of the board, it’s very possible that the switch won’t be necessary. Our idyllic version of this setting, if we had access to all the parts we wanted with good availability, it would be replacing the RX 5500 XT with a hypothetical GTX 1650 Super for less than 200 euros, or with a GTX 1660 Super if we could find it for 230 euros ; but given the availability and current prices of both, we believe this suggestion is equally valid.

Configure your gaming PC at the best price and in three different ranges with these Black Friday offers

  • Configuration ready to buy from PcComponentes (607.74 euros). The fluctuations in the prices of the components have meant that our budget was exceeded by about 14 euros, but the equipment is essentially the same as what we have seen so far. One of the most notable improvements we can make with it is increasing the gear storage space due to the weight of current games.
  • Preconfigured equipment with almost similar performance (589 euros). With a more modest processor and simpler graphics, but a larger SSD, this device isn’t too far off what we list in terms of capabilities, although our suggestion is more powerful without modifications.
  • Acer Nitro 5 laptop (639 euros). Although its performance is not comparable to our desktop, at the current price this Acer laptop is in the same price range and can offer us good gaming experiences at the performance level.

Give wings to the platform

Budget: 920 eurosConfigure your gaming PC at the best price and in three different ranges with these Black Friday offers

By slightly increasing the budget of our hypothetical team, we can get such a computer improves its performance in each of a team’s key points of play, from performance to durability to cooling. Like the previous team, this configuration can be improved in the near future, but we don’t push the change that much as it has good performance in FHD and QHD.

Again, the cornerstone on which we build an entire gaming rig is your graphics card. for a loose budget like the 800 to 900 euros we are talking about, we can jump into the current middle class without shame, Being able to choose graphics like the Radeon RX 5600 XT or the GeForce RTX 2060 from Nvidia; The former is our choice for two simple reasons: it has a higher gross power and its price is more sustainable as it hasn’t changed much since its inception. The main obstacle that keeps us from opting for an Nvidia RTX graphics card is the price, at which we currently find the cheapest series, which is dangerously close to the 500 euros for which we should acquire a GeForce RTX 3070 in the near future to additionally shoot the upper margin of our budget. Instead, we believe that it is more consistent to opt today for something powerful that works adequately until we decide to take the plunge to the new graphics, but always aware of their existence.

At the processor level, we could choose two paths: we could well achieve one Current generation Intel i5to get the most out of our budget games from the first minute; or we could also choose a Ryzen 5 3600, which are now available at a good price as this is a cheaper processor and a little less determined in games, which opens the doors to the AM4 platforms and their next models. We chose the second option due to the good performance that the new Ryzen 5000s seem to have, but if we want to update right after their release, it might be a good idea to skip the R5 3600 and go for the R5 2600 to decide which we recommend in the previous team. , because said departure is imminent.

Configure your gaming PC at the best price and in three different ranges with these Black Friday offers

  • Configuration ready to buy from PcComponentes (914.66 euros). The equipment described. Possible changes could be AMD graphics for one of Nvidia’s proposals at a good price, either new or from the second-hand market, as well as SATA III format storage, which is generally cheaper, although the one we’ve included is a very good price.
  • Preconfigured equipment with almost similar performance (879 euros). This team has a lower processor and more modest graphics for a lower price; However, at FHD resolution it should offer us very good performance and with the appropriate adjustments we could afford to play at higher resolutions. Despite this, our configuration still seems superior to us.
  • Lenovo Legion 5 laptop (949.99 euros). The closest match we could find in the portable space is this Lenovo Legion 5, which is priced into a comfortable position with its current offering.

Squeeze the PC experience

Budget: 1,500 eurosConfigure your gaming PC at the best price and in three different ranges with these Black Friday offers

The idea behind this team is to make the best of everything we find in the video game market today, while laying a solid foundation for changing some key elements of our team in the distant future. This configuration should offer everything in QHD and UHD resolutions, the choice of which depends on the frame rate per second that we want to achieve.

It’s terribly tricky to talk about the chart where we keep the rest of the team in the context we’re dealing with. Ideally, the graphic we choose in the context of this budget would be the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 from Nvidia or the current RX 6800 from Radeon; but given the lack of stocks of the first and the unavailability of the second in our country, this task seems impossible unless we look for replacements. Luckily, a replacement for the RTX 3070 arrived at PcComponentes today, so this is our clearest option.

We have a very similar situation with the processor. The Ryzen 5 5600 is coming, offering significantly superior gaming performance over the current Ryzen 3000 series at a marginally higher price point. Unfortunately we cannot sell them at real price in our…


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