€630 off MSI Raider laptop, RTX 3090 on sale and discounted games in Bargain Hunting

The Xbox series has been with us for a week and we are a few hours on Spanish territory from enjoying PS5; the end of a queue that wasn’t all that long, but has become eternal for many players. We are also approaching Black Friday and other pre-Christmas offers, with some stores slightly anticipating these sales, as is the case with PCComponentes. In this framework we return with our hunting bargains.

Deals on accessories for players

€630 off MSI Raider laptop, RTX 3090 on sale and discounted games in Bargain Hunting

As we mentioned in the introduction, some virtual stores have already started their sales campaign, so this week we have the most interesting and diverse offers among our accessories to play with. These are some of the offers mentioned:

  • Logitech G603 Lightspeed mouse for 39.99 euros (original price 81.99 euros). This Logitech model is part of the first overhaul of wireless peripherals following the development of Lightspeed technology. Although it’s been on the market for a few years, it’s still a perfectly primed mouse for current video gaming use; Its weight is the only weak point that we can reduce with accessories like battery cases.
  • Logitech G815 keyboard (GL Touch) for 109 euros (original price 199 euros). Our second offering in the section also corresponds to a Logitech peripheral, this time one of its most peculiar keyboards: the G815. It’s a mechanical model with low-profile switches, making it a thin and bulky keyboard for its size. At its usual price, it’s hard to recommend, but now it’s almost half its price.
  • Ducky One 2 SFRGB keyboard (Cherry MX Red) for 84.91 euros (original price 99.90 euros). While it doesn’t have a particularly significant reduction, the Ducky One 2 in all its versions is one of our favorite mechanical keyboards. They have a solid construction with excellent stabilizers and a nice RGB that lacks the obligatory software for configuration.
  • HyperX Cloud Flight S headphones for 119.99 euros (original price 168.99 euros). Because of their popularity and value for money, which only increases when it’s reduced, they’ve been part of our listing every time they’ve dropped in price. These are wireless headphones that stand out for their good sound, proper separation and microphone, as well as their construction and battery.€630 off MSI Raider laptop, RTX 3090 on sale and discounted games in Bargain Hunting
  • Dell S Series FHD monitor for 199.99 euros (original price 239.99 euros). The only reason this Dell monitor hasn’t appeared in our latest monitor buying guide is because we believe that at its original price point, there are equally well-balanced options out there for less. However, with the discount you’re enjoying now, let’s look at an FHD@144Hz monitor with an excellent VA panel, packed with useful features for gaming.
  • Gigabyte G32QC Monitor for 309.99 euros (original price 399 euros). Part of their new line of gaming peripherals, this Gigabyte monitor features a 165 Hertz VA panel, G-Sync and Freesync compatibility, and superb construction.
  • Sound BlasterX G6 external sound card for 89.99 euros (previous price 129 euros). Not so much an offer in and of itself, but more of an overall price reduction that we wanted to highlight, the Sound BlasterX G6 is a complete sound card that comes with DAC/AMP ready to take on any conventional gaming headset, notably characterized by its Software shines and features. Skills.
  • Google Nest Mini for 19 euros (new price 59 euros). This smart speaker falls a bit outside of what we would normally recommend, but given its usefulness and good price with its current discount, we wanted to include one of the simplest steps towards a smart home in Google’s offering.
  • Kewaye’s chair for €102.99 (previous price €129.89). This McHaus chair has recently seen a price drop bringing it to the same price as more basic models as it is a fully adaptable model with good construction.

Offers for components and computers

€630 off MSI Raider laptop, RTX 3090 on sale and discounted games in Bargain Hunting

As with gaming accessories and peripherals, this week’s component offerings are featured by the stores that have already launched their sales and promotion campaign. These are some of the component offerings that we liked the most:

  • Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 for 1,419.90 euros (original price 1,579.90 euros). Nvidia’s most powerful graphics card in the commercial sector is slightly lower for PC components. There are not many units available, we understand that due to the different model availability issues; but until it’s sold out, it’s one of the RTX 3090s available at the best price right now.€630 off MSI Raider laptop, RTX 3090 on sale and discounted games in Bargain Hunting
  • SSD M.2 XPG Spectrix unit (512 GB) for 74.90 euros (new price 99.90 euros). Manufactured by Adata, this M.2 drive has sustained read and write speeds of 3000MB/s, customizable RGB lighting, and an included heatsink, making it an interesting offering in its lineup.
  • Salicru SPS SOHO+ UPS for 112 euros (original price 151 euros). For those living in an area with problems in their electrical installation, a UPS can be a good investment to avoid electronic equipment durability problems. This Salicru model has good specifications and a reduced price.

Gaming Laptop Deals

€630 off MSI Raider laptop, RTX 3090 on sale and discounted games in Bargain Hunting

This week we have three models for gaming among our laptops. Two of the models belong to MSI, while the third, slightly more modest, belongs to Lenovo’s new line of laptops. These are the models that are mentioned in a little more detail:

  • MSI GE66 Raider 10SF for 1,669 euros (new price 2,229 euros). One of MSI’s most advanced gaming laptops, the MSI Raider features a well-cooled, full-size chassis that houses the i7-10875H and GeForce RTX 2070 laptop array, along with this pair boasting 1TB of SSD storage and 32GB of RAM, so we think it’s a good buy at the current price. Of course, there aren’t many units left.€630 off MSI Raider laptop, RTX 3090 on sale and discounted games in Bargain Hunting
  • MSI GF65 Thin 10SER for 1,149 euros (original price 1,399 euros). This is the test of one of the models that we have featured most often in our listings. This test has an Intel i7-10750H processor and an Nvidia RTX 2060 as the CPU and GPU respectively, the rest of the chassis elements are the same as the previous model, so it’s still a laptop that focuses on value for money and to provide portability.
  • Lenovo Legion 5 for 949 euros (original price 1099.99 euros). This model of the renewed Lenovo Legion series stands out above all for its body and good construction that give it a robust and resistant look. It has good cooling, a 120 Hertz WVA FHD screen and a CPU-GPU pair consisting of an Intel I7-10750H and an Nvidia GTX 1650.

PS4 game deals

€630 off MSI Raider laptop, RTX 3090 on sale and discounted games in Bargain Hunting

As happened on Xbox last week, it is very likely that this will be our last section dedicated exclusively to PlayStation 4 in Hunting Bargains. After the successor’s departure, we will make sections together until the new console finally replaces its predecessor. Nevertheless, this week we find interesting offers in the Sony Virtual Store:

  • Tetris Effect for 19.99 euros (new price 39.99 euros). The latest iteration of the video game par excellence, it’s also one of those games that shakes up the very foundations of what Tetris is for the average player, making this title a visually rich experience and building its gameplay around the rules we all know know. .
  • Remnants: From the Ashes Complete Edition for 34.99 euros (original price 49.99 euros). This Perfect World title cleverly combines RPG elements such as swappable gear, stat-driven progression, and dungeon-centric action; based on a third person action title where gunplay and our coordination play a special role. For us, it’s one of the big ignores of the past 2019, so this edition, which includes all the content at a reduced price, seems ideal to us.
  • XCOM 2 Collection for 26.99 euros (original price 89.99 euros). The direct sequel to the relaunch that XCOM experienced some time ago, it’s been out for a few years, but it’s still one of the most interesting SRPGs on the current scene. This edition includes all the additional content we’ve had for this title so far, making it a good option to add to our library.
  • Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition for 14.99 euros (original price 99.99 euros). We already have his direct successor with us; but considering the arcade slant of it, compared to the simulationist aspirations of its second installment, the proposal of this second installment is perhaps more interesting for lovers of the genre, which, being already aging, has an excellent price. including a lot of online content that was launched for just under 15 euros.
  • Rage 2 Collector’s Edition for 89.95 euros (original price 129.99 euros). To wrap up this section we have the Collector’s Edition of Rage 2, a first-person shooter that came to us from Bethesda and Avalanche Studios a few years ago. Although the title, like its predecessor, shows its seams at the design and narrative level, its world and especially its gunplay are among the most entertaining of the genre in the current generation. That…


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