Gaming chairs, keyboards, mice and headphones in the Black Friday 2020 promotions

With only three days to go before Black Friday 2020, we continue our quest to look for some of the most interesting offers happening before the given date. This time we’re looking at common PC peripherals like headsets, desk chairs, keyboards, and mice.

Select gaming headsets during Black Friday week

Gaming chairs, keyboards, mice and headphones in the Black Friday 2020 promotions

Starting with the most general category of everything, which we will be dealing with in this text, gaming headsets are not synonymous with the PC as a platform, but they find in it a strong ally to unleash unique elements, as is often the case with the software that we usually find on the platform for these devices. These are some of the most interesting headphones on sale that we could find:

  • HyperX Cloud Flight headphones for 89.99 euros (original price 139.99 euros). When this discounted HyperX model comes out it usually shows up on one of our sales listings and the like as we think within its range it’s a very solid option, with good sound and mics to talk about a wireless model a good one Battery compared to similar and a comfortable design.
  • Corsair HS50 Pro headphones for 49.99 euros (original price 64.99 euros). Another model that usually tops our list when it comes up for sale is the Corsair HS50, and that’s because it’s a model that, without being outstanding in any area, has a reasonable sound and has a good construction within reach; Although we think the original price is a bit high, it is always a safe bet on sale.Gaming chairs, keyboards, mice and headphones in the Black Friday 2020 promotions
  • Steelseries Arctis 7 headphones for 114.99 euros (original price 179.99 euros). One of the most versatile headsets in the Steelseries Arctis range; and they are because they include a USB receiver for direct synchronization with a wide range of devices, as well as a special connection to use the same model via cable. Its construction is comfortable and suitably adaptable, and its sound is very adequate, with good separation and good mids; its weak point is the mic.
  • Razer Kraken headphones for 59.99 euros (original price 79.99 euros). These Razer headphones have been around for a long time, but they’re still a notable option for their good construction, decent microphone, and good sound treatment in video games; While we think there are better options at the original price, dropping it by about $20 makes it a much more attractive option.
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50XGM headphones for 99.99 euros (original price 139 euros). They have already appeared in one of our pre-Black Friday compilations, but as they are still at their reduced price we think it is interesting to mention once again the price at which these Audio Technica headphones can be found, which are part of a of the series are of headphones that have nothing to do with the gaming concept that gamers like the most.
  • Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones for 229 euros (original price 329 euros). Like the previous ones, these Sony headphones are unaware of the “gaming” label carried by the rest of the models on our list, and unlike the ATH-M50XGM, the Sony model doesn’t have any particular performance in games, but that’s about it one of the best wireless active noise canceling headphones on the market, which is why we wanted to highlight it here.

Black Friday Featured Gaming Mice

Gaming chairs, keyboards, mice and headphones in the Black Friday 2020 promotions

For PC gamers, desktop mice are almost a natural extension of their own hands, not only because they’re one of the main ways we enter our commands into platform titles, but also because they’re one of the peripherals we use most quickly with competitive gaming get in touch . These are some game models that we liked on offer:

  • Logitech G203 Lightsync mouse for 22 euros (new price 39.99 euros). The second generation of one of Logitech’s best-selling mice improves every aspect of its first iteration, from the sensor to the build; only the price is in worse shape, although this offering still leaves it below what its previous version usually finds.
  • Razer Naga Trinity mouse for 63.99 euros (new price 109.99 euros). Now that World of Warcraft has returned, it’s a good time to mention the offering of this Razer mouse, which features an interchangeable and highly configurable side panel via software; making the Naga Trinity one of the most complete MMO mice on the market.
  • HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro for 34.99 euros (original price 49.99 euros). Dedicated to a completely different genre than our previous featured model, the HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro is designed to stand out in shooters with a light weight within its range and price, a good sensor and some additional simple buttons for typical functions of the genre. It also cuts an adequate figure outside of it and given the price it now has, it seems to us to be a more than interesting alternative for a new mouse.
  • Logitech G502 SE Hero for 39.90 euros (original price 89.99 euros). Regularly making our listings when it’s for sale, the G502 stands out for its comfortable shape, rounded build, and sensor. This is one of the best prices we can get this version, which is usually lowered less often.
  • MSI Clutch GM08 for 11.99 euros (new price 24.99 euros). As an economic proposal, we have on our list MSI’s Clutch GM08, a simple mouse with a proper construction and sensor that, thanks to its low price and good features, can be the ideal option for those who want to get a gaming mouse for the first time.Gaming chairs, keyboards, mice and headphones in the Black Friday 2020 promotions
  • Razer Basilisk Ultimate for 119.99 euros (original price 189.99 euros). Of the wireless models that Razer has on the market, the Basilisk Ultimate interests us mainly because of its form factor, which gives it great convenience, its relatively light weight and its good sensor. For those looking for something more symmetrical, another wireless model, the Razer Viper Ultimate, is also heavily discounted.

Featured Black Friday keyboards

Gaming chairs, keyboards, mice and headphones in the Black Friday 2020 promotions

Keyboards tend to be a controversial figure within the PC peripherals; There are gamers who claim that their impact doesn’t justify the price many of them cost, while others are willing to spend more on that piece than others that are also very important, like the mouse itself. Regardless of where If you stand by it, here are offers for both points of view:

  • Genesis Thor 300 RGB keyboard for 49.99 euros (original price 89.99 euros). This no-frills Genesis-branded keyboard features Cherry MX Brown switches, a decent build, and good lighting for the current price.
  • Steelseries Apex 7 TKL keyboard for 119.99 euros (original price 159.99 euros). The new Steelseries Apex series features optical switches with individually programmable actuation point, as well as additional extras that we can squeeze from their rich software. To access this offer, you must register on the Steelseries official website; and we will not be able to acquire the ISO format -with the chubby input- with the distribution in Spanish, but we believe that the offer will still be available given its quantity and low availability, common with this model interesting is.
  • Dierya DK61E keyboard for 51.99 euros (original price 64.99 euros). This compact keyboard from Dierya has Gateron switches in various colors and good density PBC keys, making it a very interesting proposition for its current price. Unfortunately it doesn’t have an ISO distribution and we can only get it in ANSI.
  • Asus Rog Strix Scope Deluxe keyboard for 129 euros (original price 179 euros). It is one of the most complete keyboards from Asus since it has a very good construction, configurable dynamic lighting, Cherry MX Red switches and multimedia keys that make it a very valid option for any type of use.
  • Razer BlackWidow keyboard for 79.99 euros (original price 129.99 euros). This is one of the best prices we can buy this complete Razer keyboard that has switches licensed by the company and good finishes.

Selected Black Friday gaming chairs

Gaming chairs, keyboards, mice and headphones in the Black Friday 2020 promotions

These days you can also find some interesting offers on the subject of desk chairs, whether for gamers or the office. We’ve talked about them on several occasions, so we wanted to dedicate a space to them in these sales days:

  • Chair Drift DR150B for 151.20 euros (new price 199.90 euros). This is one of the best-selling drift models because of its great adaptability and good workmanship. It tends to get discounted from its original price from time to time, so we’re happy to see it now at one of its best prices too.
  • Nacon PCCH-310 Gaming Chair for 98.89 euros (previous price 129.90 euros). This understated Nacon chair is exclusive to FNAC in this color and format and typically costs around 129 euros; Now it’s lowered its price – we don’t know if permanently – to the price we’re currently seeing, a price that we think might be attractive to some players.
  • Ergonomic chair Euromof Ankara for 197 euros (new price 299 euros). This office chair fulfills in all aspects that we would normally expect from a desk chair for a gaming table and at a price well below the original, justified by its materials and…


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