Get the most out of your old video game cartridges with the new Hyperkin Retro Consoles

Either because we live it in its time or simply because we are attracted to times gone by, the so-called “retro world” of video games tends to be very attractive to us, and no less because it is important to know where we are from to predict where we are going and in a medium that is as iterative as the video gameWith genres built based on past concepts, it’s perfectly normal for players, novice or veteran, to want to enjoy a bit of that flair of the past.

If we dare, from physical copies From titles from the past we find the hardware problem that we do not always have access to or that does not always have the correct status to be used in current devices. For situations like this – and without departing from the physics of the cartridge – our best option outside of the original hardware is to opt for the so-called “Retro clones“from companies like Hyperkin who are just about to launch their new range of Retron consoles.

Our colleagues from xtralife are preparing for these new releases April, 30th, so we wanted to tell you about it before it happens. Those interested already know: It’s time to blow cartridges and dust controls, let’s go!

The new Retron consoles from Hyperkin

Get the most out of your old video game cartridges with the new Hyperkin Retro Consoles

While they’re not the only novelty from Hyperkin, it’s hard to deny that the new consoles are the most attractive of all of this North American company’s new product lines. All of them have HD output for our current televisions, as well as direct compatibility with major peripherals on most of the consoles they replace.

Models like the Retron SQ open up the possibility to play our GB classics on the big screen, which was relatively difficult in our country without the right accessories at the time; while others dare to go a step further and add visual and audio enhancements to our titles of yesteryear. We are free to apply or not.

Of all his proposals, however, the Retron 5, a multi-console compatible with, caught our attention the most the best from Nintendo and SEGA They offered us during the 8-bit Explorer era and the crazy 16-bit years, and it has great compatibility with all software-in-cartridges of the time.

  • Retron 5 HD Hyper Beach Blue Console for 169.99 euros (start on April 30). With powerful software that gives us certain sound and visual enhancements, and compatible with SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive, as well as Nintendo consoles from the NES to the Super Nintendo, including the entire Game Boy family, this console is the more complete proposal from Hyperkin .
  • Retron 77 Ambar Console for Atari 2600 for 89.99 euros (released April 30). For those who want to relive the golden age of Atari, this console is compatible with the mythical 2600, both in its cartridges and in its original levers, and allows us to enjoy it in HD resolution on current devices.
  • Retron SQ console for 89.99 euros (starting April 30). If your collection focuses on the Game Boy family consoles, this Hyperkin model might be your interests. It is compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color as well as Game Boy Advance in the beta version, can reproduce its image with 720p and an included USB controller. It is also available in black.
  • Retron 1 AV Hyper Beach Console + 1 controller for NES for 29.99 euros (start on April 30). As the cheapest offer from Hyperkin, it is fully compatible with original NES cartridges and HD output for current screens. It is also available in gray.

Get the most out of your old video game cartridges with the new Hyperkin Retro Consoles

Hyperlink will also premiere along with its new consoles new accessories for Nintendo Switch and other gaming devices with the retro taste that characterizes them. Both will also be launched on April 30th, the most frequently repeated being the Hyperpodium adapter for Nintendo Switch, which, based on the cubic Nintendo console, allows the connection of up to 4 original controllers. Perhaps more interesting, however, is the AlphaStar adapter for Switch, PS4, and PS5, which allows us to use Microsoft’s convenient controllers for Xbox One on compatible consoles.

And now that we talk about controllers, Hyperkin plans to do his sometime this year Admiral Premium Wireless Driver, two controllers that are directly reminiscent of the famous Nintendo 64 trident controller and adapt them to the current Gran-N console.

Of course, not everything we can find in xtralife is retro, including the well-known store with a wide range of retro items and gadgets, from controllers reminiscent of earlier models like the original Xbox Duke controller for One’s Case is and train; to devices like the Sega Mega Drive Mini, one of the most complete retro mini consoles on the market.


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