HP OMEN X 2S laptop at a discount of 1,300 euros, an irresistible offer for gaming laptops

The market of laptops is very peculiar, you can list a large number of models thoughtfully and contrastingly to find out which is the best of them in terms of value for money and see in a single temporary offer how all this work is mined by the price for a single offer. The one we’re bringing to our weekly section today, we’d say, if observation is permitted, is one of those deals that rock the buying priority list throughout its duration; Well, we would talk about the laptop OMEN X 15 inch from HP is currently at 1,699 euros at El Corte Inglés, a price far from that 2,999 original eurosand that leaves this model thrilled in its design and offering at the conventional high-range price.

HP OMEN X 2S laptop at a discount of 1,300 euros, an irresistible offer for gaming laptops

Much of our relative enthusiasm for this model comes from the components that HP integrated into its chassis; because it is a team with a GeForce RTX 2070-max-Qin charge of the graphics section, an internal memory of 32 GB, 1 TB of high-speed SSD storage and, perhaps the weak point of this model, a ninth-generation Intel i7-9750H processor. The appearance of this processor from the last Intel generation helps us to see the reason for the reduction; However, as we have already mentioned in some other texts, the changes from the ninth to the tenth – and current – generation in terms of video games are insignificant, we would speak of an improvement of 6% in relation to the model used by the laptop, above that we speak.

We mentioned the chassis of this HP model very briefly, but in it we find all its peculiarities; those that make it an enthusiast model in the conventional high range. The OMEN X 2S features dual FHD screens In its design, the top and main one has 144Hz and a low response time, the second, occupying part of the space usually allocated to the keyboard, is about 6 inches and fully touch-sensitive and configurable as an extended desktop, the second screen or media display for specific Elements. After the appearance of these screens, the keyboard and touchpad have migrated to a displaced position on the underside of the case; Fortunately, the keyboard is very good by usual laptop standards, with good haptics and dedicated lighting.

HP OMEN X 2S laptop at a discount of 1,300 euros, an irresistible offer for gaming laptops

However, and here we come to weakness of this model, the appearance of two screens detracts from a certain section of a model with good performance like this one: autonomy away from a charging station; which is about 2-3 hours at full capacity. This precarious situation does not arise with normal use, while with intensive use it can be solved by limiting the use of the secondary screen; but it’s surprising to see how this increases consumption. On the other hand, the appearance of dual screens, the relative thickness of the model and the internal placement of its components ensure good internal cooling, somewhat pronounced in terms of noise, but more than fulfills its objective. With that we close this text and talk about a gaming laptop with a unique approach and that for the 1,699 euros at which we currently find it, we think it is a suggestion that we should take into account if you are looking for a laptop with this set of internal components and think you can reap its benefits.


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