Kingdom Hearts All-In-One for 30 € and HP OMEN 25 Monitor 100 € cheaper at Hunting Bargains

We started the week with news we didn’t expect, like Josef Fares’ bizarre statement about giving $ 1,000 to anyone bored with It Takes Two, its upcoming release; or the surprise around the animated series DOTA from Netflix. For our part, we’re getting back to our hunting bargains where we search and list the best deals we could find this week.

Deals on gamer accessories

Kingdom Hearts All-In-One for 30 € and HP OMEN 25 Monitor 100 € cheaper at Hunting Bargains

This week the “Gaming Week” from Amazon takes place, in which we can get hold of various accessories to play well-known brands at a reduced price; This week we wanted to dedicate our usual peripherals and accessories section to this campaign, as we can find a wide variety of articles in it, among which we highlight:

  • Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC mouse for 24.99 euros (original price 40.99 euros). This gaming desktop mouse is the revision of the popular G203 Prodigy, one of the Swedish company’s best-selling mice; maintains its form factor and improves its internal specifications.
  • Logitech G512 mechanical keyboard (GX Brown Switches) for 99.98 euros (original price 124.99 euros). Logitech keyboards always have one specialty, with their keyboards that specialty is the brand’s Romer G-Switches; but they’re not for everyone, which is why we’re seeing models like this G512 that uses a more traditional GX Brown.
  • Razer Seiren X microphone for 79.98 euros (original price 109.99 euros). Razer has some cool microphones in its luggage; one of them is this series X, which offers a large sound recording capacity, many additional functions and good workmanship; but due to the usual price it is difficult to justify the purchase with the models now on the market. Fortunately, it’s on sale.
  • Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse for 118.99 euros (original price 149.99 euros). It’s been a long time since we saw this great wireless mouse from Razer at a discounted price, as is currently the case. This reduction isn’t as noticeable as the one we saw late last year, but it’s still interesting for one of their most complete models.

Kingdom Hearts All-In-One for 30 € and HP OMEN 25 Monitor 100 € cheaper at Hunting Bargains

  • Razer Kraken Kitty Edition headphones for 129.99 euros (original price 169.99 euros). The Razer Kraken are headphones that have gradually earned our sympathy for their good functions and their sound, which, without being special, we believe more than fulfills what we expect from headphones. This version includes some nice ears, an edition that is not usually available at a reduced price as in this case.
  • Corsair K65 Rapidfire RPG keyboard (MX Speed ​​Switches) for 119.99 euros (original price 149.99 euros). The K65 Rapidfire was one of the first keyboards to use Cherry MX speed switches, known for their easy registration and low resistance. That allure is still of interest to competitive gamers who will find a great ally in this keyboard.
  • Elgato Wave 3 microphone + Elgato accessories for 189.99 euros (original price 249.96 euros). This package from Elgato leaves us with his Wave 3 microphone and an accessory kit for him at a price very close to that of an independent microphone. If we’re interested in the Corsair partner company’s microphone, this is a great opportunity.

Kingdom Hearts All-In-One for 30 € and HP OMEN 25 Monitor 100 € cheaper at Hunting Bargains

  • Trust Gaming Dominus GTX711 desk table for 129.99 euros (original price 159.99 euros). This Trust desk is designed as the central room of our gaming area and therefore has several facilities to perform this task, e.g. B. Areas for cabling or brackets for accessories; In addition, it is firmly built to withstand our gaming sessions.
  • Trust Gaming GXT 658 Tytan 5.1 speaker system for 102.99 euros (original price 129.99 euros). Finding 5.1 distribution speaker systems at regular prices is not easy, which is why we wanted to highlight this set from Trust Gaming. Its base is similar to the GTX 629 in the 2.1 distribution, the same subwoofer and the same loudspeakers, but with an additional loudspeaker for media and two further loudspeakers for better separation.
  • HP OMEN 25 monitor for 169 euros (original price 279 euros). The price we usually find this OMEN monitor for is usually not its factory price, but it is not common to find it as low as it is right now. It has a 144 Hz FHD panel based on TN technology, which is not particularly popular with color lovers but which we think solves this model without any problems, as well as an acceptable size and some gaming features like FreeSync.
  • Samsung UHD 50TU8005 for 429.99 euros (original price 569 euros). This Samsung TV isn’t the most advanced the company has, but it has a good panel, compatibility with technologies like HDR10 + and the like, and 4K resolution to make it a valid and affordable option for new consoles.
  • LEGO Minecraft Castle Fortress for 67.99 euros (original price 84.99 euros). We close this section with an atypical inclusion, as it is not a peripheral or accessory to play with, but rather to decorate or give away; But in any case, we wanted to warn you that during this Amazon Gaming Week, the LEGO Minecraft sets will be on sale, which are some of the most interesting because of their sale.

Deals on gaming laptops

Kingdom Hearts All-In-One for 30 € and HP OMEN 25 Monitor 100 € cheaper at Hunting Bargains

As is the case with peripherals and accessories, we find some notebooks at an interesting price during “Gaming Week” from Amazon; although we always have to keep in mind that new generation graphics laptops are just around the corner.

  • HP OMEN 15 (15-ek0015ns) for 999.99 euros (previous price 1,299.99 euros). This OMEN has an Intel 17-10750H processor and an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti, a combination that shines on its 144 Hz FHD display and can thus get us for less than 1000 euros.
  • ASUS ROG Strix G15 (G512LV-HN221) for 1,149 euros (original price 1,499.99 euros). For a few euros more compared to our previous highlight, we get a better graphics processor, more internal memory and a case with more careful cooling; Improvements that we find very attractive, if we don’t mind that the new models are just around the corner.
  • HP Pavilion Gaming 16 for 829.99 euros (original price 949.99 euros). This simple model from HP has a very powerful Intel processor, the i7-10750H, which is accompanied by a simple GTX 1650 Ti and a modest 8GB of RAM, keeping it under $ 1000, which is what you get with the current offer reduced to approx. 830 euros.

PlayStation game deals

Kingdom Hearts All-In-One for 30 € and HP OMEN 25 Monitor 100 € cheaper at Hunting Bargains

From Sony, they continue their advertising campaign with great success in Japan; This promotion applies to your virtual store, although we can find great discounts outside of it as well.

  • All-in-one ticket for Kingdom Hearts (digital, PS4) for 27.49 euros (original price 109.99 euros). Not so long ago we advised you to face a saga as extensive and tangled as Kingdom Hearts, so the most convenient way for us to find this discount in the Sony virtual store, where we can find practically all of the saga’s titles for just below 30 euro.
  • 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (Digital, PS4) for 29.99 euros (original price 59.99 euros). This great adventure, the work of the authors of the fantastic dragon crown, was one of the least noise-making titles of last year despite being a fantastic adventure and science fiction title. We encourage you to take a look at our analysis and decide if you want to try it out.
  • Catherine: Full Body Deluxe Edition (Digital, PS4) for 20.99 euros (original price 49.99 euros). The Odd Adventure of Atlus has an excellent artistic section that includes a story that treats esoteric dilemmas as humanly as taste, love, or discouragement; all in simple mechanics. The result is a game that is “not for everyone” but which we recommend having on your radar if you haven’t played it already.
  • Control (Physical, PS4) for 19.95 euros (original price 59.95 euros). Due to its setting, mechanics and staging, Control is one of the most interesting action titles of the last generation; which leads to the return of the cure we all want to see.
  • The Last of Us Part II (Physical, PS4) for 28.95 euros (original price 44.55 euros). The 2020 GOTY is again discounted, a recommendable title for anyone who has enjoyed its first edition on PS3 and who continues its story as and where that title left it.
  • DualSense Wireless Controller (PS5) for 55.92 euros (original price 72.99 euros). With some suspicion, since this offer has already appeared in our top 3 “Featured Offers of the Week”, the PS5 controller is on sale again today on Amazon, and we wanted to highlight it here.

Xbox game offerings

Kingdom Hearts All-In-One for 30 € and HP OMEN 25 Monitor 100 € cheaper at Hunting Bargains

Lots of sports in this week’s offers for Microsoft consoles, because we are again finding the EA and 2K sports titles on offer, we have selected the two most interesting in our eyes from all of them, and we have accompanied them with other interesting offers

  • NBA 2K21 (digital) for 27.99 euros (original price 69.99 euros). The latest edition of the quintessential basketball video game returns with a few minor changes from the previous edition as well as the …


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