LG UN8500 TV with 600 Euro discount, Razer peripherals and video games on offer at Hunting Bargains

We are back with our hunting bargains! After a few more quiet weeks on deals and taking advantage of the holidays to give us a break. The one that does not rest, however, is the industry itself. Yesterday afternoon the arrival of a future title based on in dear indiana jones, also by none other than Machinegames, hand in hand with Bethesda; A message to celebrate for all fans of Professor Jones, of whom we have already given our impressions. In this context, we return with our range of products.

Deals on gamer accessories

LG UN8500 TV with 600 Euro discount, Razer peripherals and video games on offer at Hunting Bargains

Back to our usual sections of hunting bargains, let’s start with our accessories and peripherals section, which stands out this week of the newly released 2021 year with the appearance of some of the most interesting Razer mice, some monitors and screens that have a good price and a good one Amount of accessories generally appreciated.

  • Razer Viper Mouse for 59.99 euros (original price 89.99 euros). After a week at a higher price than the current one, this fantastic Razer lightweight returns at a more moderate price, for which we recommend buying if we are within 60 euros and want a symmetrical mouse for all types of grip.
  • Razer DeathAdder V2 mouse for 54.99 euros (original price 79.98 euros). In the same style as the previous one but with an ergonomic form factor that supports some types of grip. The three-person Viper company has been perfecting this model for years, this is the latest iteration that we can now find at what we consider to be a very good price.
  • Logitech G Pro headphones for 79.99 euros (original price 104.99 euros). These Logitech headphones are no stranger to our weekly sales list as they have appeared here more than once. In this they are not at the lowest price, but at a very competent one for what they offer, namely a decent sound, an excellent microphone, a good construction and a powerful software that accompanies the device.
  • Ozone DualFX in-ear headphones for 19.90 euros (original price 24.90 euros). A while ago we made our list of recommended IEM headphones, and this Ozone suggestion didn’t show up because we think there are more interesting suggestions at the original price, but with their current discount, these Ozone dual driver headphones are one Proposal of what is more interesting, especially when we compare it to what we can get on the market at this price.
  • Blue Snowball ICE microphone for 54.99 euros (original price 64.99 euros). This microphone from Blue is one of the brand’s most popular due to its good performance in its price range and tremendous ease of use. For those who want a clear recording of their live voice at a low cost, or who want a first microphone for recording, they will find a great ally in this model; which is now also at a slightly lower price than usual, although the reduction is not excessive.

LG UN8500 TV with 600 Euro discount, Razer peripherals and video games on offer at Hunting Bargains

  • LG TV UN8500 TV (75 inches) for 999 euros (original price 1,599 euros). It’s not a bad price we’re seeing for this huge LG TV. It has an IPS panel with direct backlighting, so the image quality is not on par with the company’s high-end models; But it has all the technology necessary to shine in the new consoles and its immense size can make it the ideal option for those who need a big screen for the central space of their home at a cost of less than 1000 euros.
  • Samsung Odyssey G5 monitor (32 inches) for 329.99 euros (original price 369 euros). A muted sale for one of the most interesting, feature-rich monitors available from Samsung right now. It has a size of around 32 inches for a monitor, a curved form factor, VA in-panel technology and a refresh rate of 144 Hertz as well as compatibility with, among other things, FreeSync Premium and HDR10 technologies.
  • HP 24m (24 inch) monitor for 109 euros (original price 139 euros). As the simplest display on our list, the HP 24m doesn’t have great features or specs, but it is a monitor with a good IPS panel at a very affordable price that also offers good color rendering.
  • Ozone Chroma X80 Chroma display for 79.90 euros (original price 99.90 euros). For those who dare to “professionalize” their live broadcasts, this Ozone Chroma screen is very well built, is a good size, and is currently at a curious discount.
  • Nacon PCCH-300 chair for 99.99 euros (original price 139.90 euros). This Nacon chair has an acceptable construction for its current price, generous upholstery and good vertical adjustability of the backrest and height. It’s size is relatively small, so keep an eye on the dimensions, but we think it’s a good, affordable option for those looking for a “gaming desk chair” for their gaming room.
  • The Art of Anthem (Limited Edition) for 22.98 euros (original price 55 euros). Anthem may have been a disappointment, but their art and design work from BioWare was excellent. This book sums up the culmination of the work EA has published and is now in its limited edition at a ridiculous price, so you might find it interesting.

Deals on gaming laptops

LG UN8500 TV with 600 Euro discount, Razer peripherals and video games on offer at Hunting Bargains

We continue with our usual selection of laptops on offer. As on previous occasions, we have split the selected models between models for gaming and those for office automation and production. It is very important to understand that following the recent laptop hardware announcements, many of these models will be surpassed in a few months with the arrival of their successors. With the aim of offering offers to those who need a model now, we have created this list:

  • Lenovo Legion 5 for 999.99 euros (original price 1,199.99 euros). It has appeared as one of our favorites in our picks of recommended laptops, as well as in this Deals section when it’s on sale. something we still do today because for us under 1000 euros it is one of the best models available, both for its superb construction and internal components, topped off by a Ryzen 4800H along with an RTX 2060 for portable.
  • Gigabyte AORUS 7 for 1,159 euros (original price 1,559 euros). With specs relatively similar to our previous model, but with a larger size and price, this Gigabyte Aorus 7 is a great laptop for its current price point, for which we get a model with an i7-10750H and an RTX 2060 for notebooks, among others Components of Interest.
  • Asus TUF Gaming A15 for 920 euros (original price 1,199.99 euros). This Asus notebook has an excellent processor from AMD, accompanied by a modest but powerful for FHD, GTX 1650 Ti for notebooks; All of this in a sizeable case that is now at a price we find attractive to those looking for an affordable laptop that they can easily play in.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad E14 for 749 euros (original price 799 euros). As our “not intended for gaming” model of the week, we would like to highlight this Lenovo ThinkPad, a line of notebooks that are legendary for their build quality and durability. Despite having a lot more competition now in that regard, the E14 still retains much of what this brand did well, although we may forget to play beyond a few easy titles in it given its reduced size and i5 10210U you won’t make it easy.

PlayStation game deals

LG UN8500 TV with 600 Euro discount, Razer peripherals and video games on offer at Hunting Bargains

Sony has launched its January sales campaign on PlayStation Store, where we can find great deals on titles for their consoles. although outside of that we can see another good physical offering as well. Of what is available, we liked the following:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (Digital) for 9.99 euros (original price 19.99 euros). Horizon is one of Sony’s newest IPs, but it is highly valued by many Sony gamers for its fantastic surroundings and open-world gameplay. If you haven’t played it yet, this is one of the best prizes you can do it for.
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Jurassic Park Edition (Digital) for 19.49 euros (original price 64.99 euros). This management title based on the famous film series takes up the spirit of the first episodes thanks to its exclusive content based on this license. The game itself is fun for fans of Managed City Builders and is currently very cheap.
  • Mafia I: Definitive Edition (Physical) for 19.99 euros (original price 30.49 euros). The revision of the classic from Hangar 13 has met with approval from fans of the saga and everyone who has joined it for the first time. The price is currently excellent.
  • Persona 5 Royal for 26.99 euros (original price 59.99 euros). One of the JRPGs of the Year, which in turn is the renewed version of one of the best JRPGs of the generation. Persona 5 Royal is an excellent title that is now available at a very good price and it is also the only version with the lyrics in our language.
  • PowerLead Controller for PS4 for 25.95 euros (original price 32.99 euros). This curious controller for PS4 has a symmetrical control scheme with the joysticks in the upper area, making it a …


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