Mad Catz returns stronger than ever to the stage of our desks #backinthegame

The world of game accessories has had many famous names in its short life, some of which have become icons of their own aesthetic, both because of their popularity and because of their differentiation from other proposals. In the first “boom” years for this market was one of these brands Crazy catwho valued some really emblematic models like the RAT mice, which are characterized by an aggressive appearance and high adaptability.

By chance, the brand has been out of the game for several years; the last CES of 2018 is the scenario in which we learned of his return. A turning point that has finally happened in a festive tone, with a slew of peripherals for gamers who missed their clear screws, adjustable parts, and rejection of the traditional look of the desktop mouse; And what’s even better, this return is no stranger to us, as many of their novelties come to us from the hands of our friends at xtralife. Mad Catz is #backinthegame and These are some of its main peripherals.

Mad Catz returns stronger than ever to the stage of our desks #backinthegame

As it could not be otherwise, the company’s mice have the greatest share in the protagonism of this return to action, preserving their essence while adapting to the times in terms of performance and characteristics; a good example of this could be the brand’s new MOJO M1, which is presented as a lightweight mouse –about 70 grams– With an ergonomic form factor, a PMW 3360 sensor and no additional drivers, a list of features that is relatively difficult to find for the list price.

Of the entire mouse series, however, what strikes us most is the new RAT 8+ from Mad Catz, which is reminiscent of the earlier models we remembered at the beginning of the text, a twist in the truest sense of the word epistemological notion of how a Mouse for gaming, which retains many features of a current high-end mouse, such as: Your PMW 3389 sensor or its ergonomic dynamics. Of course, these are just two of the new models available; the rest can be found in xtralife.

The North American brand has also launched new accessories to go with these mice, such as the GLIDE mouse pad in various sizes. to keep company to these new mice as well as new peripherals, such as the new series of desktop keyboards, including we particularly liked it his brand new mechanical model STRIKE 13 or his younger brothers from the same series. Attention is also drawn to the new headphones, the sound of which is one of the key areas of the modern video game for us; Of all of its new choices, the new FREQ 2 attracts our attention for its performance at its price point, but we admit that the ES PRO + proposal seems equally interesting to us.

Mad Catz returns stronger than ever to the stage of our desks #backinthegame

But not only did they appeal to keyboard and mouse players for this round of the game, the paw brand has also returned with an interesting controller with configurable buttons, asymmetrical form factor, and OLED screen to configure to our liking. It is the CAT 7 with cable, a controller that was accompanied by the new Mad Catz Arcade Stick: the Arcade EGO for PS4, Xbox consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch; a panel that is crowned by its high-quality keyboard and its high-quality cut Sanwa Denshi lever.

With this whole list, we can celebrate Mad Catz is back # back in the game!


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