More than 1,000 games for Nintendo Switch on offer in the eShop, with discounts of up to 75%

Nintendo intends to give us a summer full of video games. On the one hand, it has brought forward the date of its long-awaited Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which will be released at the end of July. On the other hand, it invites us to get inked with a colorful Splatoon 3 whose release date has already been announced. But if your play style strays to other genres and you’re not interested in any of the comments, the Big N another surprise to you.

And it is that he just activated his action “Go to action” with which over 1,000 games from Nintendo Switch get discounts from up to 75%. In this way we have the opportunity to browse many bargains from today to today 8th of May; more than a week to decide our purchases.

More than 1,000 games for Nintendo Switch on offer in the eShop, with discounts of up to 75%

We’ve already walked through them business and we’ve found some pretty interesting sales, as we detail below. However, we recommend Have a look at the digital shop to be aware of all the jewels on offer.

  • Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta for 39.99 euros (previously for 59.99 euros): In case you still don’t know the most attractive witch of Umbra, Nintendo gives us the opportunity to enjoy her first two adventures in this discounted bundle. It also serves as training for the upcoming Bayonetta 3, which will be released this year.
  • BioShock: The Collection for 19.99 euros (previously for 49.99 euros): The BioShock franchise has established itself as an icon in the shooter genre, so it’s no surprise to find it in this promotion dedicated to action games .
  • Disco Elysium – The Final Cut for €25.99 (was €39.99): We recommend this title whenever we get the chance, as it has positioned itself as one of the best RPGs of the last few years. So if you want to try it, remember the discount offered by Nintendo.
  • $39.99 Fire Emblem: Three Houses (was $59.99): The Fire Emblem franchise has managed to make a name for itself in the West, and the success of this installment more than proves it. Choose between its three sides and get ready for an adventure full of action and decisions.
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for €14.79 (previously €39.99): The surprising and fun collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft returns to catch the attention of more players at a discount in one of the Nintendo Switch promotions draw.
  • No More Heroes 3 for €39.99 (was €59.99): Travis Touchdown’s latest adventure (the last really, according to its creator) hits Nintendo Switch sales at a 33% discount. A perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to continue the adventures of this special protagonist.
  • Super Mario Odyssey for €39.99 (was €59.99): If you haven’t played the great Mario experience on Nintendo Switch yet, here’s your chance. Take advantage of the promotional discount and explore the world with Cappy, the new plumber’s companion.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for €29.99 (previously €59.99): If you want to take the Dragonborn adventure to a more mobile terrain, Nintendo gives us the opportunity to explore this open world at a fifty percent discount .


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