Official Elden Ring merchandise and other video game news at xtralife

Uncertainty, pandemic, component shortages… Let’s face it, 2021 has finished a bit uphill. But the new year opens up a thousand opportunities to continue enjoying video games while leaving behind all the bad things that happened. And it’s going to be a huge year for video games, so there’s reason to be excited. Spirit that they share in xtralife, the well-known online store that has reached important milestones in the past year to reach video game fans faster and better.

Offers, sponsorships, initiatives, surprises… xtralife has grown a lot throughout 2021 thanks to the support of fans who, in their constant search for entertainment (and juicy discounts), have landed in this store. A strong push that, as they promise, will not stop there, because already in this initial phase of 2022, they have official Elden Ring merch for sale, alongside other products coveted by fans of electronic entertainment.

After all, we all like to buy our favorite games at the best price; or get collectibles through juicy offers, so nothing better than brand new year with another car gift.

Offer chests in xtralife

Official Elden Ring merchandise and other video game news at xtralife

Some people will still recover from Christmas shopping and gifts from the Three Kings, but there are offers so tempting that even in this situation it is difficult to resist. xtralife has these special promotions in the so-called Offer chests, which have given us significant discounts on a variety of games and merch throughout 2021. These are some of their special offers to welcome 2022.

  • Fallout Bluetooth speaker deal for €29.99
  • Borderlands 3 on PS4 for a limited time for €4.99
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on PS4 at €2.99 for a limited time
  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD for Switch for €9.99

Opportunity to purchase the PS5 and Xbox series

Official Elden Ring merchandise and other video game news at xtralife

Since their launch in late 2020, the new generation consoles have been difficult to get hold of as the lack of components hampered their production. With the rise of speculation, in 2021 xtralife developed a new random allocation system called xtralife Sweepstakes, which offers a fair and equal chance for all users hoping to get a console. It doesn’t matter if you were the last participant, because you have the same chances as the others to be selected for the purchase. In addition, the program Dimensions to detect fraudulent registrations or bots.

Without a specific date, xtralife warns that there will be a new sweepstakes dedicated to the PlayStation 5 “soon”. You can check the news on his Twitter.

marketing of video games

Official Elden Ring merchandise and other video game news at xtralife

Collecting goes hand-in-hand with video games themselves, and sometimes it’s hard not to be wearing our favorite game’s shirt or displaying a special edition of a digital entertainment classic on the shelf. If you’re passionate about that other hobby, xtralife has something for you too, including the aforementioned official merch of the highly anticipated Elden Ring, the latest from the authors of the Dark Souls saga.

  • Official Elden Ring Merch
  • Mega Drive Gaiares Collector’s Edition
  • New Monster Hunter plushies
  • Video game music on vinyl including the new Metal Slug album

A year full of new things in xtralife

Official Elden Ring merchandise and other video game news at xtralife

Looking ahead to 2022, xtralife didn’t want to miss the opportunity to review all the progress the store has made over the last year. Exactly in 2021, they ran a fundraiser that allowed them to raise funds more than 7,200 euros through the sale of Thousands of official gaming t-shirts. All players who bought any of these products helped raise a large sum for the Sant Joan de Deu Hospitalwhere they will use the donation from Combat childhood cancer.

xtralife also got into the video game development space as they decided to support it independent sector become the main sponsors of the IndieDevDay from 2021. This totally free festival welcomes dozens of Spanish development teams to show all participants their games, creating an ecosystem that is not lacking brainstorming and the surprises between titles.

Official Elden Ring merchandise and other video game news at xtralife

One thing is the initiatives, the other is that the public knows about them. In order to grow the brand, xtralife has carried out a series of collaborations, starting with Chiclana & friends. But this group’s freshness and humor weren’t the company’s only companions, as they also closed 2022 by premiering another collaboration with the streamer and content creator Axozer. These moves allow gamers to be seen from a friendlier side and also lead to an even deeper understanding of the video game industry.

This series of operations has borne fruit, especially on Twitter where xtralife has done so more than 70,000 new users.

2022 for the video game world

Just a few weeks ago, a list of great video games coming in 2022 was unveiled, and xtralife is ready for you to count on from day one. These are some of the star releases of the coming months that will have their counterparts special editions.

  • pokemon arceus
  • Horizon Forbidden West and Game Items
  • Gran Turismo 7 and various packs of flyers

Speaking of future projects and thinking more about content creators who recently started their journey, xtralife Colabs It’s a collaborative space that allows content creators to collaborate with xtralife, gaining more visibility while encouraging creativity. There are still a couple of weeks of final organization, but xtralife does indicate that this idea will fly sometime in the next few spring.

Although 2021 was the strangest, it also gave us the new consumption patterns of many players. Taking into account that the panorama of the Ecommerce nothing but growing, xtralife intends to continue exploring ways that bring players closer to it. Because the question is no longer “buy what”, but buy “where”, and xtralife wants to spend one 2022 with us.


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