Our favorite video game and merchandise cabinets and shelves – Add space to your collection

I know what many of you will think after reading the title of this text, but let’s be honest, the players are born hamsters, we don’t just want to have access to the maximum possible content that relates to our environment there video games in yes or related articles but we like too testify to our hobby To show our collection or to treat it with the same pride with which we like to feel that we belong to this medium.

To do this, once you get to a certain point of hoarding, you need to hold on to it something more than just organization and “creative” placement at home; It is time to get some furniture to implement that declaration of intent with our physical memories. With this noble mission, which a priori has so little to do with the environment in which we move, we wanted to accommodate this text in which we talk to you about some of our favorite furniture in order to have an orderly playground and resultona we invite you You to join this special buying guide.

Seeking utility without rejecting appeal

Image: Mario Gómez.Image: Mario Gómez.

In contrast to other buying guides that we have published over time, in this case we cannot give a really objective judgment as to which “the best piece of furniture” is to organize our collection of video games, merchandising and other items; Not only would it be daring to ignore the peculiarities of each house, the available space and the individual tastes of each reader, but it would also be absurd to believe that between two seemingly similar shelves, one of them is better for a task that is so subjective like organizing a living space. However, it would also be bad practice to ignore the fact that it is better prepared furniture than others for certain organizational tasks, such as placing our physical game collection on a high shelf in front of a chest of drawers or carefully placing our laptops in a display case instead of leaving them on a bar cabinet. To counteract this duality, we will very lightly comment on what we are looking for in a piece of furniture to organize – or display – our collection:

  • Of course, it is imperative that the piece of furniture in question have the right size both for the space we have and for what we are going to deposit in it. As a reference, a minimum height of approx. 2.7 m for floor coverings without pavement applies in Spain; the standard height of a current video game face is 17 cm; and a Funko figure usually has a total of 9x9x9 cm.
  • Modular furnitureAlthough they usually have a rougher and less uniform look than a piece of wood, particle board, or similar furniture, they usually have a touch of added versatility that is perfect for most collections; they are our preferred option as exhibition space.
  • to be aware the maintenance that this type of furniture requires before you dispose of them. Closed exhibitors tend to have better tolerance to dust build-up, but the shelves, and shelves in particular, need to be checked every few days. Take this into account when choosing the material and the arrangement.

Finally, while it isn’t directly related to furniture, don’t turn down the help, that Accessories such as organizers or selectors they can give to your collection. For covers, this Hothuimin support is one of our favorite options, while for cables, especially if we have it often, one of our favorite options is that proposed by Orico, although there are very different options and the organization itself is not the subject of this text.

Some of our favorite options

Our favorite video game and merchandise cabinets and shelves - Add space to your collection

In any case, we have selected six pieces of furniture that, because of their usefulness, arrangement, finish or price, have struck us as a particularly interesting option for those who want to add a touch to their space; As usual in our current shopping guides, they do not have a special order.

shelves [en.casa] for covers

With a good height to place our complete collectionOur favorite video game and merchandise cabinets and shelves - Add space to your collection

Although designed for DVD and CD cases, this simple chipboard shelf has 12 compartments that we can adjust to some degree to accommodate a majority of these shelves at least 17 centimeters high that we pointed out in the previous section, making it a perfect option for our current or previous generation video games in standard format.

Modular SONGMICS cabinet

To organize our space the way we want itOur favorite video game and merchandise cabinets and shelves - Add space to your collection

They might not be the prettiest option on this list, but their nondescript cut and simplicity make them a good candidate for any space, especially given their modularity. This cabinet has nine 93x31x123 cm PP plastic cubicles that can be mounted vertically or horizontally to build our furniture according to your needs. Due to the space it offers, any medium-sized figure like the one created by Darkhorse can be accommodated without any problems.

ELEpure acrylic stand

A simple and visual way to showcase our collectionOur favorite video game and merchandise cabinets and shelves - Add space to your collection

For those looking for something more stylish to display their collection, this from ELEpure is one of our most popular options due to its price and workmanship; It is a display case made of acrylic and supports made of various materials that are a perfect height for portable devices, small figurines, or other trinkets worth displaying. If we want something bigger or prefer glass, this interlink option may be more attractive, albeit harder to find.

Modular cabinet EKET

IKEA’s suggestion to set up our own storage spaceOur favorite video game and merchandise cabinets and shelves - Add space to your collection

It’s hard to talk about modular wardrobes and ignore the IKEA EKET, not only because we think it’s a very attractive option to set up your own showroom or storage space, but also because it’s one of the tool-less options the Swedish company has to offer that is terribly easy to install. It is made of chipboard laminate and has a size of approx. 35x31x35 cm, plenty of space for most of the items we want to stow away.

SONGMICS wall mount

A set of floating shelves for any taskOur favorite video game and merchandise cabinets and shelves - Add space to your collection

The second SONGMICS addition to this list as well as the only floating shelves we wanted to include; The reason for this is that our coveted titles, gadgets, collectible figurines, and other accessories don’t cope with heights as well, and because of their form factor, these shelves are safer for us to house the above. In addition, they have adequate surfaces and can easily carry up to 15 kg in weight after attachment.

BILLY shelf

A simple shelf that offers a lot of playOur favorite video game and merchandise cabinets and shelves - Add space to your collection

The second IKEA proposal on this list, as well as the furniture that closes it, is the BILLY shelf from the Swedish platform, a very simple option that attracts us because of its moderate price, its customizable dimensions for its shelves, and its good distribution to the touch -Item class to accommodate it. It is made of laminated chipboard with different finishes.

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