Razer Mamba Elite mouse for €55, 30% off our current offer of the week

Perhaps at an atypical time of the week given when we typically release this section, we wanted to return with the featured deal of the week; take this opportunity to tell you about a PC peripheral that we think has all the requirements to be part of our usual recommendations. We are talking about Razer Mamba Elite, a desktop mouse from the Green Viper brand that stands out for its looks, its sensor and a particular ergonomics that make it a good option when our hand adapts to its shape. It currently costs around 55 euros, a much lower price than the 79 euros they usually charge for it.

Razer Mamba Elite mouse for €55, 30% off our current offer of the week

If we talk about a quirky ergonomics In this model we do not do it because it has a bizarre shape compared to what we usually find on the desktop mouse market, but because we have the Deathadder as an ergonomic reference in the brand and as a symmetrical model to the Viper , the Mamba It is halfway between both proposals, since it is a mouse destined for the same purposes and styles of play; with relatively high rest in its central area that makes this mouse an ideal model for claw grips.

Diving a little deeper into the building materials and their sensor is the surface this model is built on textured matte plastic, as usual with the Viper models, but with additional rubberized areas for better lateral support. Its sensor, the PMW 3390, is one of the usual benchmarks in high-end models with excellent performance. It’s mostly a mouse thought to use it in FPS, something we can easily verify by its weight or the position and number of programmable buttons; So the model is pre-configured with low DPI, but it is perfectly configurable via software.

Razer Mamba Elite mouse for €55, 30% off our current offer of the week

At least at the current price It is difficult to find a mouse with a better sensor on the market that this Razer Mamba Elite, with its original price of almost 80 euros, is the main reason not to recommend its purchase in a normal state, since in this price range we find interesting options; But for the 55 euros it currently costs, we think it’s a very interesting option.


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