Recording devices, microphones and other streaming accessories for sale on Black Friday

Sharing our experiences in real-time during our gaming sessions is now more public and massive than ever; Any player has the opportunity to start a stream and show the world what they’re capable of, most often without using anything more than their gaming device. However, for those who want to make a qualitative leap in this work, it may be interesting to check what we were able to find in hardware for streaming this Black Friday.

Track hardware that’s on sale during Black Friday week

Recording devices, microphones and other streaming accessories for sale on Black Friday

Grabbers have long been the main constraint when it comes to sending and sharing content; Now their need – if they ever really existed – is much less, but they offer interesting advantages for those who want to make the above-mentioned leap in quality in their broadcasts.

  • AVerMedia GC311 Live Gamer Mini external recording device for 79.90 euros (original price 129.90 euros). This little capture device works efficiently at 1080p60 resolutions, with very low latency and strong software support, and is now available at an excellent price, making it a very good option for those looking for something simple.
  • AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra external recording device for 149.90 euros (original price 179.90 euros). One of the most complete and advanced models in AVerMedia’s external range, this recorder can work with 4K60 + HDR10 and lower resolutions at high refresh rates thanks to its hardware support. It’s now at one of the best prices yet.

Streaming hardware and accessories on sale during Black Friday week

Recording devices, microphones and other streaming accessories for sale on Black Friday

Although the most important thing about sharing content is the person who creates it, a good team can inspire us when we want to express our gaming experiences more and better. Here are some of the best deals we’ve found for streaming hardware and gear.

  • Blue Snowball USB microphone for 69.99 euros (original price 84.99 euros). One of the most popular USB microphones by the general public for its simplicity and good performance. It has two sound recording patterns and good construction in a special format. Now it’s at PcComponentes at one of the best prices of the year.
  • Logitech Streamcam webcam for 139.98 euros (new price 158.99 euros). This Logitech webcam is trying to replace the use of professional cameras for high-production streaming, although we believe it is still far from that task, it is without a doubt the best webcam for streaming on the market today.
  • Razer Kiyo Webcam for €109.99 (Previous price €199.95). While not a sale itself, the Razer Kiyo has been sold out or overpriced for much of this year, so bringing us back now with this powerful and determined streaming webcam at the original price seems a worthy proposition on this list.
  • Croma Ozone Chroma X80 for 79.90 euros (original text price in euros). For those who want to add extra immersion to their broadcasts, this retractable chroma key from Ozone does its only job very well and is on sale now.
  • Tonnor Q9 microphone for 49.99 euros (original price 64.99 euros). This set of USB microphone + adjustable arm + shock mount + pop filter at the current price is one of the best options for those who are looking for a first desktop microphone to use in broadcasts, which is a major improvement over what we have normally see in the headphone slot for gaming.
  • Diwuer HDMI Capture for 15.99 euros (original price 19.99 euros). For those who have a camera capable of recording good quality videos and want to use it during their broadcasts, this simple recording device will help us to transfer the video to our computer.
  • Blue Yeti microphone for 109.99 euros (original price 149.99 euros). The Blue Yeti has been the benchmark USB microphone for many years and offers good sound quality over a single connection. It is now available on Amazon at a good price.
  • AVerMedia HD 310 webcam for 59.99 euros (original price 74.98 euros). This AVerMedia webcam can easily record and stream 1080p30 over a single connection. Now it’s lowered.
  • AverMedia Live Streamer 311S hardware kit for 169.90 euros (original price 188.90 euros). For those who don’t have any hardware and want to easily get all the necessary equipment, this AVerMedia streaming hardware bundle offers a microphone, a camera and a recording device at a reduced price if we compare the unit price of each part.

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Recording devices, microphones and other streaming accessories for sale on Black Friday

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