Rog Zephyrus G14 Laptop €400 off, AOC G1 Monitor at €230 and games on sale at Hunting Bargains

We already have Xbox Series with us! It seems almost unreal that it has already happened, especially after so many months of news and information in trickles and murky, but we can now enjoy the two members of the Redmond family of systems; for Sony’s proposal we will have to wait a few more days because Spain, like many other countries, will receive it a little later than territories like Japan, the United States or Mexico, but we will wait patiently for the entire new generation ahead of the United States is available. In this context, the bargain hunt of the week takes place, shall we begin?

Deals on accessories for players

Rog Zephyrus G14 Laptop €400 off, AOC G1 Monitor at €230 and games on sale at Hunting Bargains

This week we have a colorful smorgasbord of offers, discounts and discounts in our accessories section; Among them we highlight the presence of what is possibly the most interesting ultra-panoramic monitor on the market, so we want to point out the restocking of one of the most interesting mini-consoles launched. The Echo Dot Sale is also back for those interested!

  • Ozone Battle Royale keyboard (Cherry MX Red) for 89.99 euros (original price 120 euros). This small Ozone TKL-sized keyboard has good construction, good configuration for software lighting, and original MX Red switches to give consistency to our keystrokes. For the price offered, it is a very valid option.
  • Asus ROG Strix Evolve mouse for 32.39 euros (Previous price 43.19 euros). This isn’t an offer per se, but a general price drop that makes this Asus mouse a very good price for what it offers: a comfortable form factor, quality Omron switches, 8 programmable buttons and a very correct optical sensor. this is the PMW 3330.Rog Zephyrus G14 Laptop €400 off, AOC G1 Monitor at €230 and games on sale at Hunting Bargains
  • AOC Gaming C27G1 monitor for 229.98 euros (original price 255 euros). This AOC FHD monitor features a 27-inch VA panel with a 144 hertz refresh rate. This panel’s VA technology gives it excellent contrast levels in exchange for poorer viewing angles, which are partially corrected by its curved form factor. while its stylized frame and good construction make it stand out at the price level at which it is offered compared to other proposals.
  • LG 38GL950G-B monitor for 1,559 euros (original price 1,998.99 euros). Making a big jump between the areas regarding our previous highlight, we would like to point out the offer that the LG GL950G currently has, an ultra-wide monitor of 3840 x 1600 pixels, characterized by the inclusion of a Nano IPS panel, the excellent performance provides quality image with very low response times and a high refresh rate of 175 Hertz. Its price is very high, but the current 22% discount leaves it in a more accessible state than its original value.
  • HyperX Cloud II headphones for 67.99 euros (original price 99.95 euros). A perennial favorite in our listings, albeit at a slightly lower discount than on other occasions, it’s very cheap for what’s on offer: headphones with good separation and a very competent microphone on offer for under 70 euros.
  • Logitech StreamCam Web Camera for 139 euros (new price 158.99 euros). This Logitech webcam promises quality to rival traditional cameras in their range at a third of the price. In our opinion, that promise is half-delivered, but it’s still one of the best webcams we can find on the market and it’s on sale now.
  • Sharkoon Skiller SGS2 chair for 159.99 euros (previous price 190 euros). With a significant drop in price compared to the original 220 euros and a significant reduction from the 190 euros it currently starts from, this Sharkoon chair has a very good construction, the relevant and expected adjustments of a model of these characteristics and now a price of most competent.
  • The mini console C64 Mini for 49.95 euros (stock replacement). It is not an offer or a price reduction per se; but the little nostalgic example of the Commodore 64 is back in stock at its usual price and can be found well above that on second-hand markets. It’s a small scale replica of the original C64 with features preinstalled and the ability to tinker with the original computer’s BASIC and software.
  • Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) for 29.99 euros (new price 49.99 euros). Given the good response that this little speaker with a smart assistant had in our texts over the course of Prime Day, we wanted to take advantage of its current discount to highlight it again, even if it’s not necessarily related to video games. in the hope that the reader may still find the offer interesting.
  • Xiaomi Mi Range Extender Wifi Repeater for 11.90 euros (original price 13.99 euros). Although it is not a very remarkable offer at gross level, we like the reduction of this small Wi-Fi repeater from Xiaomi because of the simplicity and effectiveness that the small device has shown; Either because we have a lot of space or because the signal from our router gets lost between the walls of our house.

Offers for components and computers

Rog Zephyrus G14 Laptop €400 off, AOC G1 Monitor at €230 and games on sale at Hunting Bargains

The protagonists of this week in our modest list of components on offer are the companies dedicated to cooling our devices, although not necessarily because we find parts of this type on offer, as you can see from a series of memories that we have have listed . In any case, this is the list:

  • Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360P liquid cooling for 149 euros (new price 178 euros). This 360mm AIO format radiator from Cooler Master has good cooling performance due to its size, thickness and integrated fan, which makes it a good option for processors that need extra heat dissipation. In addition, you will now find yourself with a very attractive offer.
  • Thermaltake Toughram RGB RAM memory (2×8 GB@3200Mhz) for 98.99 euros (new price 113.99 euros). Thermaltake’s entry into the world of memory is relatively new, but its experience in cooling and performance work has ensured that these modules manufactured by the brand have good design and performance compared to their wide and numerous competition, what makes them remarkable. Now they come with a unique discount, making them even more attractive.Rog Zephyrus G14 Laptop €400 off, AOC G1 Monitor at €230 and games on sale at Hunting Bargains
  • Fan for PC Cooler Master MasterFan 120 for 17.72 euros (new price 22.21 euros). We have another Cooler Master product on sale this week: the MasterFan Halo Duo-Ring PC fans, an efficient model that stands out above all for its configurable lighting. The discount they now enjoy puts them in an advantageous position over other lighted models.

Gaming Laptop Deals

Rog Zephyrus G14 Laptop €400 off, AOC G1 Monitor at €230 and games on sale at Hunting Bargains

All of this week’s laptops, unlike the ones we usually find in our selection of sales and discounts, are models that have been designed from the ground up for gaming. Also, all of them are mid-range models, so although their prices are higher than usual, their offerings are also more interesting in gross terms.

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401IV for 1,718.89 euros (new price 2,198.90 euros). This line of Asus laptops is one of the few among the current options on the market that are weighted from the ground up to include Ryzen laptop processors. This makes them very efficient machines when it comes to pushing the abilities of these processors, in addition to the fact that they contain all hardware with good qualities. This is the mid-high range model of this series.Rog Zephyrus G14 Laptop €400 off, AOC G1 Monitor at €230 and games on sale at Hunting Bargains
  • MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFSK for 1,599 euros (original price 1,899 euros). Featuring the most powerful GPU on our list this week, a GeForce RTX 2070 Super for laptops, this MSI model is ready to run any current title with ease on its high-resolution FHD display, utilizing the panel’s Hertz.
  • HP OMEN 15 DH0002NS for 1,699 euros (original price 1,999 euros). This HP OMEN laptop belongs to the brand’s high-performance range, although it’s a step down in terms of features compared to the OMEN X 2S model that we saw on sale last week; In return, it has a longer battery life.

PS4 game deals

Rog Zephyrus G14 laptop €400 off, AOC G1 monitor at €230 and games on sale at Hunting Bargains

With PlayStation 5 on the horizon, we continue with Sony’s virtual store seasonal offers. This time we wanted to highlight some titles that differ from the ones we found last week, namely the following:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 for 29.39 euros (new price 69.99 euros). It’s not the first time we’ve highlighted an offering in Rockstar’s latest major release, and it likely won’t be the last; Well, while RDR2 isn’t a title for everyone, it’s still one of the most ambitious productions of the generation.
  • Mafia III: Definitive Edition for 19.49 euros (original price 29.99 euros). Although less popular than the previous two parts, the third major release in the Mafia series has also received a definitive edition; This mainly focuses on correcting some of the original version’s errors as well as providing more content for the episode, making it a much more interesting work.
  • MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2 for 34.99 euros (new price 69.99 euros). Just like its predecessor, this casual 3D fighting title based on KÅhei Horikoshi’s manga will delight fans of My Hero Academia as much as those who…


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