Sackboy de PS5 20 euros cheaper, Logitech G815 reduced 40 euros and more deals on hunting bargains

The week is particularly interesting, with news as grateful as the new patch to enjoy Ratchet and Clank with all the power of the new generation, the new titles for Xbox Live Gold for the month of April or texts about the new jewels, they’re going to come out this year, as is the case with Narita Boy; In this context we return once again with our offers Hunting bargains.

Deals on gamer accessories

Sackboy de PS5 20 euros cheaper, Logitech G815 reduced 40 euros and more deals on hunting bargains

This week’s list of accessories and peripherals clearly focuses on our desks, from mice and chairs to keyboards and headphones – everything you need to renovate your desk.

  • Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse (with charging station) for 99.99 euros (original price 169.99 euros). And for another week we find the excellent Razer mouse on offer, this time at an even more attractive price than last week, as this discount includes the charging station for a total of less than 100 euros. There is little to say about this model that has not already been said: great grip, excellent sensor, good functionality and excellent weight.
  • HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro mouse for 34.99 euros (original price 43.69 euros). Let’s say Razer’s proposal seems over the top in terms of both price and performance, and you want a simpler mouse to make the leap to a better gaming experience on PC. This is where the HyperX Pulsefire comes in, an affordable mouse with a great sensor and a comfortable form factor that, at its current price, seems like one of the best options we have.
  • Logitech G815 Lightspeed keyboard (touch switch) for 139.99 euros (original price 199.99 euros). While we wouldn’t say it’s “for everyone” for both its price and its quirks, the G815 is without a doubt one of the most feature-rich keyboards from Logitech, and for that reason alone it’s worth noting that it’s pretty pared down on Amazon these days . It is a complete model with a low profile and a plastic construction with reinforcements that make it an extremely thin and light model.
  • Trust Gaming GXT 608 desktop speakers for 39.99 euros (original price 59.99 euros). If you want a pair of simple desktop speakers but with more than acceptable sound to rest your ears on the headphones for a bit, the Trust Gaming proposal with its GTX 608 at the current price seems ideal. Simple speakers that deliver good results at an acceptable price.

Sackboy de PS5 20 euros cheaper, Logitech G815 reduced 40 euros and more deals on hunting bargains

  • HyperX Cloud Earbuds for 29.99 euros (original price 49.99 euros). After a week of somewhat turbulent prices, one of our favorite gaming earbuds is back at the price we recommend it for. We find the bass of this small model and its microphone surprising for its price and size.
  • Razer Tetra headphones for 23.49 euros (original price 34.99 euros). If you just want to work with the sound while gaming, the ability to easily communicate with your teammates is Razer’s proposal with its Tetra headphones seems to us to be the most attractive at the current price. Although it is designed for PS4, the device will work properly on any other console or PC, it has a good price at the moment and its microphone, without being spectacular, fully complies with it.
  • Razer Kishi smartphone gamepad for 84.98 euros (original price 89.90 euros). A small offer that we wanted to take advantage of to highlight what we consider to be one of the best controller adapters for smartphones today; If you play regularly on your mobile device and it is compatible with that device, this is a buy recommendation for games that you know are easier to use with physical buttons in between.
  • Philips 288E2A (28 inches) for 279.98 euros (original price 317.20 euros). Because of its inches, it is on the verge of the minimum that we would recommend for a 4K monitor at a distance of 40 cm from our eyes, but it is a model with an excellent price, a very good panel and a good build quality that makes it an interesting proposition for those looking for a monitor with this resolution. Of course, don’t look for many features to play beyond the good response time of around 3-4 ms GtG.
  • Seagate Expansion 2TB external storage for 68.48 euros (original price 97.49 euros). When is an extra space not good? This Seagate external hard drive has good storage capacity, a well-built case, and a tiny size to take its contents with you wherever you go, be it in our game library or anything else.
  • SONGMICS Gaming Chair for 105.99 euros (previously 139.99 euros). Although the price has increased slightly since we saw the offer until the publication of this text, these 105 euros for this SONGMICS chair seem more than appropriate. The model has a construction with plenty of synthetic padding, a rigid metal base on which the rest of the chair is built, and some very attractive finishes.

Deals on gaming laptops

Sackboy de PS5 20 euros cheaper, Logitech G815 reduced 40 euros and more deals on hunting bargains

This week’s laptops feature the latest generation of graphics hardware, but are no less interesting than other less accessible options on the current market in terms of availability and cost.

  • Asus Rog Zephyrus M15 (GU502LW-AZ196T) for 1,599 euros (original price 2,389 euros). Although by no means affordable, this Asus laptop has a very interesting price-performance ratio within the laptop market, with a duo consisting of an i7-10875H and an RTX 2070 as the main muscle, but also with 32 GB of RAM. 1TB of storage or a refreshing 240Hz IPS screen.
  • Asus Tuf Gaming A15 (FA506II-BQ029) for 999 euros (original price 1,199 euros). A laptop with a good component list, crowned by a Ryzen 7 4800H and a GTX 1650Ti, and performance that is more than interesting for its price point and with ease at FHD @ 60 focuses on the game.
  • MSI GL65 Leopard (10SEK-241XES) for 1,339 euros (original price 1,599 euros). With an RTX 2060, 32 GB of RAM and an i7-10750H processor, this notebook has a solid list of components for its target resolution -FHD-, which it should handle with relatively no problems.

PlayStation game deals

Sackboy de PS5 20 euros cheaper, Logitech G815 reduced 40 euros and more deals on hunting bargains

This week, thanks to them, we were able to find Sony hardware to complement our PlayStation 5 and even find it at a discount, although we also found our usual games for sale, some of which are very interesting.

  • It Takes Two (Physical; PS4) for 37.87 euros (original price 40.99 euros). It might not be a great sale, but the new work by Josef Farres has just come out, it’s fantastic and we find it already slightly reduced in physical edition in stores like Amazon.
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Physical; PS5) for 47.99 euros (original price 69.99 euros). A fantastic platform that we recommend to all fans of the genre and that is now slightly reduced in its physical format on Amazon.
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising: Gold Edition (Digital) for 59.99 euros (original price 99.99 euros). One of the most complete versions of one of the most interesting open world adventure titles from the end of the last generation, as well as a game that gathers the witnesses – and some ideas – of some of the most relevant titles in World Games.
  • Torchlight III (Digital; PS4) for 19.99 euros (original price 39.99 euros). The third part of this popular classic ARPG saga was received with some reluctance by some gamers, but it’s still a fun and long-lasting adventure that can give us many hours of fun and grind alike.
  • Pulse 3D headphones for PS5 for 99.90 euros (replacement at the new price). It’s not an offer, but considering how difficult it is to find these headphones for the Sony console in stock, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to list them here after we found them.
  • HD camera for PS5 for 45.99 euros (original price 62.90 euros). Sony wants PS5 to be your entertainment hub, but also your content creation hub. For this reason, it has launched accessories like this HD camera, which integrates perfectly into the console and is now not only available, but also commercially available.

Xbox game offerings

Sackboy de PS5 20 euros cheaper, Logitech G815 reduced 40 euros and more deals on hunting bargains

It’s hard to pigeonhole Microsoft’s console sales week this time around, we’ve found sales outside and in their virtual store, including one of our favorite console-related hardware: the controller.

  • Devil May Cry 5 (Digital) for 19.99 euros (original price 24.99 euros). One of the greatest titles the Hack’n’Slash genre has received in years, as well as the latest numbered installment of one of Capcom’s most popular sagas, now at a great price on Microsoft consoles.
  • RESIDENT EVIL 3 (digital) for 19.79 euros (original price 59.99 euros). The reinterpretation of one of the most relevant titles in the fifth-generation console genre of survival horror, which returns with new powers – and mechanics – after yet another most successful remake.
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Physical) for 15.99 euros (original price 29.90 euros). The return of one of the Redmond boys’ favorite IP studios, upgrading its proposition as a metroidvania and platform while maintaining its incredible artistic realm and magical soundtrack. It’s included in the Game Pass, but if you physically want it, it’s on sale.
  • The …


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