Star Wars Squadrons for 19.99 euros, discounts on headphones for playing and many games at Hunting Bargains

We opened the week with interesting news about Sony’s intention to bring virtual reality back to its consoles; some news that we have already repeated, as well as other news from our beloved medium. In order to feed the most supply and sales-hungry part of the said medium, we return for another week with our hunting bargains.

Deals on gamer accessories

Star Wars Squadrons for 19.99 euros, discounts on headphones for playing and many games at hunting bargains

We start with our accessories and peripherals area; This week, the protagonists are the headphones, with three models to play with, which we really like at the price they are currently showing, but we have also found a multitude of other peripherals and accessories that may be of interest to many of our readers:

  • Aukey mechanical keyboard (blue switches) for 44.99 euros (original price 54.99 euros). Aukey is known for its smartphone and computer accessories, but has some interesting peripherals to play with, including this mechanical keyboard with blue switches and very good finishes for its price range that is now available on offer.
  • Razer Kraken X headphones for 49.99 euros (original price 79.90 euros). We continue the list with the first of several headphones for sale: the Kraken X from Razer, a regular on our list of offers that we still find a very interesting option for under 50 euros, both for its sound and for its extras and Your microphone.
  • HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless headphones for 100.95 euros (original price 139.95 euros). The HyperX series of wireless headphones is one of our most popular audio solutions for wireless gaming. If one of these models is on offer, we are happy to present it under our highlights. Such is the case with these Cloud Flight, which are a step below the Flight S in terms of performance and sound, but are still an excellent option for their current price.

Star Wars Squadrons for 19.99 euros, discounts on headphones for playing and many games at hunting bargains

  • HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro headphones for 76.98 euros (original price 99.99 euros). The second HyperX model on this list is the Cloud Alpha Pro, a model designed for use in competitive environments that, in the moment of truth, turns out to be a better version of the traditional Cloud Alpha, both in terms of sound, performance, and build quality .
  • HyperX Pulsefire Dart Mouse for 69.99 euros (original price 119.99 euros). This HyperX mouse is still one of our favorite wireless models today, with a great form factor for two of the most popular grips among gamers, including cool extras like wireless Qi charging and a great sensor for gaming: the Pixart 3389.
  • Capture Elgato HD60 S for 149.98 euros (original price 189.99 euros). Without being by far the most comprehensive capturer from the well-known content creator hardware manufacturer, the HD60 S is an excellent “first capturer” for those who want or need to collect gameplay from their gaming devices without compromising the performance of their team.
  • Thrustmaster Eswap Pro + Fighting Pack for 119.99 euros (original price 199.99 euros). Although it is a controller developed for PS4, this Thrustmaster Eswap is PC compatible and brings with it a very interesting multi-configuration proposal, in which we can freely restructure some controller modules to adapt it to the title we play. In order to be able to take advantage of this offer, we have to add both the fighting pack and the controller to our shopping cart.

Star Wars Squadrons for 19.99 euros, discounts on headphones for playing and many games at hunting bargains

  • F36 Gaming Chair for 119.98 euros (original price 139.98 euros). This generic desk chair has good build quality and configurability to adjust its position in our play area, with multiple height adjustment points and even a footrest to take advantage of both its stability and its backrest. We particularly like the current price.
  • Oculus Rift S for 349 euros (original price 449 euros). Although this model has been completely superseded by Quest 2 by Oculus itself, at around 349 euros – in principle while supplies last – they are excellent news for anyone who wants to get into the relatively inaccessible, but wonderful, VR-based game world.

Deals on gaming laptops

Star Wars Squadrons for 19.99 euros, discounts on headphones for playing and many games at hunting bargains

We’re going back to our usual format for our laptop space, with some models entirely designed to be played, a final highlight outside of this world, but that might interest some gamers who aren’t so much after a new gaming platform as looking for a functioning team.

  • MSI GL65 Leopard (10SEK-241XES) for 1,339 euros (original price 1,599 euros). Even with the new MSI laptops on the market, it is difficult for us not to see this model of the Asian brand with good eyes, as an i7-10750H processor and an RTX 2060 for laptop from Nvidia bring us a little over 1300 euros 32GB of RAM – a large number, though not very useful for gaming – and 1TB of SSD storage.

Star Wars Squadrons for 19.99 euros, discounts on headphones for playing and many games at hunting bargains

  • HP Pavilion Gaming (16-A0010NS) for 899.99 euros (original price 1,099.99 euros). The price we can get a knowledgeable team to play for is surprising if we choose hardware that is far from the latest versions; For just under 900 euros, this HP Pavilion offers an i7-10750H from Intel and a modest but powerful GTX 1650 Ti from Nvidia, which will perform well on this team’s FHD screen.
  • MSI Alpha 15 (A4DEK-006XES) for 1,069 euros (original price 1,299 euros). This MSI laptop features an AMD processor and graphics duo that, while far from rivaling high-performance laptops, can offer us surprising performance thanks to the North American company’s associated technologies.
  • Asus VivoBook for 799 euros (original price 849 euros). If we don’t want to get a team to play and are looking for something lighter and more easily transportable, but also don’t want to refuse the occasional game for a light title, a few current options at their price seem more interesting than this Asus VivoBook for an i7-1065G7 next to an Nvidia MX330 for “more intensive” tasks in certain situations.

PlayStation game deals

Star Wars Squadrons for 19.99 euros, discounts on headphones for playing and many games at Hunting Bargains

Sony now has a good list of games on offer, many of them from the promotions they have active in their virtual business. For a change though, we wanted to cover some sales more in physical form this week:

  • The Pathless (Physical; PS5) for 29.95 euros (original price 49.99 euros). Giant Squid’s impressive work is an ongoing visual festival wrapped in simple but satisfying gameplay that makes this PlayStation 5 title a livable experience for its current price.
  • Watch Dogs Legion (Physical; PS5) for 29.99 euros (original price 64.90 euros). Although it was not received with the enthusiasm Ubisoft predicted, Legion is still an interesting episode in the Frank Company’s open world games, largely thanks to its suggestion that “any” NPC can be our avatar. Originally.
  • Star Wars: Squadrons (Physical; PS4) for 19.90 euros (original price 39.90 euros). EA’s newest title to date for the Star Wars franchise has been greeted with relative enthusiasm by fans of the series who enjoyed previous space shooters from the galaxy far, far away. Now this rate can be found again with an attractive offer.
  • Evoland Legendary Edition (Physical; PS4) for 19.99 euros (original price 24.99 euros). Without being subtle in any way, the two Evoland series pay constant homage to elements of the RPG genre throughout its history. For this price, this special edition can give us entertaining and very satisfying hours of play.
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (Digital; PS4) for 14.99 euros (original price 59.99 euros). Lara Croft’s newest adventure to date under the umbrella of the Work of Crystal Dynamics is available in the Sony Virtual Store, especially in its definitive edition, which is filled with content.
  • 428: Shibuya Scramble (Digital; PS4) for 9.99 euros (original price 49.99 euros). Who doesn’t like a “japonesada” every now and then? 428: Shibuya Scramble is a tremendously interesting visual novel and unpredictably consistent with the subjects it deals with, which make it a recommendable experience for fans of the genre right on stage. Of course, you will need a certain level of English to enjoy it.

Xbox game offerings

Star Wars Squadrons for 19.99 euros, discounts on headphones for playing and many games at hunting bargains

Microsoft consoles regularly have offers in their virtual store that are mixed in with other physical offers and promotions to make up this week’s list. These are the titles we have seen and liked the most:

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Physical) for 49.90 euros (original price 69.90 euros). The latest installment in the well-known Ubisoft saga invites us to embody Eivor during the Viking Age through the English lands, something we can do through its usual open world of action mechanics with an RPG touch.
  • Marvel’s Avengers (Digital) for 34.99 euros (original price 69.99 euros). Crystal Dynamics’ The Marvel’s Avengers is back on sale, a title that, while not dazzling the general public, may please fans of the characters depicted or those who want a title that can become a real hour fountain.
  • CrackDown 3 (Physical) for 14.95 euros (original price 19.95 euros). Though not …


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