Streaming webcams: these are our best buying options

Sharing our love of video games has become a common practice around us, and much of the blame for this is how easy it is to plug in a few cables and broadcast live today. However, if we are to take this hobby a step further, like everything in life, at some point we need to start using the right tools to improve the quality of our broadcasts. For many users, one of the first steps in doing this is that we are seen clearlybecause with the viewer in mind, it is important to be “face to face” at the wheel.

To achieve this, it is important to have a good camera that records us live. There are hundreds of options for doing this, from using the camera already included in our phone to opting for a professional camera with an adapter to get the best possible quality; the range is wide and within it one of our most popular options for a good balance between Quality, ease of use and price: that of webcams. In this text we are going to tell you which are our favorites and what we usually take into account when we need a web camera to stream.

What should we consider when buying a webcam?

Image: Razer.Image: Razer.

It may seem logical, but the characteristics of a webcam for those who want to use it in live broadcasts will not be the same as those of someone who wants to use it for casual calls, some kind of home recording, or some kind of home recording for meetings in half-present crowds. although each camera adequately fulfills the objective of taking a picture. However, there are a number of general rules that we can use to determine how “good” a webcam is for our goals, whatever they are:

  • The resolution of the recording It’s one of the elements that most directly determines how good we look across the screen when using one of these devices. For general use, 720p can be a decent resolution, but 1080p gives us a sharper picture while offering good compatibility with the compression formats we often see for broadcast on different platforms.
  • Lens opening and its ability to do autofocus is a factor that we need to consider when getting one of these devices. Fixed focus can be very useful at times, but for general use autofocus is far more useful when it is working properly. The aperture of the lens, on the other hand, helps us determine what the webcam’s field of view looks like. The wider the fan you want to record in, the more versatile it is to capture a particular scene. They tend to move 65 and 90 degrees.
  • The Lens it is the heart of every camera, including web cams; they determine their function, their resolution, the width of the field of view and many other interesting factors, so it seems obvious that we need to consider which lens our favorite camera has before deciding whether to buy it or not. However, due to the technical framework, we will not talk about models. Yes we will say that its width, ie the light they can absorb in poor ambient lighting, is an important factor in how well we see the camera in adverse conditions, and with a shorter range, larger aperture and better image in poor conditions.

Image: Logitech.Image: Logitech.

Because of our close relationship with video gaming, we focus on broadcasting it live when determining what to look for on a webcam, although any of the models listed could be used for other activities as well. In any case, the first two steps in choosing our perfect webcam are the first two steps in determining what our area of ​​application will be and what we will do with it on a regular basis. With this in mind, we believe that for broadcasting or widespread multimedia use, we should consider the following features:

  • The dissolution and its fluidity when recording. In live broadcasts, where the main goal is to show the gameplay, resolution isn’t a particularly critical factor, but the fluid recording can contribute to a more consistent image, especially as we step into the 60 frames per second range of recording. Most cameras on the market are around 30 frames and that’s the minimum we aim for.
  • The type of assembly. Play areas are usually well stocked with various devices, accessories, and peripherals, so optimally housing a webcam can be a slightly more uncomfortable task than it seems. Two important factors for us are whether our webcam has options for alternative mounting or a high level of stability.
  • Software integration of the device on the platform on which we are using the webcam is important. Most cameras are plug and play on PC, but it’s a different matter on consoles. Taking into account the compatibilities as well as the properties of the supplied software and its extras, there are compelling reasons to choose one camera over another, depending on the planned location.

Our favorite models

Image: Logitech.Image: Logitech.

Without further ado, we will list our favorite models for this 2021 when we look for a webcam. As on other occasions, we have chosen to list the models ordered by their selling price, but their position on this list does not determine how much we like them or whether a model is better than another of the models presented, they all seem interesting to us on their own. So here is the list.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

The best affordable model for them to seeStreaming webcams: these are our best buying options

We’re starting with one of the simplest cameras on the list, and that’s one of the most interesting. It’s about the Microsoft LiveCam HD-3000, a durable model with basic features that only records at 720p @ 30fps resolution but makes up for those shortcomings with a low price point, and included software that improves the experience of using this camera compared to other equally cheap options. The lack of other models that we once recommended that have long been in the market as an affordable option and the current price of the Logitech C310 have made it our preferred entry-level option.

  • Buy Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 in PcComponentes for 38.24 euros.
  • Buy Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 on Amazon for 43.39 euros.

Streaming webcams: these are our best buying options

Aukey PC-LM1E

An inexpensive option with good skillsStreaming webcams: these are our best buying options

This Aukey model I was already there from our previous recommendation list and repeat the entry this time, although he has his direct successor to Aukey himself among us. It records at 1080p @ 30fps and has a solid CMOS sensor so we have to easily adjust to it to function properly, but once the job is done we no longer have to worry about being in focus on the screen . The included microphone can, without being particularly noteworthy, save us from anger.

  • Buy Aukey PC-LM1E on Amazon for 35.99 euros.

Streaming webcams: these are our best buying options

AVerMedia Livestreamer CAM 313

Designed to be broadcast live while we playStreaming webcams: these are our best buying options

The AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313 is the first model on this list specially thought for use in live broadcasts, which we believe is reflected in the options of the included software or in its physical closure to ensure our privacy; However, what we liked most about it, besides its appearance the most suitable for its price, is its great stability as it has good posable support and a cylindrical form factor that is easy to move and adjust to our liking. The fact that it can record with 1080p @ 30fps and is less than 60 euros in some stores is also a big plus for her, our favorite option in this price range.

  • Buy AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313 at MediaMarkt for 79.90 euros.
  • Buy AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313 on Amazon for 54.99 euros.
  • Buy AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313 in VS Gamers for 64.90 euros.

Streaming webcams: these are our best buying options

Logitech C920 Pro Stream

One of the most versatile webcams on the marketStreaming webcams: these are our best buying options

As a direct successor to the original Logitech C922, this webcam has the same specifications as its sister camera, such as live broadcasts; mainly the ability to record at 720p @ 60fps for extra fluidity in a small picture and the inclusion of 3 months of free Xsplit software specially designed for the task. All of this makes it our favorite under $ 90 option.

  • Buy Logitech C920 Pro Stream in PcComponentes for 76.58 euros.
  • Buy Logitech C920 Pro Stream from Amazon for 76.58 euros.

Streaming webcams: these are our best buying options

Razer Kiyo

With a central focus so you can be seen clearlyStreaming webcams: these are our best buying options

In our eyes, one step ahead of the previous model, we have the Razer Kiyo, a webcam that, in addition to a funny name, offers a number of perfect functions for anyone who wants to broadcast live without professional equipment. As with the Logitech camera, this model has the ability to capture 1080p @ 30fps or 720p @ 60fps for more fluidity, it has full software compatible with the rest of the brand’s elements, with a special focus on …


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