The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

when we think about it playing headphones It is common to focus solely on the mundane Headband Headphoneseither circumaural or supraaural, with the typical protruding microphone on the left. Is this behavior normal?, because their popularity and supply make them the preferred option for many players; but they are not the only ones we can choose. Outside the usual suspects, we find options that are seemingly mundane and complete the earbuds, the button headphones that so typically accompany our phonesand that they can offer solid solutions beyond what many can imagine most interesting alternatives for the average gamer, either because they want an easy-to-carry device for non-gaming tasks or because of an easy choice based on convenience.

For anyone interested in these little headphones to accompany them during their gaming sessions, we’ve made a list of our six selected favorite models in different price ranges.

Characteristics of good headphones

The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

To reiterate our previous wedge of information for our latest range of complete gaming headsets, the headset is nothing more than a group of small speakers in a housing that places them closer to our ear, so a good chunk of what those speakers sound like depends on those speakers -Drivers- and their configuration. When it comes to earbuds, those words make even more sense as the size of the drivers is smaller than any other type of earbud, making their position in relation to our ear pavilion even more important and even intruding on it in a slightly obtrusive way. ; Therefore, when choosing earphones, we should consider the following:

  • headphone impedance. Impedance is usually expressed in ohms (…) and is the resistance of the transducers to the passage of electrical current. The lower it is, the easier it is to feed those speakers to reproduce sound; although we may lose nuances of sound in the process. 32 ohms is a common value for devices that do not require external amplifiers.
  • headphone sensitivity. We usually measure it in decibels (dB) per watt and they indicate the volume that a headphone speaker can put out. They rarely exceed the 110 dB range for health reasons.
  • frequency range. It is the range of sounds that can be represented through headphones. To represent them we use Hertz (Hz) and although the human ear has clear limitations in this regard, the greater the range between lower and higher frequencies, the better the device’s sensitivity to bass and treble.
  • The morphology of the headphones. Mostly applicable to earphones and highly dependent on the person, a buddy earphone that is comfortable to wear and able to direct its sound properly is vital to its proper functioning. Unfortunately, everyone is a world, and it’s difficult to come up with a general rule about which earbuds do the job better or worse.

Despite what was said in our previous section, if we go back to the real world, there’s a lot more to a headset that determines its quality than just the driver itself. Elements like the connection itself, the electronics of the device, or the software – if so present – ​​can make the difference between seemingly similar devices. All of these elements are difficult to include in a Recommendation.

Our favorite earplugs

The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

With all that introduction, let’s get down to business by recommending our favorite earbuds. As usual, the list is in ascending order of price, with the cheapest models appearing first. The selected models do not respond to any type of campaign or advertisement and this list, while a bit short, aims to be as honest as possible. These are the selected models:


Very cheap and with reinforced bottomsThe best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

We open this list with the simplest and cheapest model that we will find in it; but not the least interesting for that reason, in fact given its price it is likely that this JBL T110 is one of the most interesting models of it.

The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

This simple JBL model features a 9mm driver per earphone, delivering clear sound with boosted bass that goes well with the action and sound profile of many titles. Its construction is simple, plastic and silicone, and they have a built-in microphone that, while it can’t replace the one found in headband headphones or in desktop mics, however simple they may be, can save us tuning in another Time. If you don’t enjoy high bass or want to use your earphones for more everyday purposes outside of video games, you might be interested in the Sony MDR-EX15LP with a more neutral sound; Both cost the same, around 10 euros.

Ludos Clamor

A good construction and sound for littleThe best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

Even within what we would define as the “economic range” within button headphones we find this simple pair of Ludos branded dubbed the Ludos Clamor; Headphones for everyday use where we found an interesting sound for our games, especially for its price.

The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

The reason we reiterate this interest is that this little pair has a balanced sound with pronounced mids and highs, but that does not disdain the lows that we usually find in effects and the like in our video games, resulting in a profile that favors the average game. Outside of that profile we find a well-built headset with a braided anti-tangle cable, multiple earbud heads, and some welcome extras.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds

Good sound and a decent mic at an affordable priceThe best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

Already in the 40 euro range we find these HyperX headphones, originally developed as a unique sound input and output solution for the Nintendo Switch. Ultimately, HyperX decided to take a more generic approach to the Cloud Earbuds.

The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

The sound of these headphones reminds us strongly of the first member of our list, as they enjoy enhanced bass that we think suits many titles; although its neutrality and its balance between those basses and mids is a bit harsher; However, the strong point of this model is undoubtedly its integrated microphone, which we consider very good for its price and comfortable for the current format of controllers and laptops on the market.

Tin Audio HiFi T2

Prepared for any type of listeningThe best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

The first monitoring headphones on our list, these HiFi T2 from Tin Audio are also the first we record that are not intended for general use outside of listening, but for their price, which is around 50 euros, we get headphones with Excellent construction and great sound for its price.

The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

When we stop talking about the sound of these headphones, we must highlight their neutrality, they have a good balance between high, mid and low frequencies and achieve good clarity thanks to the use of an independent 10mm woofer in each headphone ; They are also the main characters in our video games and we think they do a good job. Outside of the tone, they have good aluminum construction, with reinforced braided cable and a few extras for everyday use.

1More E1001 triple drivers

Its triple driver works very well in video gamesThe best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

Perhaps the suggested buy on our highest-star list is this 1More E1001, not because its sound isn’t appropriate or because we think its price doesn’t live up to what it offers, but because it has several flaws that we think they are widespread if we are going to use them to play?

The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

The excellent sound that we are talking about in our video games comes from the good collaboration of the three drivers that this model includes per headphones, which give this model improved bass and rich mids – for the standard of Knopf headphones – with the particularity to have good sound separation; They also have an integrated microphone. So far everything is correct, but this model is a bit simple for its price of over 70 euros and the included microphone does not perform exceptionally well. However, to consume multimedia content, especially video games, we think it is a very good option.

Shure SE215-CL

Great insulation that lets your riders shineThe best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

Our second set of monitoring headphones rounds out this list, also presenting themselves as the most expensive on the list, but perhaps also one of the most sonically interesting options. We’re talking about the Shure SE215-Cl, one of the most affordable models in the brand’s monitoring range, which we think does a great job with the sound of our games.

The best earbuds for gaming or earbuds under $100

Much of that ‘great work’ that we talk about when we play with these headphones comes from the excellent sound separation and wide sound field – again for earbuds – that they offer us despite their isolation, with some sound attenuation we considered sufficient for headphones of his profile; also enjoy a good sharpness between highs and lows, which is very much enjoyed in…


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