The best gaming phones of 2020 on offer for Black Friday

We continue our personal journey for the week before Black Friday. This time, and in strong support of what half-brothers like Xataka have already done, we’re going to review some of the smartphones on sale this week; but with our special twist: look for the models we think are best for gaming.

Smartphones to play with on sale the week before Black Friday

The best gaming phones of 2020 on offer for Black Friday

What is a good smartphone for gaming? Such a complex question is not answered in the few lines of this paragraph; But with the aim of giving some guidelines as to why we have chosen these models among all the models currently on the market, we will say that a good smartphone to play with is one that has enough power to take on the titles that are widely available provide catalog from the Google Play Store and the iOS Appstore while being able to provide an adequate user experience in the rest areas of a smartphone; Best with good value for money. These are our maxims, and these are the six models we liked the most that meet these requirements:

  • Xiaomi POCO X3 (128GB) for 229 euros (previous price 237.80 euros). A small discount for one of the terminals with the best value for money on the current market. As such, the Xiaomi model performs very well in games; and part of the blame lies with its FHD+ screen with a 120 Hertz refresh rate and its Snapdragon 732G processor, which, without being top of the range, has very good capabilities.
  • Apple iPhone SE (128GB) for 489 euros (previous price 539 euros). As one of the cheapest entry points into the Apple ecosystem, its services and of course its games, we have this return to the format we lost with the iPhone X, which has a compact size, modest screen size and features – albeit with very good color – and everything that Apple’s A13 processor can offer us at a slightly lower price than what we usually find.
  • Motorola Moto G8 Power (64GB) for 159 euros (previous price 249.01 euros). The cheapest proposal on this list is this Moto G8 Power, an economical terminal in terms of performance but with good features for its price and a huge battery compared to its performance, making it a long-lasting mobile.
  • Asus Rog Phone 3 Strix for €699 (Previous price €799). As the only “Designed for Gaming” terminal on our list, the Asus Rog Phone is also one of the best gaming-ready terminals out there; A clear example of this is its 144 Hertz screen with auto-sync or its internal DAC with an equalizer adapted for gaming. The terminal also includes a small ventilation add-on to enjoy the maximum possible performance throughout the device battery life.
  • Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite for 299 euros (previous price 329 euros). As Xiaomi is used to, we are dealing with a terminal with an excellent quality-price ratio, with a panel with a high refresh rate – of about 144 adaptable Hertz – and a Snapdragon 750 processor capable of running practically all the most demanding titles of the can wring platform.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G (256GB) for 699 euros (previous price 779 euros). The last of the terminals on this list is also the most expensive as it is also one of the newest devices. It has an AMOLED screen with high resolution and good size, the company’s Exynos 990 processor with tremendous power and, in general, high-end features that we can freely use while playing games.

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The best gaming phones of 2020 on offer for Black Friday

3DJuegos is not alone in this journey through the barrage of offers that we can find in the days leading up to Black Friday; Many other mediums accompany us on this improvised treasure hunt that we are doing today in order to find the most interesting offers possible; as a partner site with some of them, like the great Xataka or Vida Extra, among many others, these are some of their texts that cover their discoveries these days; those we have considered relate to what we have covered here:

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Additional offers outside of smartphones

The best gaming phones of 2020 on offer for Black Friday

As on other occasions, in these days of promotions, offers and campaigns, we add some additional ones at the end of our texts. On this occasion we receive these promotions from Amazon and we believe some of them may be of general interest to our readers:

  • 30 days of free Amazon Prime for new registrations. For those who have not yet been part of the Amazon Prime service and its benefits when shopping on the famous digital marketplace, the first thirty days of this service are free for new subscribers. After that, the usual rate of 36 euros per year applies.
  • 90-day trial for Prime Student. If you’re a student, Prime Student is a discounted payment format for Amazon Prime that retains the benefits of the original service at a slightly lower price. If you identify yourself as a student, you have a whopping 90-day trial before using the service or not. We therefore strongly recommend that you take a look if you are interested in the benefits of Amazon Prime.
  • 3 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited. While Amazon Prime users have instant access to Amazon Music, those looking for something more have the Unlimited version of the service, with unlimited access, direct compatibility with Alexa, and other perks. The trial period for newcomers is 3 months.


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