The best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X? 8 4K TVs to get the most out of the new generation

One of the essential elements of any living room is usually the television, especially when we talk about the home of an avid gamer. As with consoles and other devices, it is common to renew these devices from time to time due to the numerous technological advances that we usually find in the sector; In many cases, these advances are the door to enjoying certain capabilities of the rest of our devices. This is clearly the case on consoles., who tend to expand and change their characteristics, skills and technological requirements from generation to generation. For this reason, it is common that when a system is renewed, we also replace our television to take advantage of its new qualities.

With the goal of helping our readers, we wrote a piece earlier this year with the goal of helping shape this change and talked about what current models we liked for the new generation. Now that half a year has passed since its release, it’s easy to see that we may have been overly optimistic in our assessment of new TV launches, having refreshed several of these models throughout 2020.

Although all models selected at that time are still excellent options to play in the new generation; To keep this selection relevant and add a new nuance to the list, we wanted to add to it four models released this year 2020 for each console and which, in our opinion, are ideal companions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in both versions.

Three special features when choosing

Original image by Alexander Antropov.Original image by Alexander Antropov.

Choosing a television seems to be an easy task since all users consider parameters such as picture quality, sound or its multimedia capabilities. However, we gamers need to take care of more features to get the most out of our screens, such as: B. the additional latency of the panel or the support of gaming technologies and standards that are often used by our systems. This generation makes it necessary to take these peculiarities into account by significantly raising the technological ceiling compared to its predecessor be particularly interesting. For us, in addition to the image, these are the qualities that we must value the most when choosing a TV for our new generation consoles.

  • a decision UHD to get the most out of our consoles.
  • Support for standards used by our systems, such as HDR10 or HDMI 2.1 and its extras.
  • have one high refresh rate and acceptable latencies.

The first of our properties to consider is obvious; Well, if the performance of our systems has increased, what less than to accompany them with a resolution that makes their hardware shine. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Designed with 4K in mind, a goal which, as far as we know, they seem to have achieved with ease and which can only be used in compatible panels with at least that enormous number of pixels in between. Xbox Series S is a slightly more peculiar case, as it’s supposed to excel in lower resolutions, but no less able to take advantage of UHD panels in the usual multimedia consumption that we do on our consoles.

Xbox Series X image

Support for standards like HDM 2.1 seems to be crucial for this generation, as the increase in bandwidth opens the door to better processed and more elaborate images, as well as the application of technologies designed specifically for gamers. Closely linked to this range we have the new HDR technologies that want to shine on the new consoles. We recommend getting a television that is as standards-compatible as possible if we are planning a new purchase; Otherwise it would be interesting to see compatibility with technologies such as ALLM or VRR to fill in your absence.

Last but not least, not only are next-gen consoles ready to take advantage of UHD resolutions, but they’re also ready to do it at a good frame rate per second, so with panels that take advantage of this capability, you’re getting an important one Point can set a milestone in your own living room. We have already discussed the advantages of a panel with a high Hertz number several times, so we won’t repeat it here; But these features, along with good response times and the added bonus of low latency, are things we want on our screens.

Four TVs recommended for the Xbox series

Xbox Series X image

Starting with the new generation console from Microsoft, we have little more to say about the Xbox Series X that we have not already said in our many texts dedicated to it. Pairing the Redmond system with a television according to your needs, in addition to the sections we have highlighted earlier, we must take care of the 4K panels that have a high refresh rate, which can take advantage of the console in backward compatible titles, as well as those willing to work at a high frames per second rate. In addition, models with these properties usually have a good response time. Some of our favorite models are the following:


One OLED panel to rule them allXbox Series X image

The LG CX is the only representative on our list with an OLED panel; and it’s not because we think the technology is ill-prepared for the new generation of consoles, but it’s improved tremendously in the last two years; If not, we think it’s the best representative of all the models that use this technology. As the Asian company’s high-end TV, the CX isn’t short on features, including full support for HDMI 2.1 and all its advantages – despite the reduction in bandwidth – and enables technologies like VRR to take advantage of these advantages 120Hz native refresh rate. Last year’s LG C9 model is also an interesting option, but it’s relatively hard to find now.

Xbox Series X image

Samsung Q70T

High-end panel at an affordable priceXbox Series X image

The colorimetric technology of this model is the best weapon to maintain a vivid and well-represented image without inflating the price like options based on OLED technology. In addition, the inclusion of support for HDMI 2.1, even through a single connection, and the good performance in terms of response time of this model make it a very good option for new generation consoles. Unfortunately, as with most Samsung panels, does not support the Dolby Vision HDR standardwhich is one of its main flaws.

Xbox Series X image

LG Nanocell 866NA

A TV designed for the new consolesXbox Series X image

The most interesting thing about this LG model is the price at which it is offered 120Hz native and full support of the HDMI 2.1 standard, so it has all the technologies that the new generation is prepared for. In addition, we highlight the use of technology for the NanoCell Colorimetry, which goes very well with the IPS panel used by this model to offer good image quality without resorting to more expensive technologies. It’s one of our favorite models for the new generation.

Xbox Series X image

Xbox Series S It focuses on that sector of the player population that wants to be less aggressive in the new generation. For this reason, i.e. because of the reduced performance compared to its big sister, Microsoft’s small console cuts a good figure on any current television without having to look for the latest of the latest. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the features of the HDMI 2.1 this feature of the above models actually has full support for them; but in keeping with its economic philosophy, we wanted to recommend a cheaper model just thinking about it.

Samsung TU8005

An affordable alternative for an affordable consoleXbox Series X image

Of all the features we listed as “essential” for the new generation, this Samsung model only ticks the resolution part; how does not support HDMI 2.1, or has a refresh rate of more than 60 Hz. However, the TU8005 makes up for its weaknesses with other things, such as the price, the excellent image reproduction or the good response time when playing our titles. This model can bring out the benefits of a console like the Xbox Series S without having to spend more than necessary on an accompanying panel.

Xbox Series X image

Four TVs we like for PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X image

Sony’s console will be launched in two very heterogeneous versions, the only notable difference being the absence of the reader and its respective reflected in the price; Therefore, all models listed apply to both versions of PlayStation 5. As for the system itself, it points to the game in 4K at good frame rates per second as the clearest goal, so playing on screens with this resolution seems the most logical thing to use the console. Sony has placed a lot of emphasis on the sound of the PlayStation 5, its formats and its advantages, so TVs with support for digitized surround sound should have a clear shot at taking advantage of this facet of the console. As with the Microsoft console, the appearance of the HDMI 2.1 standard is recommended.

Samsung Q95T

The Korean company’s most impressive UHD screenXbox Series X image



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