The top rated games of 2020 by 3DJuegos readers, available on Black Friday

This Black Friday we wanted to dedicate a dedicated space to our readers and give their own space for offers and sales that they themselves, without being aware of it, have chosen to focus on the most important subject of our hobby: video games themselves. Therefore we will highlight, which were the best deals we could find in the titles with the best average rating from readers in 3DJuegos. Offers based on your own recommendations!

Discounts on our readers’ favorite games this Black Friday

The top rated games of 2020 by 3DJuegos readers, available on Black Friday

Unlike in other texts of our coverage of the day, this time we rank the offers according to the average rating of our readers, according to what our rating ranking says, which not only takes into account the grade given, but also the number of reviews given. We did a cut with the top 20 rated.

  • Resident Evil 2 (PS4) for 15.99 euros (new price 39.99 euros). The second part of the quintessential survival horror remake has garnered a whopping 79 community reviews, with an average score of 9.4 in its PS4 version, which we list here. The Xbox version is available on the Microsoft website as well as on Steam on PC.
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate for 49.90 euros (new price 56.90 euros). Sakurai’s massive work has 27 user reviews with an average rating of 9.3 throughout its journey. What we list is the best physical deal we could find.
  • Gears 5 for 9.90 euros (new price 29.90 euros). The latest installment in one of Xbox’s star sagas received an average of 9.2 reviews out of 36 from our readers. Although the offer that we highlighted a few days ago has expired, on Amazon we can buy it physically at a very good price.
  • Devil May Cry 5 (PS4) for 20.90 euros (new price 24.99 euros). The PS4 version of this fantastic Hack&Slash has 29 reviews from our readers, giving it an average score of 9.2; Unfortunately there isn’t much choice in terms of the offer, the one we have listed is the most interesting for the Sony console, while we don’t have a physical offer for Xbox although we do have a digital one. On PC, it’s discounted on the Valve Store.
  • Persona 5 Royal for 29.95 euros (new price 43.94 euros). The Atlus JRPG has an average score of 9.1 out of 15 reviews from our readers. On Amazon we can now get it at a reduced price.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses for 45.49 euros (new price 49.90 euros). Byleth’s story is one of the saga’s favorites for our readers, with around 15 reviews and an average rating of 9.1; Unfortunately there are no significant offers for the title, this reduced price in words is the most interesting thing we found physically. In the Nintendo Store, it’s slightly lower digitally.
  • Black Mesa for 8.99 euros (new price 17.99 euros). The work of Crowbar Collective has not gone unnoticed by our readers, who gave this review of the original Half-Life an average score of 9.1. On Steam we can currently find it at half price.
  • The Last of Us Part II for 36.90 euros (new price 47.90 euros). Without a doubt, this is one of the titles that has moved our readers the most, as it contains a whopping 271 individual reviews, giving Naughty Dog’s work an average rating of 9.1. Physically, we have it for sale in several stores; Amazon has one of the best prices we’ve seen.
  • Ghost of Tsushima for 44.90 euros (new price 69.99 euros). Jin Sakai’s fledgling adventure made a deep impression on our readers, with an average rating of 9.1 from 71 reviews. Currently we can find it in physical format at an acceptable price.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake for 36.90 euros (original price 69.99 euros). The complete reinterpretation of the original FFVII story that this FFVII remake brought about left about 63 reviews written with an average rating of 8.9, the first under 9 on our list. Despite this, it is an impressive grade, even more so on average, and to improve the situation we can currently acquire the physical version of this title at a very good price.
  • Medievil for 16.90 euros (new price 29.99 euros). Medievil embodies one of the greatest contradictions between our writing and our readers, as we left Sir Daniel’s Adventures with a 7.5 compared to the 8.9 our readers gave it on average. If you haven’t played it yet and want to draw your own conclusions, its physical version is currently available at a very good price.
  • Days Gone for 19.90 euros (new price 69.90 euros). Another hotspot on our list is this Days Gone, which has more than 160 reviews for it, with an average rating of 8.8. Now we can grab it in its physical version at a good price.
  • DOOM Eternal (PC) for 16.79 euros (original price 59.99 euros). Rip & Tear wherever it takes is our most direct take on one of the year’s titles; Perhaps as a sign of that, it’s also one of this year’s top rated games by our readers, with an average rating of 8.8 from 22 reviews. Now at Fanatical we can get it at a reduced price for PC, while on PS4 we can find it for sale in different stores; Microsoft consoles don’t enjoy many active offers, but they can play it through their awesome Game Pass.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PC) for 35.87 euros (new price 59.99 euros). Miyazaki’s latest work has an average rating of 8.8 on PC across 32 reviews and isn’t far behind on other platforms. We find it on sale in a good chunk of PC virtual stores, while we don’t see great deals on console, but we do see a very low price on PS4 and Microsoft platforms.
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (PS4) for 21.95 euros (original price 34.95 euros). Crash’s return to four wheels has delighted our readers, who have given the Sony console an average score of 8.8 across 27 reviews. If we want to buy it physically, our best option is xtralife for PS4 and Amazon for Xbox and Nintendo’s small hybrid console.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 for 44.49 euros (new price 59.99 euros). Luigi’s latest solo adventure has received around 14 reviews from our readers, giving it a comfortable average score of 8.4. If we want to snag it, there aren’t many active offers, but we found an interesting discount that we wanted to list.
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4) for 19.90 euros (original price 49.99 euros). The work of Asobo Studio moved 23 of our readers enough to write at least one review, giving this title an average score of 8.6. The offer we are offering is for the physical version on PS4, but it is also available on PC and we can play it on Xbox through Game Pass.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC) for 19.99 euros (original price 49.99 euros). The Adventures of Cal Kestis leaves a comfortable average rating of 8.5 across the 27 reviews on the PC edition out now in stores. For those playing on console, the PS4 version is available from Amazon, while the Xbox version is available from El Corte Inglés at a good price.
  • Outward (PC) for 19.99 euros (new price 39.99 euros). Published by Deep Silver, this title was very liked by the PC players on our site, receiving an average score of 8.5. For those who want to check out this dark-cut ARPG, it’s currently on sale on Steam.
  • Metro Exodus (PC) for 15.99 euros (new price 39.99 euros). The latest adventure in the Metro series has made it popular with many of our regular PC readers, earning it around 34 reviews with an average rating of 8.4. It is currently on sale on Steam.

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The top rated games of 2020 by 3DJuegos readers, available on Black Friday

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