These are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

Among all the Xbox Series X specs and features, 8K support was one of the most notable, not because of the support itself, but because of the significant leap from the last gen. That Game in 4K It seemed like a last-gen chimera, whose original members rarely natively achieved the promised FHD resolution; So it was a pleasant surprise to see how Sony and Microsoft have stepped up their offerings at both the software and hardware levels good experiences at higher resolutions.

Still, it’s strange to find the aforementioned 8K support, all the more so as we note that Sony is planning to introduce such support to PlayStation 5 in the near future; because although it seems appropriate at the level of content consumption given the expected average life expectancy of this new generation, We’re talking four times more pixels on the screen than in the still-odd native 3840x2160p resolution we’re still getting used to on consoles.

This suggestion, especially after our last post on next-generation TVs, has led us to ask a question: if any of our readers wanted to make the leap to this gargantuan resolution, what would their best options be? We have prepared this text with the intention of answering this question, although we are aware that the Exorbitant prices the technology of which is still in adoption are unaffordable for many, which we wrote with the intention of finding the best TVs to play on the new 8K resolution consoles.

More of everything but with the same goals

These are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

Although we are increasing the number of pixels on the screen, what we are looking for in a TV to play on the new generation of consoles is no different. We continue to look for good refresh rates with low response times, broad support for gaming technologies, good compatibility with standards from HDR and direct support with HDMI 2.1; a wish list that we will not extend beyond the mentioned as we have spoken about it on several occasions.

However, consuming content in 8K resolutions is still martial enough to find us in a desert of content shortage, a problem that most consumer electronics companies are tackling through a complex but effective solution: Content Rescaling. Most modern 8K TVs have powerful processors ready to translate and repurpose 4K and lower content into higher resolutions. in most cases with good results. Native content is still preferable, but opting for models with appropriate rescaling will be one of the key points for those users ready to take the plunge today.

All of the models we have listed below have what we believe to be a efficient and pleasant rescaling when playing, but we must keep in mind that this type of image treatment is not comparable to native content. We also believe that it is necessary to remember that it is still early days for the average user to start thinking about this type of resolution. The content of this buyer’s guide is aimed at those affluent users who want to experience “one step further” within a new generation, so this time We didn’t have a budget limit when selecting our models, but we have taken our beloved value for money into account when selecting the various members of the following list.

Our current favorite 8K TVs

These are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

Unlike when we’ve ordered our selections on other occasions, we’ve listed the five models selected in order of interest; Thus, the top three are, in our opinion, the best 8K TVs for the average user, in no particular order, with the fourth and fifth being the two most striking and complete models, in ascending order. Given the high price, we also wanted to suggest several buying links so that our readers can choose the one that offers the best price when they want to make their new purchase. Not all links shown have any type of affiliation and this was not a determining factor in the choice of models. With that in mind, here is the list of TVs and the reasons behind their choice:

Sony ZH8 series

An 8K proposal prepared for the new consolesThese are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

We started strong with one of Sony’s most ambitious proposals. The ZH8 series is just a rung below the top that the company of Japanese origin currently has on the market. It is a model with a panel based on VA technology and FALD backlight, one of the most advanced in the LED family. Thanks to this technology, the Sony model achieves peak values ​​of Luminescence of approximately 2,500 nits and an excellent level of contrast, also thanks to the FALD panel. It’s one of the TVs that Sony has named “PS5 Ready”, as it offers very interesting features for gamers, such as its native response time of 120 Hertz or its low response time. Of course we have to resort to 4K resolutions to enjoy the high response time. It also supports HDMI 2.1, although it won’t be enabled until the next firmware update, which is expected next month.

  • Buy the Sony ZH8 series (75 inch) on the official website for 6,999 euros.
  • Buy the Sony ZH8 Series (75 inches) from El Corte Inglés for 6,999 euros.

These are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

LG Nanocell 95

The most economical proposal within its reachThese are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

While the €3,000 that LG is asking for this model is far from what we would normally call a “moderate price”, in the 8K TV market is the LG Nanocell 956 offers a lot at a price not too far removed from the upper range of lower resolutions, and without sacrificing the features that we demand from a new generation TV. Like the rest of the LG line for this 2020, it is a model with an IPS panel coupled with FALD backlighting, where we find the Nanocell name due to the technology used in the model’s colorimetry. Thanks to her, this is a panel with excellent color rendering and good contrast. Its full compatibility with HDMI 2.1 speaks for enjoying the model while gaming. Is about one of the most balanced models from this list alongside the next one we have listed.

  • Buy the LG Nanocell 95 (65 inches) at MediaMarkt for 2,599 euros.
  • Buy the LG Nanocell 95 (65 inch) from El Corte Inglés for 2,999 euros.
  • Buy LG Nanocell 95 (65 inch) at FNAC (offer) for 1,949.94 euros.

These are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

Samsung Q700T series

A cheaper and equally complete alternativeThese are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

As with our previous model, the biggest strength of the Samsung Q700T series is its ability to offer that Features of a high-end television within an 8K resolution without resorting to impossible prizes. As in the Korean company’s high-end, the panel used is based on Samsung’s own MVA technology, with FALD backlighting and Quantum Dots colorimetry. Thanks to the combination of these three technologies, the Q700T enjoys excellent picture quality with a high level of contrast and excellent color representation. It is also a model with interesting features for gaming, such as B. Native support for HDMI 2.1 and its technologies, high refresh rates at 4K resolutions and below, and generally good response times. it is one of our favorite models of the 8K market for its price Pay attention to the sales of the Q800T modelwhich are numerous and priced at a very narrow level are superior to this model.

These are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

  • Buy Samsung Q700T (65 inch) on the official website for 2,999 euros.
  • Buy Samsung Q700T (65″) in El Corte Inglés by Text Euro.
  • Buy Samsung Q700T (65 inch) at MediaMarkt (offer) for 1,999 euros.

Samsung Q950TS series

The currently best QLED modelThese are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

As one of the richest models in tech and abilities, as well as one of the most expensive on our list, we wanted to bring that top model that Samsung currently offers in its range of QLED TVs: the Samsung Q950TS, an 8K TV that we can get for a not inconsiderable 5,500 euros in the 65-inch version and even 7,500 euros in the 75-inch version. It is a TV with a backlit MVA panel in FALD technology, whose colorimetry, as could not be otherwise in the high-end of the Korean company, comes out of the hand Quantum Dot Technology. If we look at the specs, the model doesn’t seem very different from the previous member of our list, but the advantages of the Q950TS are present throughout the TV, mainly in its contrast; Well, with a maximum illumination of 4000 nits and a larger dynamic range, we are faced with one of the TVs with the best contrast outside of OLED technology, as well as one of the models with greater support for high dynamic range. It also offers full support for HDMI 2.1 and technologies like FreeSync, as well as better image processing support than its immediately inferior models. Like them, it also enjoys high refresh rates at 4K resolutions and below.

  • Buy Samsung Q950TS (65 inch) on the official website for 5,499 euros.
  • Buy the Samsung Q950TS (65 inch) from El Corte Inglés for 5,499 euros.

These are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

LG OLED Signature ZX

The most striking of its seriesThese are the 5 best 8K TVs for gaming with over 33 million pixels

Finally, we would like to show this text one of the most unattainable models on the market


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