This year is Black Friday with xtralife xtrasafe

This week before Black Friday we have seen the different movements of the virtual shops that populate the networks; Most of them focus on the frugal or impulsive facet of these dates. Contrary to this conception, xtralife wanted to rethink its approach and treat these days with a special reflection.

Therefore, from the virtual store, they are aware of the importance of this data for many users and have decided not only to offer great offers for the benefit of their customers, but also to promote good habits, conscious shopping and, in general, to care for ourselves to worry about others.

For this reason, from November 23rd to 30th this month, all orders will be placed on You get double loyalty points – Redeemable later to get additional discounts on the web – and as a special gift They include a box of “Gamer” patches with every order as a nod to our desire to take care of ourselves for others.

Knowing this, we take it for granted Discover some of the offers that the internet has put together for its users during this campaign promoting buying “with a head” as the main protagonist, and our individual self-care spirit these days.

Sony PlayStation 4 first-party games revealed and on sale

This year is Black Friday with xtralife xtrasafe

Starting with the highlights of the Sony console, xtralife takes advantage of its extensive catalog of first-party titles to offer many of them at a discounted price, saying goodbye to this console as it deserves:

  • Ghost of Tsushima for €46.95 (was €59.95).
  • The Last of Us II for €36.95 (was €59.95).
  • Death Stranding for €19.99 (was €59.95).
  • Days Gone for €19.99 (was €59.95).
  • Spider-Man for €19.99 (was €34.95).
  • All Sony PlayStation hits for €9.99.

Xbox first-party games featured and on sale

This year is Black Friday with xtralife xtrasafe

Another big protagonist of Xtralife sales is the Xbox brand, which offers some of its most outstanding titles at a special price to be able to enjoy them on any of the Redmond systems:

  • Gears of War 5 for €29.95 (was €39.99).
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps for €19.99 (was €29.99).
  • Forza Motorsport 7 for €29.95 (was €44.95).
  • Sea of ​​Thieves for €29.95 (was €39.99).

Selection of recently released TOP titles

This year is Black Friday with xtralife xtrasafe

Among these offers, they also want to give a space to multiplatform titles that have been launched in recent months, so that those who have been patient when purchasing these titles can have a pleasant surprise:

  • Marvel Avengers for €34.95 (was €59.95).
  • FIFA 21 for €39.95 (was €59.95).
  • Crash Bandicoot 4 for €46.95 (was €59.95).
  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 for €32.95 (was €39.95).
  • Mafia Trilogy for €44.95 (was €54.95).
  • Watch Dogs Legion for €39.95 (was €59.95).
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon Day One Edition for €46.95 (was €59.99).
  • Person 5 Royal for €29.95 (previously €54.95).
  • Final Fantasy Remake VII for €39.95 (was €59.95).
  • NBA 2K21 for €29.95 (was €59.95).
  • PES 21 for €18.95 (previously €26.95).

TOP offers for TOP games

This year is Black Friday with xtralife xtrasafe

The world of video games doesn’t thrive on new releases alone, and the last few years have brought us a great list of titles that deserve to be played; each for their own reasons and dynamics. You can also find some of them on offer:

  • DOOM Eternal for €19.99 (was €59.95).
  • Borderlands 3 for €9.99 (was €29.99).
  • Nier Automata GOTY for €14.95 (was €19.99).
  • Watch Dogs 2 for €14.95 (was €19.99).
  • Tekken 7 for €9.99 (was €19.99).
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 for €14.95 (was €19.99).
  • Jurassic World Evolution for €26.95 (was €44.95).
  • Switch to Catherine Full Body for €26.95 (was €44.95).
  • Sakura Wars Day One Edition for €36.95 (was €54.95).
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus for €24.95 (was €54.95).
  • Mortal Kombat 11 for €18.95 (was €26.95).
  • Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition for €18.95 (was €29.99).
  • Switch Story of Seasons for €26.95 (was €44.95).
  • Daymare: 1998 Black Edition Limited to €19.99 (was €34.95).
  • Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition for €24.95 (was €39.95).

Offers on other powerful games

This year is Black Friday with xtralife xtrasafe

xtralife also doesn’t forget the works that aren’t big hits compared to the medium’s super productions; but they also deserve some love and attention. These also have sales these days:

  • Wasteland 3 for €34.95 (was €54.95).
  • Desperados 3 for €34.95 (was €54.95).

Offers for driving titles

Driving title fans have an enormous passion for their favorite genre, whether they’re related to the simulationistic branch of the genre or to the more arcade and carefree genre. You will also find interesting offers these days:

  • The entire Need for Speed ​​saga on sale.
  • All dirt on sale.
  • Formula 1 2020 on sale.

Offers in sports titles

A similar thing happens with fans of sports titles, although for them the discipline itself usually prevails as a differentiator between their various fans. In any case, this genre is also on offer nowadays.

Family Title Offers

It would be inappropriate to ignore the family-friendly titles also on sale during these xtralife sale days, especially when many of them have as wide and engaged an audience as the Just Dance series, whose latest release is also available for 34, 95 euros is available from originally 54.95 euros.

Our favorite sagas on offer

This year is Black Friday with xtralife xtrasafe

From xtralife, these days they also wanted to remember some of their favorite sagas, which also in this last phase of November will benefit from the advantages that we find in store.

  • Offerings in the Assassin’s Creed saga.
  • The titles of the Star Wars saga from €19.99.
  • The fun saga of LEGO video games from 14.95 euros.
  • Offerings in the Far Cry saga.

some special offers

To end this text, we also wanted to devote a moment to the offers that xtralife has left for some accessories, complements and services; not only because we consider them to be general interest items, but also because the listings on these items are not usually common:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Console + Animal Crossing + 3 Months of Nintendo Switch Online for €234.95 (was €269.99).
  • PC Xbox Game Pass 3 months for €28.95 with a special Sea of ​​Thieves DLC gift.
  • PlayStation Now 12 months minus 25% for €44.95 (was €59.99).
  • PlayStation Plus 12 months minus 25% for €44.95 (was €59.99).
  • And finally a bit retro! Sega Mega Drive Mini for €54.95 (previously €79.99).


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