We are giving away xtralife vouchers worth 100 euros to buy video games, consoles, merchandising and accessories

Christmas is upon us, and while the situation we must live in this year 2020 promises to make it an atypical celebration, we are all, to some degree, overwhelmed by the aptly named Christmas cheer that gives us the will To give a little more of ourselves. ourselves to our loved ones than we normally give. This feeling also pervaded the team xtralifewho, with the aim of making this strange Christmas more pleasant, have prepared a somewhat unusual competition in which we can all participate.

“Where’s the runaway?” Some of our readers may be wondering; Well, in the way we can participate in it, because in the purest style of Charlie and the xtralife chocolate factory, it gives us the opportunity to get a golden ticket that appears among its items as if it were just another product , but at the price of 0 euros. With the purchase, we take part directly in the xtralife Christmas raffle, in which 10 lucky winners a GOLDEN TICKET worth 100 euros to use on the web. To know if we are among the chosen ones, we just have to wait until Wednesday, 23.12 to check if our ticket becomes gold and we get the price. Information is also provided via xtralife’s Twitter profile, so we urge you to pay attention to this social network.

We are giving away xtralife vouchers worth 100 euros to buy video games, consoles, merchandising and accessories

It is important for all participants to know that the names of the winners will be published for the sake of transparency, that only tickets purchased by December 22nd at 23:59 will be considered and that Only one ticket per account per user is allowed, because the most important thing is that we all feel like we have an equal chance of winning this award. However, we must keep in mind that this offer is only valid in Spanish territory.

At this point, all that remains is to consider how we can use this wonderful ticket as part of the xtralife offer. Normally we would think of video games, but we will justify merchandising and figurines as ideal gifts for these holidays, because the fan of our environment does not live only from video games. Among everything we found, we particularly like:

We are giving away xtralife vouchers worth 100 euros to buy video games, consoles, merchandising and accessories

  • Figure Luigi Luig’s Mansion 3 from First Four Figures for 54.95 euros (previously 79.99 euros). Despite their relatively small size, First 4 Figures figures are rich in detail and will enhance any physical collection with ease. This one about the plumber in green appeals to us because of the character, context, and gameplay it’s referring to.
  • Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid figure from First Four Figures for $49.95 (was $69.99). Solid Snke doesn’t have Luigi’s usual cartoonish demeanor, but this character embodies his image quite well, although he does opt for this aesthetic, it’s of good quality and contains a good level of detail.
  • Spyro figure Spyro the Dragon First Four Figures for €49.95 (was €69.99). Fans of the purple dragon were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the saga’s original titles once again through their remastered trilogy; To complete a potential collection, this Spyro figure can be a great addition.
  • PixelPals pay from 14.99 euros. Halfway between a proper character and a decorative panel, the PixelPals rescue some of the medium’s most iconic characters to give it a pixelated look with the best result. They also glow, so they brighten up a room with little ambient light.
  • Nintendo amiibo figures from 12.99 euros. The famous Nintendo characters impress less with their quality and more with their collectibility and the extras that they usually bring with them in many of the company’s titles.
  • Christmas sweater with a gaming theme for 28 euros (previously 39.99 euros). With these Christmas sweaters we protect ourselves from the cold and make our hobby clear. They have a reduced price and now we can get two for 48 euros too.
  • Vinyl soundtracks from 24.99 euros. It’s not as common as it used to be, but there are still plenty of fans of vinyl’s analog sound; If you not only like the sound and you have a team, but you are also a fan of video games, xtralife has a wide range based on soundtracks of some of the audience’s favorite titles, such as Horizon Zero Dawn or the famous saga Resident Evil. There are also plenty of CDs for those who want more modern formats.
  • Dragon Ball Z Battle Blanket for 14.95 euros. Since at this time we protect ourselves from the cold, why not state what we like. This blanket features a print of Akira Toriyama’s famous Shonen.

We are giving away xtralife vouchers worth 100 euros to buy video games, consoles, merchandising and accessories

  • Figures POP! Dragon Ball from 14.95 euros. Continuing with Dragon Ball, in the shop we also find a good selection of some of the most interesting POP figures available now.
  • Official novel Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Saga of Geirmund for 18.45 euros. Valhalla has brought a very popular setting among gamers, for those who want more of this setting even if it doesn’t have the same format as the Ubisoft game, they have items like this novel that are set in the same universe as the title.
  • Artbook The World of Cyberpunk 2077 for 27.95 euros. Despite all the hype that makes up CD Projekt Red’s title, there’s no denying that the artwork behind it is fantastic and is almost entirely brought together in this book.
  • Baby Yoda World (The Mandalorian Merchandising) from €14.95. It almost seems like yesterday when Season 2 premiered and we’ve been waiting a long time to learn more about the series that’s generated the most love surrounding the saga in years. For those who are big fans of hers, xtralife has a lot of merch dedicated to her; among which we highlight the child’s stuffed animal and his animatronic character.
  • Nintendo Switch cases for different models and themes from 7.99 euros. Nintendo Switch is a console with a portable soul, and in the case of Switch Lite, it’s more than that. To transport it and keep it safe, a cover can be a good addition.
  • Game and Watch Console: Super Mario Bros listens to 56.95 euros. It’s no secret that we like this little tribute console, so we wanted to add it to this list of highlights on xtralife as well.

We are giving away xtralife vouchers worth 100 euros to buy video games, consoles, merchandising and accessories

For those who, instead of getting a few gifts thanks to the ticket, prefer to acquire something that they could not get without it, these are some of the physical items that we liked the most about the value of the gold gift that xtralife has prepared:

  • Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro Christmas Edition for 169.95 euros. With a high price but full of extras compared to its regular edition, this special edition Neo Geo Arcade Stick has some physical extras to enjoy it even more, like covers, extra controls and more.
  • Boba Fett Star Wars Black Series helmet replica 1: 1 for 129.95 euros. This helmet is an exact replica in size and detail of the helmet worn by one of the most famous bounty hunters in a galaxy far, far away. If we are lucky enough to get the ticket we can get it for about 30 euros.
  • Stormbreaker Ax Thor Replica 1:1 for 159.95 euros. For those more like the god of thunder than bounty hunters in space, xtralife have a full size replica of Thor’s ax ready for anyone worthy of it. If we’re lucky enough to get the golden ticket, it would be ours for around 60 euros.


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