What a good desktop should have for gaming on PC and our buying recommendations

As gamers, due to the nature of our hobby, we usually spend our free time in spaces that aren’t just dedicated to gaming; On the console it is common to have them in our living room, the center of much of a home’s multimedia consumption, while on the PC it is generally most often found in a workplace a deskdue to the great functionality that these systems offer.

This is natural, as few can afford to have a room dedicated solely to one function in a modern home, both for reasons of space and budget. But as players that we are, we are loyal to our fans whenever possible we like to accommodate mixed rooms to make them their best possible version while we enjoy our video games.

That is exactly what we intend with this text, to offer our own advice when it comes to accommodating these margins. We will focus specifically on desks throughout this text and what a few words are dedicated to what we believe is of the utmost importance for sharing, giving what we consider interesting a place on a desk that doubles as a play surface and finally naming some models and accessories that we particularly like. We invite you to join us in this exercise.

Common Terms

What a good desktop should have for gaming on PC and our buying recommendations

Let’s start with the most basic: what a desk should have to be an enriching space but functional in all the uses we want to give it; In order to achieve this it is important that we know in general What activities will we carry out regularly? For example, if we use it as a drafting table and play surface in our free time, it’s convenient that the desk has some tilt or adjustability for those artistic work sessions; When it comes to a learning and leisure area, space and lighting are two key factors that we should consider; and like these two examples, hundreds of thousands.

Taking the American OSHA recommendations as an example, the structure of any workplace should be based on the accessibility of said space, a main area free of deterrent elements and with support and storage areas around said space; In a desk with a computer, it’s best to have the monitor at eye level and the desk at a distance that allows us to access the keyboard without stretching our arms and without placing our wrists against the table, but toward it rest.

What a good desktop should have for gaming on PC and our buying recommendations

It is also customary to recommend that the desk does not interfere with the position in which we let the body rest, so that we can stand in front of it without adopting strange or uncomfortable postures, especially in long sessions of use. Adjustable desks or desks that allow us to move between different comfortable positions and are not harmful are generally good options, although they are a little more expensive than a traditional table. We looked at a few more of these guidelines in our special on desk chairs and gaming chairs.

As usual, it is easy to extrapolate the vast majority of these figures to create a desk that serves as a play surface; because the position and activity on the desktop are to some extent very similar, although their greater intensity and idiosyncrasies lead us to make some distinctions that we will review in the next section.

What does a gaming desk need?

What a good desktop should have for gaming on PC and our buying recommendations

Gaming is usually a time-consuming activity, the average game lasts around two hours per session, but we all know that in certain situations, e.g. B. a game that hits us particularly, can increase slightly. For this reason it is very interesting that if our usual gaming space is a desk, the typical needs of the players are among the usual activities that must be taken into account when deciding which desk we are going to acquire.

As we commented in the previous section, the ergonomics and usability claims are OSHA a good starting point to accommodate our requests, but these guidelines are intended for workspaces where the use of documents, additional output peripherals, and generally non-system elements is common and necessary. While we’re gaming, most of the activity is focused on our system – be it console or computer – and its input and output peripherals, so it’s important to have a space that doesn’t hinder its use. Our tips for these items are as follows:

  • beware of the surface. Many desks, especially those intended for study, usually have reduced surfaces that can accommodate a keyboard and mouse, some even separating this surface from the table itself. Usually in a gaming zone, this is a bad idea, especially when we play on pc. We want our mouse to be able to move freely and easily a distance of about 30 x 30 cm is the minimum what we should aim for.
  • Less items above, more below. Video gaming is a hobby tied to technology and its devices, and these devices usually involve a large number of cables and connections; It can be a good idea to have areas where these cables can pass and rest, especially when we have multiple systems on the desk. Extras such as mouse bungees or headphone holders are also welcome.
  • Lighting is an important element. One aspect that is rarely thought of when designing a playroom is lighting, as the monitors and screens already have their own light; but it is precisely this light that easily tires the eyesight when playing for a long time. A simple addition, like a desk lamp or a monitor wall light, can help us solve this problem. We have already touched on this very lightly in our special about the dynamic lighting of our playgrounds.
  • The height adjustment is another interesting addition. Height-adjustable desks, as well as attachments and add-ons, while all expensive, can be great additions to any gaming table; Not only do they help us to easily vary the posture in which we practice our hobby and avoid sedentary sessions, but they also help to put this desk in a non-harmful position in a simple and quick way.

Desks we like

Taking into account what has been said so far, we believe that everything necessary to choose a desk that suits our situation, needs and activities is already there. However, in order to supplement this text, we would like to dedicate some space simple desktop models which we believe will meet the needs of a wide range of potential users; always hoping that some of these recommendations will come to fruition. These are the recommendations mentioned:

Limmon/Adils table

A simple and effective suggestionWhat a good desktop should have for gaming on PC and our buying recommendations

If we stick to the simplest, we can always find interesting options that suit our needs. For us, one of those options is the simple combination of Limmon + Aldis from Ikea; Limmon is the table that makes up the desk and Aldis is the name of its feet. The height of 60 cm corresponds to the height of most adjustable chairs, while the width of 120 cm offers enough space to place simple and functional equipment. Alternatively, we can receive the set separately to include other elements, such as: B. adjustable legs to include.

McHaus KALA table

A robust table for all occasionsWhat a good desktop should have for gaming on PC and our buying recommendations

Unlike our previous suggestion, this desk is more expensive to offer better construction and a more focused design. The surface of this desk is divided into two areas, a main area and a higher one, the overlap of which doubles as a small shelf that also includes a cutout for cables and other necessities. The idea behind this design is to use the vertical space by removing as little surface as possible while giving us a possible elevation for the monitor as well as a storage area; The only negative factor that we see on this model, which seems excellent given its price and construction, is the impossibility of adding a VESA handle to the outside of the table.

Aerocool ACD2 table

100% hard for gamersWhat a good desktop should have for gaming on PC and our buying recommendations

How could it be otherwise, the “gaming” label has wormed its way into the desktop market. On many occasions to offer non-essential items; although we don’t think that’s the case with this desk from Aerocool, which is a good height for most gaming chairs, sturdy construction with a good layout, good materials, and a few extras for managing our cables and housing ours has peripherals.

Flexispot Electrically adjustable desk

A most interesting adaptable proposalWhat a good desktop should have for gaming on PC and our buying recommendations

It’s customary for us to leave our most expensive recommendation last, a tradition we’ve decided to continue. In this case, this high-budget recommendation is this Flexispot adjustable desk that allows us to quickly and easily adjust its height through a hydraulic motor; as well as adjust its width to fit different surfaces. Unfortunately, despite the price, it does not include the area that…


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