What can you buy with the youth culture voucher? Video games, books and films that we recommend

Only yesterday the Council of Ministers decided on the youth culture bonus, one of the tools that the government team started from the Ministry of Culture and Sport Facilitating investment in cultural products, services and activities by young people meeting 18 years. you will make it a subsidy of up to 400 euroswhich they can spend in different sectors.

On the one hand, you have a maximum of 200 euros at your disposal, which you can additionally allocate to live shows, exhibitions, festivals, exhibitions or trade fairs 100 euros to buy cultural products physical format and other 100 euros to consume in it digital platforms. Among the options that might interest you the most to invest that 100 euros are services such as Xbox Game Pass, PS Plus or Nintendo Switch Online, although all purchases and rentals on your favorite digital platforms are also included.

But if you don’t know what to spend with the 100 euros you have on physical format products, these are some of them Our recommendations:

video game

What can you buy with the youth culture voucher?  Video games, books and films that we recommend

  • elden ring: The latest great work by Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware has not left anyone indifferent. An open-world action role-playing game that is as challenging as it is ambitious. You can buy Elden Ring for 59.99 euros on Amazon.
  • Kirby and the forgotten land: Our adorable pink ball has arrived stronger than ever in his latest 3D adventure, an amazing game that represents an evolution within the franchise. One of the veteran’s best video games and his best title in a long time. You can buy Kirby and the Forgotten Land from Amazon for 59.90 euros.
  • Nintendo Switch Sports: Continuing with Nintendo Switch, you can return to the fun times of the Wii with the new installment of its legendary game with varied sports. The game is coming next month, but you can already reserve it on Amazon with a 20% discount for 39.90 euros.
  • Horizon forbidden west: This year 2022 does not slow down in its releases. Among them is Aloy’s latest adventure for PS4 and PS5, a magnificent open-world action game set in a unique universe. You can buy Horizon Forbidden West from Amazon for 58.99 euros.
  • Big tour 7: Another of this 2022’s expected returns comes from the hand of Polyphony Digital with the seventh installment of its popular Motorist franchise. A game that represents a return to the classics, but without abandoning the elements towards which the saga was heading. They have Gran Turismo 7 for 59.99 euros on Amazon.
  • ForzaHorizon 5: If you want more driving fun, the brilliant title from PlayGround Games brings its festival to Mexico with speed, rhythm and great landscapes. The most complete installment of a saga that hasn’t stopped winning fans. At Amazon you can get it for 54.90 euros.


What can you buy with the youth culture voucher?  Video games, books and films that we recommend

If you like video games and their history, you have a wide range of options with pages full of stories about some of your favorite adventures. In 3DJuegos we have already told you about some that we think are the most interesting in relation to the last day of the book, but here we leave you some of our recommendations:

  • play story: Our dear Marc Rollán -El Funs-, popularizer of the history of video games and columnist for 3DJuegos, gave us one of the most interesting books on the 50 video games that changed the world. Available from Amazon for €29.45.
  • console wars: If you are interested in delving into the great console war of the 1990s, the battle of Sega Megadrive against Super Nintendo is summarized in an interesting book by Blake J. Harris, published by Héroes de Papel, which you can buy for 20.85 euros at Amazon.
  • The father of dark souls: If you are in love with the universe of Hidetaka Miyazaki and want to know the work of the Japanese creative from the beginning to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Adrián Suárez analyzes his evolution in a must-have book that you can have on Amazon for 19.95 euros.
  • The dynamic story: Jesús Martínez del Vas JMV brings us the legacy of what was the most popular company of the golden age of Spanish software. Anyone interested in the development of video games from the 1980s can get the book from Amazon for EUR 29.92.

If art books are your thing, you have some particularly interesting ones: The Art of the Cuphead It carries all his 1930s artistic style on 264 pages and hardcover binding for €37.95 on Amazon. you also have NieR Art, Kazuma Koda Art Collection, with 160 pages of his beautiful and decadent universe for 26.31 on Amazon, although in this case it will not arrive until October 25 and with English lyrics. Also in English, Square Enix Books brings us 336 pages of care Final Fantasy VII Remake Art With Material Ultimaniaavailable for 30.60 on Amazon.

Remember that 3DJuegos has released its collection of books specialized in games together with Lunwerg Games and you already have the world of role-playing with Perxitaa for 20.80 euros on Amazon and Warzone. The secrets of Soki, also available on Amazon for 20.80 euros.


What can you buy with the youth culture voucher?  Video games, books and films that we recommend

  • demons souls: In music we have a place for fans of Hidetaka Miyazaki, with a soundtrack of the remake of Demon’s Souls on vinyl really careful in its release. Two gold vinyls and an excellent cover for 36.06 on Amazon.
  • demise: If you like good metal, Doom’s soundtrack is really outrageous. A powerful work by Mick Gordon, which we offer on a 180 gram double vinyl for 33.69 euros on Amazon.
  • The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Hero of Time brings together the soundtrack of Koji Kondo’s legendary Nintendo 64 game on double vinyl, packed with references for fans. Available from Amazon for 60.20 euros.
  • God of War: The new Kratos adventure of 2018 also shone with the melodies of Bear McCreary. Anyone who has fallen in love with his soundtrack can get it on CD for 13.90 euros and in premium vinyl format for 44.23 euros from Amazon.
  • The Last of Us Part II: Gustavo Santaolalla has managed to move all the players who have accompanied our protagonists through this exciting Naughty Dog adventure. The soundtrack is available as an audio CD for 13.57 euros and also as a vinyl for 25.99 euros from Amazon.


What can you buy with the youth culture voucher?  Video games, books and films that we recommend

  • Sound: The Movie: The movie of the most famous blue hedgehog in video games was quite a surprise and while we wait for the premiere of its second part, the Blu-ray of the first part is available on Amazon for 14.99 euros.
  • Pokemon: Detective Pikachu: Pokémon unexpectedly came to the big screen with a realistic style that, although it raised doubts, ended up giving us a fun movie for the whole family. Available on Blu-ray for $10.99 from Amazon.
  • Grave robbers: Our heroine returns to the cinema with a new Lara Croft, played by Alicia Vikander, in a new adventure available on Blu-ray 4K for €19.99 on Amazon.
  • Ready player one: Steven Spielberg’s film is a love letter to video games, an adventure film full of pop culture elements. It is available on Amazon as a Blu-ray for €10.99.


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