Win 3 free months of Game Pass Ultimate with xtralife and 3DJuegos! Get ready for the release of the Xbox series

To update: There are no more codes available.

Original:Do you like detective games? We love her; Whether we’re navigating the streets of Los Angeles in LA Noir, on the mysterious petrified island of The Witness, or solving the mystery of deaths in Return of the Obra Dinn, we can’t say no to an elaborate mystery, especially when it’s related … with our passion for video games. This is the case of our friends from xtralife, so we wanted to join forces to share this hobby in our latest collaboration that you are reading right now, preparing a little secret to be discovered throughout the text with a single elementary clue is applicable: is a secret code and its initial is M. If you discover it, you can enter it in the xtralife store itself through this link without spaces and, if you go to the cart with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate worth 38.99 euros, write in the field:You have a promotional code? and you will see its value magically drop to zero euros and you will receive it for free. How skilled are you as a detective, dear readers?

While you’re thinking about what we said above, it wouldn’t be bad to talk about the reason we’re writing these lines: today’s departure of the Xbox series and all accessories and peripherals that we can find around him; Starting with the new controls for Microsoft consoles, far from introducing innovative changes, they have opted for a consistent line that we think fits very well with the forgiving spirit of the Xbox series.

We sense that many of the players waiting for these new consoles are from the previous generation of Redmond systems, so it’s nice to know that all the accessories compatible with these consoles are also available for the new generation will be. We don’t have to keep anything in a hidden drawer.

Win 3 free months of Game Pass Ultimate with xtralife and 3DJuegos!  Get ready for the release of the Xbox series

Xbox has evolved as a brand and as an ecosystem over the three generations it’s been a part of so far if we don’t count the new ones coming in, so it’s nice to see how they’ve taken consumer-friendly measures, especially after the first and second iterations a bit more distant; and it is that we still have bad dreams with the console’s original controls, to set a friendly example.

All of this has been left far behind, Microsoft has taken note and acted accordingly; So now we have a more accessible console on our hands, not only in absolute factors but also in external factors such as the aforementioned accessories and their compatibility.

Replicating and expanding the use of devices such as the headsets that PDP Gaming has developed for Xbox One on Xbox Series X/S without any hindrance since we took them out of the box is a good example of the commitment to these guidelines; Since they are fully functional in the new consoles, they can find increased use.

We also fuel this idea with certain specifics, such as the console’s compatibility with mechanical storage devices, which we also found on Xbox One and previous consoles that we can use to store old titles.

Unfortunately, we cannot use these storage devices for Xbox Series titles; They have another means of being stored outside of the internal space in the new systems: the internal memory cards that Seagate has prepared in collaboration with Microsoft, an accessory that has become something of a symbol of the intelligent design of this new console.

Undoubtedly, as was the case with both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and its successor, the Xbox series aims to become the epicenter of the consumption of multimedia content in our living rooms, so it’s curious to see how fast accessories such as the various multimedia controls for the Redmond console have garnered tremendous interest from users; so much so that the official remote control is temporarily out of stock.

When we formulate a more detailed list of all these additional accessories and peripherals, we can take good note of the enormous possibilities of the new Microsoft console and what we hope to be able to do with it.

To get off the subject of this text for a moment, to get back to our little game, how do you feel about the mystery behind it? We’ve made it clear that we just wanted to give a hint, but we think it’s good to comment on what exactly you’re investigating; Maybe that’s the incentive you need to find the right key.

Win 3 free months of Game Pass Ultimate with xtralife and 3DJuegos!  Get ready for the release of the Xbox series

There is no need to remember that it is a code with a certain number of letters, without any numbers between them, that you can apply like a coupon in the xtralife basket to get an interesting prize totally free, especially if You regularly play on a Microsoft platform.

This prize is a three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a pass that allows you to enjoy the massive battery of titles the service currently has, as well as those that will be renewed during the three months of this prize.

Xbox One won’t be the only platform where you can enjoy it, since the Ultimate version of Game Pass can be used in an indistinguishable way on Windows 10, as well as on the Xbox Series once it’s released; as well as interact with our smartphones to enjoy streaming games.

So much content in itself seems to be enough to enjoy this service if we have one of its compatible devices, so we ask you to be attentive to what we have to say in this direction to discover the code.

Win 3 free months of Game Pass Ultimate with xtralife and 3DJuegos!  Get ready for the release of the Xbox series

Only winners in number to enjoy this prize will be the 50 who find the code the fastest; The rest can boast of having discovered it and even if they don’t receive an award, they can enjoy the range of accessories that we have presented.

In any case, we hope you enjoy these kinds of suggestions, we appreciate each and every one of them, especially when it comes to the fact that you can get something.

Don’t forget to look for the code in the text that you will find after the indicative image. The answer extends to this very paragraph. So much so that you should be careful. From the beginning of the text to the last point. Good luck detectives and remember to enter your promo code in the shopping cart using this link with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get three months of Game Pass free!

Win 3 free months of Game Pass Ultimate with xtralife and 3DJuegos!  Get ready for the release of the Xbox series


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